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  1. There was golf ball size hail in Ohio today. Someone on the news measured a piece and it was 2 inches across.
  2. I saw very small calves today. I've never seen cows that small before. They must have been born in the last few days.
  3. Strong storms are coming. We can't just have a nice day. We have to pay the price for the nice day.
  4. They're talking about quarantining New York, New Jersey and Connecticut!
  5. I put a like reaction in support but there needs to be an angry reaction because I'm mad that you're not able to ride the train!
  6. I know the reactions are what terrify me. If this can happen anything can happen. As soon as the "adults" allow me to go outside again I'm going to do everything I can to get everything in life that I want because if this can happen anything can happen. This all could be over at any time because of our reactions.
  7. The government is a business making the best overall business decisions for the business at the time. On the farms I passed today on my walk we are like the cows and the government is like the farmer. They don't care what they put us through. It's all about making the best decisions for the business at the time.
  8. So I walked to the lake and back 3 days in a row.
  9. How will things ever really get back to normal from here? You have to take your temperature at the door of the hospital before they let you in. If you're admitted you can't have visitors so if you die you die alone. If you're pregnant and give birth your partner can't even be in the room with you. If you die today they can tell you how many people are allowed at your funeral and on and on and on. How do we get back to normal from here?
  10. I live alone too. With my condition you pretty much get worse every day you have to isolate. Things need to change next week. I need to get out of here!
  11. During this time half of me is trying as hard as I can to improve my life and the other half is planning my escape.
  12. It's absurd that we feel like we have to sneak around to walk right now but the cops and the rangers are terrible right now. You could sit on my porch and watch the sheriff and the ranger going after people all day. They go back and forth on my road waiting for any unlucky car to come along and then they go after them. This is really helping the virus isn't it? Money money money is all it's ever about!
  13. I was outside mowing in March. I want to see if the neighbors will mow too. I know they're talking about it right now. Oh god should we start mowing too?
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