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  1. Hello, I already done this once today on another forum except, I couldnt get it to work so my apologies if the passion has gone from this paragraph. So yes it's true, I want to die ALL the time. I think about nothing else besides my own death. ALL THE TIME. But yet I am still here powering through keeping this s*** to myself. You see I am really not sure why I am even posting its quite strange as I know there will be nothing anybody can say to help me. I was diagnosed with mental health problems at 16 years old, I snapped! Tried to end my life, then everyone else felt as if they needed to intervene. I am 25 years old now and nothing has changed.Except I am more miserable bitter and hateful also a lot more lonely I have ******* no one besides my partner who is slowly getting sick of me because I am always so depressed. cant **** myself though because I cant bare to put people through that, not like its a major loss but I know how it feels when someone commits suicide. I have to go my boyfriend is comin home so time to cheer up and turn this thing off. thanks for reading if you did sorry its all gibberish.
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