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  1. You should just retire like me. I've retired from everything. It's over let's be honest. There's not one person on earth that can look forward to any day and say life is going to be good then. It's over!
  2. It was a very nice day today. I saw a baby brown cow. It was born sometime in the last few days. I know who cares a small cow.😒
  3. The problem is we will never see a clear picture of the situation. Our mind won't let us and the parent won't let us. The idea that we feel guilt is the most amazing thing in the world because it means we take after the other parent. The narcissist has never felt guilt or remorse or regret in their life. The people around them are just pawns. They're steps to get to their goals. Can we benefit from having them in our lives? Only two reasons really. If it makes us feel better to keep an eye on them instead of wondering what they're up to. Number two we can benefit as long as our needs line up with their needs but we must understand this person is always only out for themselves. They don't even think about the possibility that what they are doing might benefit others.
  4. The birds are nuts right now. It will usually be like the movie The Birds for a while. If they left right now it would be perfect but they won't. They usually leave one or two days late. They'll be getting hit with snow or sleet the day they leave.
  5. I haven't given up on exercise. Life has just been a complete nightmare. I'll be able to walk the next 3 days for sure.
  6. I understand that way but I could never do it. I'm an addict of everything so when I eat I really eat. 300 or 400 calorie meals all day will just make me angry all day.
  7. We love you here! Don't let your mind tell you that we don't care about you. I know how you feel though. I feel like everyone is against me all the time.
  8. Yeah my first game system was the original Nintendo. I remember clear as day my cousin talking about it at a reunion. Up to that point I never played games. I got the original Nintendo with Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, and that other Olympic game whatever it was called. I had the mat and the gun. This made me look up gaming systems. Magnavox Odyssey was the first gaming system in 1972. I've never heard of it. I've even played Intellivision and the old ataris but I've never heard of the Magnavox Odyssey and and there were 300,000 systems sold!
  9. I don't have a smart phone. I'm using a computer that's probably 12 years old. I have the cheapest flip phone I could find mainly so I can point out to people I'm refusing to conform. I would have this same phone if I was a millionaire.
  10. Yeah the games back then I could actually play. Now I'm old and mostly make a fool of myself unless it's a sports game. I enjoyed Mario Bros and Zelda games. Back then the music was tons better and we had technology but it wasn't our whole lives. We played video games for a while and then went outside to play.
  11. I have serious health issues too but I've given up on getting checked out. For someone like me they just want to make as much insurance money as they can before I go. There is no real help. It's just lectures and bills for doing nothing. Who says I want to live any longer anyway. If I go to them they will box me in and leave me no choice. Forget it!
  12. Because soap operas are addictive. Are any of them good? No not really they make you come back and back and back.
  13. Well I'm fully aware I have an eating disorder but there's not a chance I'll let anyone know about it. The food pyramid 3 meals a day yeah I bet all the stars on tv eat 3 meals a day. There really is no mentally healthy way to remain physically healthy in my experience.
  14. I would gladly fight next to you any war like you were my brother!
  15. We used to burn wood inside and I would actually get poison ivy in the winter from the wood we burned so I know how you feel believe me. I get it every year.
  16. There is no news anymore. It's probably in their contracts after every 5 words I don't care what they are it could be ice cream santa smurf village you must blame the other side for everything. What you say doesn't even have to make any sense anymore just point over there and blame that person for everything.
  17. I'm fighting a war meant for 10 people but I'm winning if there is a such thing.
  18. I watched it with mom. It seemed like a soap opera with the characters and you thought the zombies would never finally show up. It's much like Better Call Saul with Breaking Bad we didn't really need to see the beginning looking back.
  19. I wonder if everyone really does expect me to lose 12 pounds today and show up perfectly tomorrow or am I just nuts.
  20. Nobody on earth would think I was ok if they saw me today so I guess I'll stay away from people.
  21. I doubt very seriously the cartoon was made to mess with anyone you know little blue creatures living in mushrooms I doubt it.
  22. There's been too much trauma today. I saw a smurfs episode where Papa Smurf had a white hat and an episode where he had a brown beard. It's too much to deal with in one day.
  23. I saw a groundhog in the tree so I looked up groundhogs and they are considered a ground squirrel!😲
  24. Well it's illegal to pay us off to buy votes but technically they can do it this year legally so I think they will. It's really our last chance I think. After the election the winner will prop his feet up on the desk with a big boss hogg cigar for the next 4 years. I mean he will be the first president so far to do what he said he would do on the campaign trail.
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