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  1. Hi Mike, welcome to the forum! I'm sure you'll find lots of support here, this is a great forum full of understanding and wonderful people. I look forward to seeing you around!
  2. If you trust your doctor and she thinks it would help, I'd say give it a try. You can always stop it if it doesn't work. For some people, medication is a necessity. I've tried treatments both with and without medication and I definitely need mine...I'd do whatever it takes to feel better!
  3. Hi and welcome to the forum! Is your doctor a family doctor or a psychiatrist? I would ask for a referral to someone who deals with mental health issues if you're not already seeing someone. I have heard that adderall has been used for depression but it depends on the person, that's why I would talk to a pdoc about it. Give the Zoloft time, it generally takes any AD up to 6 weeks or even longer to start working, please be patient, even though I know it's hard (I'm in my 3rd week of my med increase and wishing it would hurry up!) In the meantime, I hope you'll hang out here and talk to us, as we all know what you're going through because we all have our own demons. This is a great forum and I'm glad you found us!
  4. I can see the playing with your phone thing...I just upgraded this weekend and I'm amazed at everything it can do (I'll never learn it all)! My son got me dangerously close to my data allowance just playing games the first day and watching Youtube so I had to set the "automatic cut off" feature. I sell stuff online, that's why I wanted a smart phone, not so he can watch videos and slay zombies... I'm having kind of a bad week this week. My son's sick, the weather's cold and miserable and I can't seem to motivate myself either (plus money's gone for the month and I'm stressing a little about the unpaid bills). If the weather would just warm up and I could get out and walk my dog or paint some furniture, I think it would help...but my motivation is null. And my house is a disaster! I guess it's a good thing the weather's crappy or I'd be depressed because I can't afford to buy the flowers I want to plant or the fertilizer for my lawn...and the paint for my deck..the list goes on and on.
  5. Hopefully here in Minnesota it will have stopped snowing for a little while by then!
  6. It's all a part of the depression, sleep is a blissful unaware state and we don't want to wake up and face the real world. At least that's how I am.... Have you tried an alarm clock or (my favorite) a programmable coffee maker? Nothing makes me jump out of bed like the smell of fresh brewed coffee (although I switched to my Keurig mini after I quit working). Mr. Coffee has a 4 cup for about $25 you can set up with coffee and water the night before and set the time you want it to start perking. If you're a coffee drinker, that is. Gives me something to look forward to, that first cup of coffee in the morning.
  7. That's a great place to start, it really motivates you. When we built our house 2 and a half years ago, the one thing and the first thing I asked for was a jetted bathtub. I told them I didn't need a huge garden tub, just a regular bathtub with jets. When my house was finished, I walked into my master bath and noticed an EXTRA LARGE jetted tub and I thought, "cool"....until I tried to use it. You see, same geniuses who gave me an 80 gallon bathtub for my house, gave me a 40 GALLON HOT WATER HEATER!!! Apparently MATH isn't a requirement for the contractors hired at the factory that built my house. So I've been spending weekends cruising garage sales looking for stuff to sell and it gives me something to do, plus look forward to on weekends, trying to earn enough money to get a BIGGER hot water heater! And rain gutters, and pave my driveway, and ceramic tile for my kitchen....etc., etc., etc.!!!
  8. That's me too...I used to love to sleep, now I'm lucky if I get a few consecutive hours. I have the same problem with my mind racing at night. I try to turn it to peaceful, pleasant thoughts, plan something nice to do the next day, etc. but even on several meds, I can't sleep through the night!
  9. Video games are relaxing? (Just kidding, I know they can be!) Somebody should tell that to my 12 year old son! He gets SO mad at them sometimes, I keep buying nice mellow games and he keeps going back to the Zombie slaying ones....Can you recommend any his MOM can play to relax? My mom loved puzzle and word games.. But she also really loved the original Legend of Zelda. And sometimes slaying zombies IS relaxing, haha!! But you're talking to a woman who had a zombie wedding at a year round haunted house! That's hilarious!
  10. Video games are relaxing? (Just kidding, I know they can be!) Somebody should tell that to my 12 year old son! He gets SO mad at them sometimes, I keep buying nice mellow games and he keeps going back to the Zombie slaying ones....Can you recommend any his MOM can play to relax?
  11. Great idea...I started a Legionnaire's Disease Survivor's Story years ago but haven't worked on it in a LOONG time! In fact, it's in my other computer! I'll have to download Microsoft Word and transfer it over so I can work on it some more before I forget everything I went through (like that could happen, even with the short term memory loss!).
  12. I KNOW!!! My son was SO in love with him when he saw him...he asked me, "Is this how you felt when you held me for the first time? I just LOVE him so much!" I said, "Yes, times that by about a million and that's how I felt when I held you for the first time!" He kept saying, "I can't believe those nice people just GAVE him to us!" I just got done sending the lady a thank you email with pictures from Simon's first night in his new home...he started out sleeping with my son, but soon jumped up on my bed (no easy feat, my bed is pretty high for a little kitten) and slept with me all night...guess my nights of sleeping alone are over....WORTH IT!!!
  13. That's all we can do...one day at a time, one hour at a time, sometimes one minute at a time!!! There are good moments and bad moments, you just have to remember the good and hope for more when the bad ones hit. We're here for ya!
  14. All your babies are BEAUTIFUL, by the way! The above picture is the one they sent us via email saying if we wanted him we could have him (I'd posted a Siamese Kitten Wanted ad on Craiglist)...who could resist that face??? I took this one...I really need to learn to use the red eye reduction on my new camera!
  15. I think we decided on Simon...it just came out of my mouth last night and seemed to fit....
  16. Just got back from picking up our new 8 week old male Siamese seal point kitten...my son's first...Looking for any name suggestions from you veteran kitty owners out there!!! Right now my son's going through the house yelling, Hey No Name...where are you? We gotta name him...FAST!
  17. I'm sorry you're going through such a rough time right now...from my experience from starting and just increasing my fluoxetine I go through the anxious stage...I know it's hard, but if you can be patient, it should get better soon. It took me 4 weeks to feel any effects from the fluoxetine at all and I just increased from 20 to 40 a few days ago so I'm settling in for a long wait but hopefully it will be worth it! If it gets too much, call your doctor, maybe you could get something for anxiety temporarily. Or try taking a long walk with some good music, that usually helps me. Good luck, I hope you feel better soon!
  18. Hi Rosey, welcome! I have a 12 year old son, 2 year old furbaby (dog) named Skye, and we're waiting to hear back from a lady about getting a kitten (my son's really excited, he's never had a cat before), a Siamese. I hope you'll find this forum as helpful as I have, there are lots of wonderful, caring and understanding people here!
  19. I have a dog who INSISTS on being walked every day...once I'm up, if I can get interested in something like painting furniture, cleaning my yard, etc., I'm good. I also love thrift shops and rummage sales to find things to refinish for my house or treasures to sell online. I know it's hard to feel like doing anything when you're depressed but if you can find a hobby you enjoy and get yourself to do it for even a short time, it helps. We're finally getting some spring weather around here too (Minnesota, not too far from you, JD4010) and I'm looking forward to planting flowers and I'm one of those weird women who actually LIKES to mow my lawn! Plus I have a deck that needs painting....plenty to do!
  20. Hello, and welcome to the forum from another fellow pessimist! If you read my profile, you'll see why, life's kicked me in the butt a few times too hard but I'm getting there! I too suffer from insomnia. I'm on ambien, clonazepam and mirtazipine and you'd think I'd sleep like a baby but just had my first 6 consecutive hours 2 nights ago (tapering down on the mirtazipine and up on the Prozac, I think it's helping). It sucks not being able to sleep! Plus, I'm a smoker and that's my worst time, I get up and go out in the garage (I don't smoke in my house) every time I wake up. I'm hoping if the meds help with the sleep and anxiety, I'll be able to kick that habit for good once and for all! You're lucky to have had a great stepdad. Sometimes I think I should have tried harder to meet a nice guy to give my son (my only child) the father he deserves since his sperm donor is only good for helping me create him and child support. It's hard to feel like meeting someone when you fight depression though. I'll be 48 in 2 weeks but who knows, I'm living proof that miracles can happen! Welcome to the forum, I look forward to seeing you around!
  21. Hi MerrySkye, welcome! (I love your name, I have a beautiful aussie shepherd named Skye!) Please don't apologize for your intro, getting things off your chest is very important. I'm a (soon to be) 48 (on the 19th) year old single mom of a wonderful 12 year old boy. Children love you unconditionally and I'm sure your kids know you are struggling right now. Depression is an illness, just like anything else, and takes time to heal. I know you're anxious to get your life back to "normal". I hit my lowest point about 2 years ago for no apparent reason other than I was admitted to the hospital for tests on my stomach (my pdoc thinks it triggered a PTSD episode due to a lengthy hospitalization in 2008, feel free to read my profile). I have never been so depressed, never really had a problem with anxiety until then. It's been a long, long road but I'm finally starting to see light. It's taken lots of meds adjustments and I think the one they put me on first (mirtazipine to help me gain weight, that was a first) might have made things worse because that's when my depression worsened but it's taken me until now to figure that out. I'm tapering down on that and added Prozac up to 40 mg just last week (started on 20 mg in Dec.). Just 2 nights ago I slept through the night for the first time in 2 years...it felt great! I know right now you don't feel like doing anything...but if you can, find something you enjoy and try to do it for a little while each day (in my case it's fixing up my house, rummage sales and looking for treasures to sell online). I also try to walk my dog every day whether I feel like it or not (she doesn't care). I highly recommend the website Pinterest, it's a great place to find things that interest you and "pin" your own boards...I have one for every room in my house for decorating, making a small office, painting, even haircut ideas...you can find ANYTHING on that website! I hope you'll hang around the forum, this forum has been a great help to me in the past 2 years and I've "met" lots of wonderful, caring people who all can relate to you in one way or another. I hope your therapy kicks in soon and you start feeling better...feel free to PM me if you want to talk. We go to my dad's on weekends who doesn't have internet but I'm upgrading to a smart phone for my birthday present! Sorry MY post got so long, I look forward to seeing you around the boards! Don't give up, there is hope...
  22. You should keep these in a book...they're beautiful! And the same goes for me, in 3 weeks I get to upgrade my phone so I will have constant internet access (right now we go to my 86-year-old dad's on weekends and summers and understandably he doesn't have use for internet) and will be able to keep up on things more. It will be helpful since I'm trying to sell things online too...things I find at garage sales and thrift stores. It's a hobby that gives me a little extra money! Seriously, you should try to get your poems published...I'm sure they would help a lot of people battling with depression!
  23. That's beautiful, Theone11! Just what I needed to hear today!
  24. Welcome, ABRTPT!!! I hope you'll make the forum part of your routine, you'll find many friends here who all share in some demons that brought us here. Now that you've got through registration, I hope you'll be able to share more when you feel comfortable, I look forward to seeing you around the boards!
  25. I hope this isn't you're only post...this forum is full of wonderful, caring people and I have made a lot of friends here and this forum has helped me through some of my darkest hours...I hope it will help you too! Welcome!
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