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  1. What was your main concern Eric, depression or anxiety? What dosage are you on now?
  2. I can really relate how it feels when the depression consumes your every thought, I am in the same boat even though I started Lex 5 weeks ago, I don't really have anxiety though, only as a start up/increase side effect. I try my best to distract my self as much as possible and drink heaps of water as well as light exercise on the treadmill every day (15 mins or so). I also eat fruit as well as taking fish oil, vit B12 and magnesium. Hopefully something clicks in soon, I know it gets better but at the same time you gotta push your self. Best wishes
  3. Hi Tiffany, I am still waiting for significant improvement from my latest increase. It was day 7 for me today, I guess I'm still dealing with increasing dosage side effects for now. I'm hoping to start seeing some good effects pretty soon. I have only had a few moments of clarity here and there over the last 2 weeks. But I'm in a much different situation as I have recently come off 375mg of Effexor(even though I tapered off for a year)lol. I was off meds completely for three weeks leading to starting Lexapro. I was hoping that I wouldn't need any meds but it didn't turn out that way. I'm sure once you get your self to a therapeutic dose you should be fine. I gave my self plenty of time between increasing dosages so that I could space out the start-ups. But then again I started with 10mg which was peanuts comparing to the Effexor dosage I was on for years, Since my issue wasn't anxiety I guess that the start up anxiety isn't that big a deal for me as much as the really low moods. Hope I was helpful, hang in there!
  4. We also have another thing in common as I have recently come off Effexor as well. I came off Effexor 2 months ago after a very long tapper(12months). But I was on a ridiculously high dosage so I'm kinda paying for it now.
  5. Hi Tiffany, sorry you are going through start up anxiety. It seems to happen when you either start a new med or increase your dosage. I'm kind of in the same boat, I started Lex 5 weeks ago for severe depression without anxiety. I have increased my dosage 5 days ago from 15mg to 20mg and am now having anxiety aswell for the past few days. It was the same when it started the meds at 10mg and again when I raised to 15mg but it seems to pass after a few days. I have a bottle of 5mg Valium tablets but I try not to use them at all. I think I've had 5 or 6 since I started the meds. Hang in there, we should start to feel the good effects of this med soon
  6. I just really hope that in 2 or 3 weeks I will be back here and telling you how the light switch turned on and I'm feeling much better, in the meantime I will concentrate on eating well, exercising and being as productive as possible. I really do appreciate your support!
  7. Thanx Stonium, I really appreciate your feedback and support. The problem is that right now I really have to be forced into doing anything. Keeping my mind occupied right now is really difficult, I'm hoping that the medication will give me a bit of a lift so that I can really work on things that will get me better in the long run.
  8. Thanks for your input inbetween, I am really struggling to force my self to get anything done right now, it's making me feel really down. I almost don't remember what it feels like to be normal anymore(my self).
  9. Any feedback from anyone that went through the same thing would be much appreciated. I have been on the Lex 5 weeks now. 18 days at 10mg, 10 days at 15mg and now 6 days at 20mg. Really hoping a lift in depression happens soon :(
  10. Stonium if you are reading this I could use some feedback. I increased the dosage of Lexapro 6 days ago and today I'm feeling anxious, is that to be expected coz anxiety wasn't my problem to begin with. Severe depression is my main issue. My psychologist postponed our appointment from today to Thursday so I could really use a positive outlook on what's going on. Does this mean that the Lex is going to work for me?
  11. I am having a really down day, heaps of negative thoughts :( It will be 5 weeks on the Lex tomorrow and 5 days on the 20mg. I am recording my moods using a chart, I am drinking heaps of water and eating a piece of fruit every day. I am getting roughly 6-7 hours of sleep every night. My appetite isn't good, I barely force a couple of meals during the day. I am having a hard time occupying myself, even though I do watch a lot of TV shows and do some things around the house like washing the dishes. I try to do some exercise every day but it's really hard. I don't cry as often as I used to, maybe two or three times a week. I'm really hopeful about the Lex, I really need it to work. So far I have had two days where I felt a bit of a lift that lasted for a couple of hours. So I'm hoping the lex is doing something.
  12. My bro knows my whole story, we both still live at home. So it's kinda hard to miss ccc I do understand what you are saying though with sharing with friends but I have been a sobbing mess for 3 1/2 months now and I avoid even my bro when I can't hold it back. The biggest issue for me currently is that in 2 months my brother and I are meant to be in Brazil for the World Cup with everything already paid for, so I'm kinda on a bit of a timeline. I feel if I have to pull out of that it would just break me. But I'm hopeful that by then I should be well enough to go and maybe even enjoy something that was once a dream of mine. Tnx for your support stonium
  13. Problem is I'm a 32 yo Male, and my ego is too big for me to share my problem with my friends. I never have, since my first episode back in 2003 I haven't shared it with anyone. I have a very supportive family with a mother that has been through all of it aswel. I also have a brother who's 25 and I just want him to see the real me(the person he used to look up to) for the first time in a very long time. That's my wish anyway
  14. Thank you guys for your support, as of today I bumped up my Lex to 20mg. Hoping that the crying spells will come to an end soon so that I can go back to work( which I am on leave from for the last 2 1/2 months) And not avoid leaving the house and making excuses to my friends for avoiding them. Kinda running out of excuses :(
  15. I hate to ask Henley, but how bad was your depression prior to starting the meds?
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