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  1. Hi CAW, Does your wife go out of the house at all? Maybe you could plan a "just because" date...take her to her favorite restaurant, buy her flowers...maybe dancing. I can only speak from my own experiences (and I'm single, have been for a long time...) that no matter how hard it is to get up, shower, dress up a little, put on some make up and do my hair, I almost always feel better when I do, even if it's just a trip to the mall. Maybe if she gets a glimpse of how life used to be on the outside, it might help her come out of her shell and want to get better. Good luck!
  2. You could have what's called a nervous bladder. Or it could be something medical, like a urinary tract infection or something so I would definitely see a doctor. Physical or emotional, there's meds for it either way! Good luck!
  3. Your wife is lucky to have you! Going from working to not working can drag us down sometimes whether we want to admit it or not. I had to go on disability 5 years ago and it took a while before I could drag myself out of the house and find something to keep me going. If she's got a hobby, or anything that interests her, encourage her, support her, just be there for her. I know it's tough watching someone you love go through this but you can get through it. Good luck to you!
  4. Just remember, we've all been where you are and my favorite saying is, "where there is life, there is hope". Don't ever give up hope. I'm like you, I had to force myself every day to walk my dog (she doesn't take no for an answer) and just to get out of the house but after some time and a few medication adjustments (and a new kitten who also goes on our walks via pet stroller), I actually look forward to getting out of bed in the morning, maybe not every morning, but most. I look forward to that first cup of coffee, getting my son off to school and feeling productive whether it's refinishing furniture, decorating my house, spending hours on Pinterest looking up how to refinish furniture and decorate my house, . My point is, keep trying...meds, doctors, exercise, whatever it takes....just don't give up hope! And keep coming back and talking to us, just getting things off your chest helps a lot too. Good luck to you!
  5. Good to hear from you, Onmyown, glad your daughter's doing better. I know the feeling, my son knows how to play me too but better safe than sorry. At least they know they can count on us when they need us and that's important! Hope everyone else is well...I'm a little on the anxious side, we're having a late season thunder storm and they always make me nervous!!! Even my cat keeps jumping every time it thunders! Good thing we got our walk in before it started...
  6. Hey, Suffer in Silence....things going better for you?
  7. I've been on meds for years, and I've never felt like a zombie. There are several different drugs for different levels of depression/anxiety. Seeing a doctor isn't a commitment to taking meds, it's just the first step in finding the right direction. Some people use vitamins and supplements, some exercise, some meditation...you just need to find what works for you...we're all pulling for ya! (Sorry it took so long to respond...I've been dealing with a sick kid, doctor's appts., tests, missed school, etc.)
  8. I would definitely see a doctor. You don't have to feel the way you feel, there is help out there. And your illness could have something to do with it, I had Legionnaire's 5 years ago and it affected my brain and neurological function, increasing my depression and anxiety (among other things). It's been a long road but with medication and therapy I finally look forward to things again, take pleasure in things, enjoy life....I'm not saying every day's perfect, but it's better than it was just a couple of years ago! Please find the strength to reach out for help...you'll be glad you did!
  9. Hi Onmyown! Be happy to help...The best way I think to sell antiques would be either ebay or Etsy (yes, I am in the US...Minnesota to be exact...where it goes from freezing to 95 degrees in 24 hours sometimes!). It would depend on the merchandise as you have to ship on both those sites unless you state local pick up. For bigger items, I'd try Craigslist. Just type it into the search engine and look up the closest location to you in your state. I just read an awesome book I got for a song on Amazon..."How to Sell Antiques and Collectibles on Ebay...and Make a Fortune!" It has a lot of great info on identifying antiques and even selling. If you have any questions, feel free to pm me, I'd be happy to answer any I can...I have a TON of stuff to put online, I did a lot of antique and dishes collecting over the summer! I can relate about your only child growing up too fast! My "baby" will be 13 next month and he is getting very rebellious and mouthy. Right now he's missed 4 out of the first 6 days of school due to some stomach issues...I took him to our family doctor and a pediatric specialist and both say he should be able to go back to school (combination of constipation and stress-related reflux) and he's still playing the "I'm too sick to go to school" card. He's going to fall WAY behind! Hope everyone else is doing well, we are having some very unseasonable HOT weather (in the 90s past 2 days) but that's okay, the longer we put off winter, the better! I've still got so much to do outside! But the weather has been SO nice, I can't seem to get beyond walking my dog and cat (yes, my cat in a pet stroller, he LOVES IT) on the beautiful trails in our town! Oh well, there's always next spring...
  10. Hi Everyone, I, too, have been MIA for a while but glad to see people coming back to our group and our new friends who have joined. Just wanted to say I'm sorry for all the troubles and problems everyone has been having, and welcome to our newcomers! My summer started with illness which led to surgery to remove my gallbladder and recovery (feeling much better now!). Seemed like if I could get the energy or time to get on the computer, it was just to pay bills or check my dwindling bank account! Now that I'm back on my feet physically, I need to do so financially...I just skimmed through all the previous posts of the summer but it sounds like I'm not alone...here's hoping the financial karma Gods will smile down on us....I've been collecting vintage dishes and pottery at thrift stores and garage sales over the summer (staying at my dad's, he's in a larger town where there's more of those things) and hoping to sell them online when I get back home to keep me busy over the winter and earn some money to help get me out of this hole I've dug for myself... Son is calling, time for bed....hugs to everyone and I'll try to touch base more often!
  11. Good for you! You're much braver than me...I even drive past the airport and I shudder! Keep up the good work!
  12. Sorry to hear about your friends, SIS, so young, what a waste! Hope all is well, we are staying with my dad now who has INTERNET....he was getting GAUGED big time by his cable company, so I sent them an email to see why, their reply was "call and talk to one of our reps" (last time I tried that, I was on hold for over an hour) so I checked with the other cable company in town and found out he could get UNLIMITED long distance (he had just local phone before), over 100 channels, and high speed internet for $50 LESS than he was paying!!! It was a bundle offer so he said, CALL THEM! I offered to pay the internet part because my son and I are the ones who use it but he said since his bill was $50 less than he was paying, he'd gladly pay for it! So YAY, internet on weekends and summers! Today was the only day in weeks we have not had rain so my dad and I went back to my house and mowed my lawn...more rain forecasted! Good thing we have internet or I'd be going NUTS!!! Doesn't stop me from hitting the nearby thrift stores and rummage sales looking for treasures though, here a week and already have 4 boxes of vintage china to sell online! Another reason I'm glad to have internet here! Stay well all my 40+ friends...hope your days are sunnier than mine!
  13. I had my "baby" at 35 so I can totally relate! He's 12 now though and I didn't just celebrate my 48th birthday, I celebrated my 9th anniversary of turning 39. That's as far as I'll go...
  14. Does your mom have a cell phone? Maybe a short "I'm sorry" text could do wonders. As a mom myself, I'm sure she just needs to understand what you are feeling. Maybe it's easy for me to say since I suffer from depression but I've always tried to make it clear to my son that he can come to me, no matter what. Maybe if you talk to your mom about how you're feeling and how school effects you, she'd understand and help you find the help you need. I hope you work things out with your mom...in the meantime, we're here if you need us!
  15. Hi SarahAnn, welcome to the forum! I'm sorry to hear about your mom...I'm a single mom too and got really sick a few years ago and almost left my 7 year old son (now 12) an orphan. I believe the dreams I was having while in a coma led me back to him and how much he needed me. I also lost my mom just a few months before my illness (2008 was NOT a good year for my family!). She was 79 but it hurts at any age...just know that it does get easier with time, no matter how cliche' that sounds, it's true. Finding us to talk to is a good step. I hope to see you around!
  16. I agree with SIS, while alcohol may seem like a temporary solution, it does make depression worse (that's part of the reason we feel so bad with the hangovers). And it's not good to mix with your meds. Other than an occasional drink once or twice a year if I go out to dinner, I haven't drank in 6 years. I never had a problem with it, just didn't feel like it was worth how crappy it made me feel the next day. I find other ways to occupy my time, crafts, yard work, walking my dog and cat (yes, my cat...I have a pet stroller and he loves it!)...and I wake up feeling much better in the mornings! I hope you can find something you enjoy doing and don't be afraid to try something new...I recently started to "dabble" in furniture refinishing and collecting and selling antiques online. Keeps me busy, even if my house is filled with vintage china, jewelry, etc....I need to clean out some closets and make room for some of this stuff! Good luck to you...keep us posted!
  17. Hi Princu7, welcome... I'm sorry to hear about your mom too...I lost mine in 2008 and it does get easier, the happy memories will out number the sad. I hope that finding this forum will help you heal. There is a special forum for bereavement, after so many posts you can get the password. Just pm a moderator for it and maybe it will help share your experiences with others going through the same thing. I'm glad you found our forum...
  18. Welcome, Artful Bodger! (cute puppy, is it yours?) We don't care are far over 40 you are, all are welcome! I'm slightly closer to 50 than 40 but feel more like 80 most days...physically anyway! Just trying to take one day at a time...and keeping busy, that's the important part!
  19. Wow, this board has been quiet lately...I hope that means everyone is doing well and just busy with fun and fulfilling activities! I know I'm enjoying the weather FINALLY (can you believe that one week ago today my son had a SNOW DAY from school??? IN MAY??? IN MINNESOTA? Okay no surprise there, but the weather has finally turned around and while it's raining today, I have actually managed to get a sunburn in the past couple of days walking my dog and new kitten, Simon (no, he's not the world's best behaved cat who can walk on a leash like a dog but I do have a pet stroller and he LOVES it!). Also doing yard work, finally got to mow and fertilize, and spray paint some furniture I've been waiting most of the winter to paint! Anyway, just thought I'd check in and make sure everyone's okay and to let you know I haven't forgotten about you guys...and the rainy day kind of brings me down when I've been fairly up lately. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and 65 though, and it's city wide rummage sales and in my small town, that means walking the dog and pushing the cat (pet stroller, shopping cart!) all over town looking for treasures to repurpose, or resell, or BOTH! Take care my 40+ peeps!
  20. Don't feel bad, the very idea of getting ON an airplane scares the the crap out of me!!! I have never flown anywhere and I feel bad, like I'm depriving my son the chance to go to Disney World or see the ocean because we're too far away to drive (and my back couldn't handle a trip that long) and I just can't bring myself to fly. You are much, much braver than me! Let us know how it goes!
  21. Welcome to the forum! It sounds like you're taking steps in the right direction...pick courses you'll really enjoy, not just about the money (although if you're like me, you enjoy having money ). When I finally started forcing myself to do things that interested me, even though I didn't feel like it, I started to improve. Now days are a little easier and with the exception of the stupid snow storm in May in Minnesota (shouldn't be surprised), a little bit brighter too. Good luck to you!
  22. Maybe call your doctor and see if there's something he/she can add for the anxiety and/or nausea. It could be a nervous stomach, I know the worse my anxiety is, the more my stomach hurts. Deep breaths, keep telling yourself this is only temporary....
  23. I agree with the above...when I started fluoxetine it was 4 weeks before I started to feel better. Then when my doctor increased my dose, is was that magical 4 weeks again and suddenly I started to notice the difference. I remember going through the low points, the anxiety, etc. Sometimes it has to get worse before it gets better. If this med doesn't work, I'm sure your doctor will help you find one that does. I know it's hard to be patient, but please let us help you get there, that's what we're here for! Good luck!
  24. Your boyfriend is lucky to have such a supportive girlfriend. Please don't take his darkness personally, as someone with depression, I speak from experience. It's not you. Is he seeing a doctor or receiving any kind of treatment? You mention that he doesn't have much money. I also know from experience that financial difficulties can trigger depressive episodes or make depression worse. It's a vicious circle. I hope your move will be a new start for both of you. This forum is a great place to come and vent if you need to talk it out. You might even encourage him to join...it's been a great help to me the last 2 and a half years. I hope it will be for you too.
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