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  1. My neighbor is a lot like him. He's been terrible the whole time I've been here. He never has anything good to say about anyone. I call him the real life Squidward.
  2. I tried to fix it but the tire is rotten and cracked. It needs a new tire.
  3. It's strange I don't have much good to say about people but at the same time I do have a strong belief that there is someone out there for us all and I do believe in true love. I believe we all have a one true love in this world. I know I could be naive but when the child in us dies it's over.
  4. Conversation used to be impossible for me. Leaving the house used to be impossible. At this point I pretty much talk to everyone the same way knowing the other person is just is afraid as I am. We're on a level playing field with every person we come in contact with. I just wing it with no fear. What's the worst thing that can really happen?
  5. Even the stink bug has found a partner. Most people **** stink bugs. I've had a stink bug pet for months. Now it found another stink bug and they never leave each other's side.
  6. 1917 was a great movie. If the entire thing was exactly what happened it's something you could only imagine in a video game. You could have tried the same exact scenario 100 times in a row and it might not work out. Everything really had to work out perfectly every step of the way.
  7. I always think they're talking about me if they're talking. If they all have their cars at one house I think they are plotting a way to get me out of the community.
  8. Yeah I see the strongest members of my family cracking under the pressure of everything. It's a nighmare! The government is in survival mode and they will think like the disease of addiction in my head. Keep going it doesn't matter if we lose fingers or toes. In the end the government will make sure it exists but many of us will not make it.
  9. I walked to the lake and back. I saw a bald eagle today. I found the nest yesterday on the top of one of those big electric towers. I actually talked to the guy that owns the farm I walk through today.
  10. I'm the type that always drinks coffee black. I like the taste of the other stuff to a point. I was done with it though the day I was working at McDonalds and was putting whipped cream and caramel on top. I mostly drink Maxwell House. I start singing the theme song to The Jeffersons on the weeks I can afford. McCafe or Dunkin Donuts coffee. Well we're movin on up, to the east side to a deluxe apartment in the sky movin on up to the east side. We finally got a piece of the pie.🙄
  11. Coffee. I could probably build an entire house with all the empty coffee cans I've gone through in my life if I had them.
  12. I never thought of the way the surgeon general showed. Really all you need is a piece of fabric that covers your mouth and nose and hold it on with 2 rubber bands.
  13. I think I made mine out of a chair cover that had straps to it.
  14. I'm so sorry man. I know what it's like to lose your mom. Mom and I were very close. We were always together all the time until she passed away the day after Thanksgiving 2018. The last day I was with her was on Thanksgiving. My brother and I were sitting there with the parade on tv and watching her as she was taking some of her last breaths. She wasn't able to eat or get out of bed. She couldn't see anymore and she was in a constant acid trip type thing in her head. My last words to her were I love you mom. I love you too she said. I still remember that hug and people will think I'm crazy but at times where I'm at my lowest I feel someone hugging me again. I've gotten much closer with all of my family in my sobriety. Grandma and I have actually been very close. She's becoming someone I can talk about anything with. The news about her is very hard. My dad is in bad health too. I'm not sure the extent of it and he won't tell me ever but there have been incidents at work recently that are very serious and through everything that's going on in the world he out of the blue scheduled a cross country trip to see family in a few months.
  15. I walked to the lake and back today. I saw 6 deer in the middle of the day. I saw 3 of them jump across a creek. I have no idea how they were able to. It was probably an 8 foot jump! I love seeing the animals on my walks. It always starts with an oh know what is that oh it's just deer. Then I'm happy. I'm walking in areas where bears and mountain lions have been seen. I enjoy that walk though because I walk through the middle of a giant farm. The scene is just amazing. One day I want to buy that farm! It's just an amazing view down through there.
  16. I found out grandma's cancer is spreading. They don't expect her to make it beyond summer.
  17. Well what's next really? Plenty of people have a right to be angry. Millions of people's lives are ruined at this point with no real belief any of that will change. When this is over the streets will be filled with buildings that are boarded up and millions of homeless people. The government will be saying sorry as they're shrugging theirs shoulders. The government won't put things back the way they were when this is over. Their fix will look like the morning after at a party house. But those people can't complain when they're backed into a corner and forced to lose everything. Their idea isn't working I scream at the top of my lungs. The world needs a compromise here!
  18. A balance in the universe seems to mean the same people are always steps for the ones that always have great lives. The same amount of good and bad. That's usually how the balance works.
  19. I know how you feel @samadhiSheolI feel the same way. It very much feels like I live in a world where I'm the only one that sees what's really going on around me. It's scary. It feels like I'm in an asylum like the state mental hospital only I'm the only one that isn't crazy. I have to survive the asylum though. We're strong enough to get through this time. I'm sure I will choose my last day but it has to be my choice. It can't be swayed by a world that's gone completely off the rails.
  20. I'll wear it around people but I'm not wearing for my walks. People are already suspicious of me. I don't need to look like a bank robber walking out in the country where I'm not going to see anyone!
  21. Yes I've made my own facemask already. I'll make 3 more out of whatever that is that I'm cutting up. I look like someone that's going to pull out a gun and say give me all of your money. I'm as done with this as someone can get at this point!
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