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  1. 43 minutes ago, watalife said:

    @sober4life I have a orange male over here if your interested. He likes to climb the ceiling , step on your food plate , and drink out of toilets and tubs.

    So are you saying I should stick to enjoying animals from afar like I've been doing.  I know it's hard work.  I know animals act like children sometimes and you wonder what they're thinking sometimes like here with the birds making their nests in my burn pile smacks head.  I'm lonely though.  I need something or someone here.  Most people around here get their pets from a dog or cat showing up at their door one day.  There are 2 local shelters but usually all they ever have is huge out of control dogs that you can't even safely take for walks because they're so strong.

  2. 55 minutes ago, jkd_sd said:

    Lilac bushes can scratch you up, especially if you are pruning them.  But this is the first time I have heard of an allergy.  Certainly possible.  Maybe that bush has some fungus or mold.

    I'm like mom I'm allergic to everything out there.  I did get scratched up and even where the scratches were became raised welts.  Truthfully I am very allergic to pine trees too and there is a pine tree right next to the bush.  It could be from that.  I put on benadryl cream and it went away for now.  My arms are usually broke out every time I mow the yard.

  3. 2 hours ago, ladysmurf said:

    it was a mistake, ..dont be too hard on yourself sober...

    It didn't make any sense where their nest was.  I watched where they put their new nest right on top of trimmed bushes.  They probably did the same thing last time and that's how their nest got where it was.  Hey let's do the same thing again they say.🤷‍♀️

  4. It is amazing it does seem like the butterflies keep you going along the path every time.  It feels very spiritual.  It's like they're angels out there protecting us.❤️Yes I sent them.  I'm like Gandalf with the eagles.🦋

  5. 2 hours ago, Atra said:

    Google "dwayne johnson college gpa" sometime. Yeah he's a peer. He struggled with depression in college and was basically expelled. College football career ended, disappointment to his father. He says he felt lost and considered suicide.

    I've always liked his movies, kitschy as they may be, and I like him alot more since he's been an advocate for mental health and anti-stigma. 

    He probably spent his early years trying to make his father proud doing what his father wanted him to do.  What kind of father says you're a disappointment son?  I know the father type.  He probably still tells him that even now.  I'm glad he moved on and did the things that made him happy.

  6. I wouldn't do what you're doing either.  I think the rest of you made the mistake of saying you had zoom.  No sorry doctor all I have is this landline and I don't have internet.  Honestly if you need to take an ativan to get through the appointment how is this something that's helping?  The phone appointment was easier for me.  I'm usually sick for a week before appointments and go into the actual appoinment with no sleep and I'm a mess.  This time I was able to put it out of my mind until the day of the appointment.

  7. 5 hours ago, Bulgakov said:

    LOL.  Welcome back NoJoy,

    I know what you mean here, it just makes me laugh to read it and have it make sense.


    6 feet away with a mask.  I'm constantly asked to repeat myself but at this point I just mumble on purpose even when I'm asked to repeat myself.  I have to get some type of comedy out of it or I'll snap.

  8. 2 hours ago, Ratvan said:

    I know things are hard, but i'm so tired and drained of the people around me being almost constantly negative. I know I have to pull myself out of this slump but honestly I dont know why I bother if i cant get an environment where at least I can ignore most of what my head is telling me. People have said that i look a lot happier so at least my mask isn't cracking yet

    I know normal chit chat type conversation isn't happening anymore.  Any group of people talking is a debate at this point.  I'm ready to retire from the world.  I hope your fight goes well.

  9. I know how you feel.  There seems to be a huge difference between this place and the way people are in real life.  If real life was like this place I would have a good life but in real life I'll probably leave the world by the end of the year.  People help me here and make me feel better.  The people in real life seem to endlessly push me closer to losing my sanity every day.  They want my life to be worse any way they can make it happen.

  10. 1 hour ago, hocico said:

    I was reading some of his quotes yesterday and he seems a pretty down to earth, hard working, well grounded guy. Might well make a decent president if he ever got the chance 

    Sure I agree.  He's someone we actually know about too.  Most of the time the people you vote for every time is someone that's been in politics forever and they feed you a line of bull their whole campaign we know they're not going to do any of but we vote for them because they are from a certain party.  These are good choices because why because we're told they are?  

  11. I was talking about my friend that died from the virus and the other person told me how awful she looked in her picture in the newspaper.  Those are the typical responses you get when someone you care about passes away.  It used to be people pretended to care.  Sorry for your loss but now people don't pretend unless they're making money somehow from the situation.  Then you're king for that day but tomorrow they'll act like they don't know you like everyone else.

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