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    My son, walking my dog and cats (in a stroller), shopping when I have money, garage sales and thrift stores looking for treasures to resell and furniture to repurpose.

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I'm a 48-year-old single mom whose suffered from clinical depression on and off for years. When I became a mom (my son's 13) I became happier than I've ever been and enjoyed every difficult single parent minute of it. In 2008 we lost my mom suddenly. I was also having difficulty working (I worked from home as a medical transcriptionist) thanks to an internet connection foul up that took the stupid cable company 9 months to figure out so we got behind financially and with the loss of my mom, decided to move in with my dad for a while. Just 6 weeks later I came down with a severe life threatening case of Legionnaire's disease, spent 5 days in a coma, totally respiratory dependent, total kidney failure, not expected to make it. Well, I survived but with permanent neurological damage (pain, short term memory loss, insomnia, chronic headaches) and now what appears to be post traumatic stress disorder which is why I can't sleep more than an hour or two at a time because I feel I'm slipping back into a coma and I won't be able to wake myself out of it. I awake with terror and panicked feelings, suffer panic attacks and deal with major depression every day. I stress over everything and find myself envying people who go about their normal lives. A lot of people think my disabilities are bull, that I could work if I wanted to. If they only knew how much I wish I could but between my physical limitations and my short term memory problems, there's not much I can do. I like to frequent rummage sales and find treasures to sell on ebay but that ends when the weather turns cold.

Anyway, I was very happy to find this DF and hope to get to know as many of you as possible. I'm sure there's not too many with Legionnaire's related ptsd but dealing with depression on a day to day basis is a challenge for everyone. My son and I bought our first home in 2010 and returned to our home town but instead of feeling the joy of being a first time home owner (which I did, initially), I feel trapped and alone. My main hobby is forcing myself out every day, despite the weather, to walk my dog for as long as I can. This helps some. I'm open to any tricks of the trade, suggestions, tips, etc. on dealing with depression, anxiety, ptsd, insomnia and any of the other fun things we all deal with.

Thanks for reading this,


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