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  1. Yeah I absolutely believe that's what they're thinking but they can't fire you. All they care about is money. Mom had a doctor's note and they stuck with her as long as she stayed but they made the job a living hell every single day until she couldn't do it anymore. That final job is what really destroyed her. I would just leave like you are determined to do. I'm sorry you're going through this. This is a disgusting world. People like us that are sick are treated like this all the time and it makes me so angry!
  2. Mom went through the same thing. Why did they give you the bad review? They don't want you to like it there anymore. As a friend in today's world I will tell you they probably want you to leave so they don't have to go through what you just described. The truth is though in today's world if they do fire you you will always have a winning case I would think.
  3. I feel the same way. I bet the huge spider I just saw here would make you smile. The things around here that are scary are scary because you're just living your life and then all of the sudden oh no it's a huge spider or huge snake right in front of you! I swear the wolf spider was the size of my hand!
  4. That's what people really connect to because it's more real like the movie Joker. Nobody believes in heroes anymore. They believe in people that are at their wits end and can't stand this place anymore.
  5. I used to care what the people around me thought until I realized if they don't like me they won't come back.
  6. If I use the goats and sheep way people will still come here. If I leave the grass high the yard will be loaded with copperheads and rattlesnakes because the place will be loaded with rodents. So they won't be coming here.
  7. Well we lose relationships when we're sick because everyone abandons you when you're sick in this world because they don't want to help unless they think we're really sick and we're about to die. Then in this world everyone comes around.
  8. Most people with bipolar disorder reject help. That's the truth most people won't say. If we're going to call this a family issue they reject help because there are no options at this time that exist that help everyone involved so it divides the family most of the time.
  9. Yeah the only neighbor I ever really see is just like me. I saw her today. We both had the same oh no look and we head for the door. I've been here what 5 years and I don't have any idea what her name is.
  10. Nobody will ever make you mow your yard here in a place like this. Two of my neighbors haven't mowed yet. It's common around here for someone to say the hell with the yard and sometimes mow it with a brush hog or some other type of field and brush mower a couple times a year. There aren't any rules here. None. You will never get a complaining neighbor in this setting.
  11. Well I got my fruits and vegetables in today. 5 pounds of canned pineapple and 4 pounds of mixed vegetables. Oh and 4 sausage egg muffins.
  12. Oh boy I just noticed my first hair growing out of my ear. They say it's normal as you age though. It's about as normal as everything else they say is normal.
  13. I know mom had it because she had sleep apnea. It's so hard though. I've had trouble sleeping my whole life too. To figure things out for sure they might do a sleep study at a hospital. We're already having trouble sleeping though and they'll expect you to sleep in a hospital with a bunch of wires hooked up to you.
  14. I was at the store today and I saw a 3.5 pound bag of cat food in someone's cart and my first thought was I bet someone out there said I'll give you 50 bucks if you eat that whole bag of cat food and someone did it out there I just know it. One that size? Yeah it happened somewhere in this world.
  15. Yeah you have to get out of there. I couldn't do it. It will destroy you to constantly believe you're living with a villain that's out to get you. There are no good outcomes if you stay.
  16. I finally found the parts. I don't know how to react. Things went right?
  17. I was shocked today. This is the first year the warranty isn't good anymore on the push mower and I can't find filters for it anywhere.I try not to be pessimistic but I'm smart enough to know companies probably have employees that they probably call inspectors or something like that that go to every store they sold products to and they make sure they're out of stock by a certain date.
  18. There's no point. I don't know what to say anymore. It was over a long time ago.
  19. What do you even say about the world anymore? Every day you turn on the news the worst thing you could ever imagine happens.
  20. I would probably do the same thing. Really any decision to make the outcome not happen as soon I would probably make.
  21. I don't vote locally either. Do you think the politicians in Columbus even know this place that has 3 cows for every person even exists? It's a miracle I even still have a road to my house. It doesn't matter who is in there because we're not getting any money.
  22. I looked online and saw remote control mice. That would be fun. You should try that.
  23. I saw a wheelbarrow for 250 dollars the other day. They called it a feed cart to justify charging that much. A feed cart is just big wheelbarrow. Come on! Rich people buy cheap things though that's the real truth. I've known rich people and they got that way by being the cheapest person you'll ever meet.
  24. It's hard though. After spending yesterday with them they are absolutely the crazy ones. The world will never see it that way though. I'll always be the crazy one. Why because I'm the one that's different and it's easier to blame one instead of all. One day when I die whoever is left will say wow he really had a midlife crisis didn't he?
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