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  1. High of 51 today sounds like garbage!
  2. It's time for me to move forward now in life. This house will be a house of peace not a house of ghosts from the past that everyone wants to bulldoze over like the house I grew up in.
  3. Yes my dad is still doing it to me too. I used to have a wonderful mom to balance things out because she gave me nothing but praise no matter what. I could do no wrong with her. Honestly I went years without seeing dad but now he is a few miles from here and avoiding him is impossible. I'm done letting dad win though and I hope you're done letting him win too.
  4. I walked 4 miles today. A lot of the exercise from here is going to be on the treadmill.☹️Yes Halloween night I'm getting plenty of candy for the "trick or treaters". Out here in the country nobody will show up which I will pretend to be surprised about.
  5. For me I'm like this because I grew up with an abusive parent that never had a good thing to say about anything I did. At a time when he was supposed to be helping me grow into a strong person he was poisoning me with his words every chance he got.
  6. My refrigerator quit working 4 times now. It happens on warmer days like today. This is the last warm day. More than likely it shuts itself off when it gets too hot like the sweepers they have now. It probably will keep going to a point until the motor finally blows up. I should have gotten a new refrigerator the first time it quit but my stubborness will be my downfall in this life.
  7. I always place unreasonable expectations on myself. It's complete success or complete failure in my mind. I constantly set myself up for a fall over and over. I don't think I deserve anything but at the same time I feel like I'm letting everyone around me down so I have to push myself way beyond my means and fight for something I don't even really care about because I'm scared of what people think of me if I let everyone down.
  8. @adamrparrWe have self destructive minds. That plus we are people that don't like change. We will choose familiar even if it's a nightmare familiar life sadly. This big change in your life right now is very terrifying! Of course it's better but the unknown is terrifying.
  9. I know from experience if we go on binges the last thing our mind wants is to sleep. It wants more food. If your life is going on binges of any kind sleep will never be good. We might knock ourselves out for a short nap because we send our blood sugar through the roof but it will be a short restless sleep and we will wake wanting more food. My advice try to cut out any stimulants from your life like caffeine or nicotine first. If the binges are high in salt or sugar it will raise our blood pressure and keep the binges going as well. The biggest thing to do to get better is to eliminate all of the stress from your life that you can.
  10. Go to the park at sunset. That's when they come out. They're afraid of people so they wait until it's almost dark to start coming out. Right now I have 2 wild turkeys in the backyard.
  11. I have a walking stick hanging on the outside of my door. They are very rare around here.
  12. I hope things work out for you. I'm very worried about you! You absolutely need to get away from him. What he said was terrible!
  13. Frosted Flakes I would think I would eventually turn into Tony the Tiger at some point after eating so much of it.
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