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  1. Hi, welcome... I have never been on a plane...I panic at just the thought. I feel like I'm depriving my son (he'll be 14 next month) of so much because of the places we cannot go because of my fear. I hope you can get past your fear. My head knows flying is safe as driving or safer but my heart doesn't want to be 30,000 feet off the ground! May we both find the courage to overcome our anxiety. Good luck!
  2. Let your mind wander...follow your heart. What comes to mind when you picture yourself doing something you enjoy? I'm so glad you've come to this place in your life, I know what a battle it is. After literally years of not wanting to leave the house or even my bed, I slowly emerged, first to walk my dog, then to do a little "treasure hunting" (I search for antiques to to refinish and/or sell), keeping myself as busy as possible doing something I really enjoy. I greet each morning feeling thankful that I'm waking up to another day...and I spend a few minutes trying to decide what I'm going to do to make the most of my day. Follow your bliss...I wish you all the best.
  3. That guy is an ignorant jacka$$!!! Karma will have a special surprise for him...
  4. Hi Carl, welcome to the forum! First of all, congrats on 1 year and 2 months of being free of a dangerous habit. That shows you do have strength and hope in your life and that is very important. I know the feeling of only being here for your family (I'm a single mom of one son, 13) and you're right, that is scary. I'm not sure what part of the world you're from but you probably have heard about the tragic death of Robin Williams, wonderful actor, comedian and humanitarian. It shows that no matter who you are, what you have or how you appear, the demons can affect anybody. Nobody is immune. I'm glad you took the first step in registering here and hope you'll hang around and make some friends. I've been here for almost 3 years now and this forum has been a saving grace. I also hope that you will reach out to a professional for help because there is so much that can be done and you do not have to suffer. It can take a while but where there is life, there is hope...and you've already shown you have hope. I look forward to seeing you around!
  5. Welcome to both of you! I've been here almost 4 years now and yes, there are a lot of wonderful, supportive people here that have gotten me through some tough times. Hopefully you'll find this forum as helpful as I have...I've come a lone way in 4 years!
  6. Hi MrMeaner... I'm also on fluoxetine and have tried many, MANY ADs but keep going back to the Prozac (currently 40 mg). I had a near-fatal case of Legionnaire's in 2008 (you can read more details in my profile) and it left me with a lot of neurological problems...PTSD, insomnia, depression, anxiety, increased pain and migraines, short term memory loss...to name a few. I also tried Xanax and Ativan but found clonazepam to work best for me, less crashing as it wears off and it helps me sleep at night. I'm glad you're doing better and have such a supportive girlfriend. Staying active also a great help (I refinish furniture, walk my dog and cats, yes cats, they love their pet stroller and I am a crazy cat lady...lol). Trying not to let family drama drag me back into the pit after I've been doing so well for so long. I'm glad you joined our forum and hope it helps you as much as it has me in the past few years!
  7. I'm glad you're giving the doctors another chance with meds instead of the self medicating. I've been on so many I've lost count but finally feel like I've come to a place where I can see light, not all darkness. Not just with meds, but with exercise, vitamins, hobbies, and the love and affection of 3 furbabies (2 cats and a dog) not to mention my 13 year old son who knows and understands what mom is going through. He's been my reason for the fight of my life! I hope you have success this time around. Please don't give up, sometimes it takes a while and lots and lots of different meds or combos to find the right one. It's out there, and we're here if you need us. Good luck!
  8. Welcome back! It's nice to know the forum is here when you need it, I was away for a while too but like that I can come back when I need the support!
  9. I went through the same thing with Prozac...it can take up to 6 weeks but I think I finally noticed it working (also on 40 mg) around a month later. It's gradual, one day you'll realize you don't feel like running over the driver who cut you off...lol! Let me know if the Wellbutrin helps, I've been on that too but never with the Prozac. I'm also on mirtazipine 30 mg which helps me sleep. Good luck!
  10. Hi Arianette... I have been where you are, the dark pit that leaves you afraid to leave the comfort and safety of your room. This forum really did help me get out of it, knowing I'm not alone and made many friends here. I hope it will do the same for you...welcome!
  11. I've been a member of DF for almost 4 years now and it's helped me through some tough times...I hope you'll find comfort and support here as I have. Also sorry to hear about your kitty, I have 2 of my own and know they're family, furbabies, not pets. In fact, I noticed an improvement in my depression after adopting the first one, even more after the 2nd...give yourself time to grieve and maybe consider another (or 2, they love having partners). I have to admit, it's hard to be sad around an adorable fluffy kitten!
  12. Finding the right doctor/therapist is key. If they really are professionals, you shouldn't have to convince them, a good doctor will know how to diagnose and treat. Just be honest about your symptoms, behavior, feelings, etc. The fact that you went to the trouble of recording yourself should let them know you're serious. Good luck!
  13. Hi Ben, It really does help to talk about it, especially with people who don't know you but know exactly what you're going through. I hope you'll hang around!
  14. Wow, what a scary experience! And I'm no doctor, but I am on AD meds and my son is on ADHD meds. I do know that he gets very thirsty on them and it is important to stay hydrated. Since I've never gone through what you went through, I don't know what to offer you other than to let you know we're here to listen and I'm glad you're feeling better now. I hope it doesn't happen again...stay hydrated!
  15. Sorry to hear about you and your boyfriend but if he's already moved on, it sounds like you're better off without him. There's a special forum for relationship problems if you want to check it out, I'm sure you will be able to relate to a lot of people in the same situation. Personally, I'm single and loving it...not that it didn't hurt at first, but once I realized that being alone was much better than being with the wrong person, I learned to enjoy my freedom. I hope your pain eases soon!
  16. Hi Saraielle, welcome! You've started in the right spot, introducing yourself. Post wherever you feel comfortable, browse through the forums and just jump in. Soon you'll reel right at home!
  17. Hi Lady J, welcome! We look forward to getting to know you too, share whenever you're ready! This is a great forum (although I admit I've been absent for a while). Hope to see you around!
  18. I envy you...I have yet to muster the courage to get on a plane! And there are so many places I would love to take my son before he's too old to want to go wit me! Maybe someday...with an extra strong dose of anti-anxiety medication!
  19. Glad to see we woke up! I have 2 kitties, the one sleeping beside me yet again is Darby, my youngest and the one at my feet is Simon, my Siamese. I have become the crazy cat lady...waiting for warm weather to take them out in their stroller...yes, stroller! They love it! I also have a dog who goes nuts when she hears the word "walk". It is warmer today but has been raining the past 2 days which doesn't help!
  20. Congrats! Babies are expensive but they are such a blessing too...double the blessing!
  21. Nobody's been on this board since LAST YEAR :rock:...I hope everyone is doing so well that depression is the furthest thing from their minds!!! Or maybe you're like me and so frickin' sick of winter you could vomit....it's been a LOOOONG one! Yesterday it got up over 50 and I spent the whole day outside! The only bad part is we've had so much snow and it's melting FAST leaving deep puddles everywhere! Just thought I'd check in and see if I could wake up this group. I have my 5 month old kitten sleeping on my left arm so it's a little hard to type right now...
  22. I don't take lithium either but I do take fish oil, along with B complex, D3, L-theanine and valerian root (mainly for sleep, the last 2). I just had a check up with my pdoc and she was pleased to see I was doing so well (first time in 3 years!) and kept me on the same regimen of prozac, mirtazipine, clonazepam, and zolpidem (major insomnia problems along with cyproheptadine for nightmares). It was nice to be able to answer, "pretty good!" when she asked how I had been doing. I know this disease has it's ups and downs but please know that if you're down right now, you will go up. Sometimes it takes a while...I'm hoping I can stay "up" now for at least a while!
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