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  1. I don't think there's meaning to life either.  Everything around us is just random science.  There's nothing looking out for us making sure we have a good life.  Nothing.  There is no reason for everything.  That's bull!  I went for a walk today and saw a dead baby deer in the ditch.  What could possibly be the reason for that?  Day to day survival in a cold unforgiving world is all life is.

  2. Most celebrities are acting all the time.  We've never seen who they really are.  I respect the ones that I believe were their true selfs as celebrities and also remind me of how I would be as a celebrity.  Johnny Cash, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Marilyn Monroe, Chris Farley.  I would be something like one of them I'm sure.

  3. Yes you're right or what happened to Kim Jong Un?  This is a world of misdirection.  Look over there so you don't see what we're doing in the other direction.  I 100% believe the coronavirus is real but they have used it every step of the way for a long list of agendas.  While it's nonstop coronavirus talk on the news they could get away with doing anything right now.

  4. 14 hours ago, iWantRope said:

    What brought on this change from your pessimism? Do you have some kind of insider info regarding development of cure or vaccine?

    Anyway in my country it's resembling a lockdown more & more: McDonalds is shut (not even takeaways or delivery), non-essential businesses e.g. boba tea are shut...heck now it's against the law to be outside your home without a mask on. I'm fortunate my job is considered 'essential' so there's still income. 

    I believe they will have a vaccine by fall.  Once everything is opened back up the last thing they want is to close down again.

  5. I usually am pessimistic or brutally honest.  I see hope.  I know things are going to get better.  It's very hard and impossible sometimes watching the news through this because some news stations want this to last as long as possible because they're terrified if things get back to normal the president will get reelected.  I'm not worried at all for myself.  If this is my end I'm fine with it.  I'm only worried because it's affecting people I care about in negative ways.

  6. They've been wrong every step of the way for the most part.  Of course the news talks about a worse wave of the virus in the fall.  They draw their viewers with fear and chaos.  They will never say things will be great!  They've recently used science to show this virus is much more widespread and much less deadly than we thought.  We basically closed the country down for the flu.

  7. 1 hour ago, RiverLight said:

    We now surpass China in number of cases, but yes, I believe it is also because we're testing more. I personally wouldn't want to congregate in a church in just 3 weeks time. I heard the shut down will last where I live into May. 

    They're talking about opening up the country in sections.  The places with no cases or the cases they have seem to be under control will be opened up first.  They're talking about county by county.  The big cities and hot spots will be opened up last.  I don't know how bad it is in your state but someplace like New York I can see being restricted until May.

  8. The thing I wonder though are things getting a lot worse or are there a lot more cases because they are testing people a lot more.  I just heard something like 90% of people that got tested didn't even have the virus but that doesn't help them get viewers.  They constantly have the growing negative numbers of people that have the virus and people that have died.  Is it realistic that all churches will have Easter gatherings?  No but some will do it.  The president will take heat no matter when he decides to open up the country.  At some point they just have to risk it before the country is gone.

  9. This is what I found The plan’s provisions are very simple. Adults would get $1,200 each and children $500 each. At higher incomes, the checks would get smaller: The benefit would start decreasing at a rate of $5 for every additional $100 in income. The phaseout starts at $75,000 in adjusted gross income for singles, $112,500 for heads of household, and $150,000 for married couples filing jointly; it would phase out entirely by $99,000 for singles and $198,000 for couples (with no children).  

    I think I also heard they were going by what we made in 2018 but I could be wrong.  You might get something.

  10. Our restrictions will start lifting soon.  The president is talking about it and the governor of New York is talking about it.  My thoughts if I know my country and I think I do they are hoping this third stimulus package will pass and when it does they probably plan on lifting some of these restrictions Easter or the day after Easter.  That's my thoughts.  Keep listening to what they say most of us will get through this time.  They have been very hopeful about the treatments that are coming out soon as well.  I'm very hopeful right now.  I think things are going to start getting much better next month.

  11. The one thing that will happen after all of this is people will realize we have no rights.  The governments can do whatever they want to do with our lives and we have no say whatsoever.  At any time they can say this is our lives now.  What will happen to the world then?  People will say if that's the case why are we doing this anymore?

  12. My state is exactly like yours is.  The governor even said schools will probably be closed the rest of the year.  My opinion the country will probably be shut down by Friday.  It's terrifying.  I never thought anything like this would happen in my life.  It very much feels like the world is coming to an end and there's nothing we can do.  I don't feel like we're being told the full truth about things.  They're acting like the plague is here.  Please keep us updated my friend.  I'm crying.  God I hope you don't have this virus.  I want you to be happy and healthy and have a wonderful life!

  13. I wasn't always angry and bitter.  I think most of that started in 5th grade.  Before that I was very quiet and kept to myself and did my own thing never even trying to fit in.  Of course the abuse from others began because nobody treats the one that doesn't fit in anywhere well.  It very much turned me into someone that was angry and bitter and unapproachable from then on.  I'm very much someone with a chip on my shoulder and a mean look on my face all the time and I always go out looking like something wild that came out of the mountains.

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