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  1. My allergies are awful this year. They seem to be getting worse. I'm itching everywhere and have a rash everywhere just from sitting out there on the mower. I'm not even sure if I touched any plants.
  2. As much cheese danishes as I can.
  3. Honestly I would just leave the stuff outside and stay at a motel room that day. I don't even believe you're safe around him. I don't want to upset you but I wouldn't recommend that anyone in your situation after everything you've said should do that hug goodbye.
  4. From what you've said you need a friend there with you when he shows up or all of your friends and local family anyone you can get that's on your side. Have them do the talking and if possible go somewhere else when this is happening. In your fragile state it's best that you don't even hear what's going on. You can't go through this right now but the stuff has to go. It might even be something you have to call the police for to help you.
  5. My opinion is none of us fit into expectations of society and none of us really want to but they make us feel we have to so we spend as much money as possible to fit into a group none of us wanted to fit into in the first place.
  6. My whole life I went to visit people just because I cared about them and wanted to see how they were doing. I thought other people were like that too most of my life. I was wrong. I began telling people that's what I was doing and they looked at me like I just got off a flying saucer. They might ask about me in the beginning when they show up here but it's all part of the game to get me to do what they want whatever it is. It's sad but true nobody cares. I don't answer the door because there is never anything good waiting on the other side.
  7. We were given technology to distract us from what the rich people were really up to starting in the 80s with the in home computer and Nintendo. Today they have the nerve to even have the distractions be what they say are their real jobs but nobody cares because we're social media stars.
  8. There is something that's called a nozzle cleaner. I got it with something at some point and I've kept it. It's basically a pin you stick in the end of things that won't come out of the tube anymore and unblocks it. You might have something small enough around the house that will fit in the tube and unblock it.
  9. Yeah I've never felt like I was "home". I get it. Every place I've ever been has been temporary. I would have never bought my own house. No matter where I'm at. It could be absolute paradise the perfect place in my mind and by the end of the week I promise you I will want to get out of there.
  10. It's strange things happened exactly like it did for the other people I knew that got sick. They say it just goes on for days and days of thinking there's no way I'm going to make it and then you wake up one morning and it's gone completely. So yeah I feel like it's gone completely now.
  11. The best answer is shockingly yes I'm better than I was. Even if it was this the whole time it would be awful. I'm very exhausted. You feel like you have very little strength all day. There are times in the beginning when I was pushing myself too hard not realizing what I had and I exhausted myself and I couldn't even use my legs and that was when I was driving so I had to pull over and rest to give my legs time to work again. The pain is worse than any other pain I felt in my life. When I got my dentures I pulled the last 13 junk teeth and I didn't take pain pills. I would choose that over what I felt in my legs and back and arms the first couple of days. I was finally able to make it through a phone call without coughing so that is a good sign.
  12. LeVar Burton wants to host Jeopardy. That's the first time I've thought yes that's the one they should hire.
  13. I've become such a mess. I just sit here scared and angry. If anyone shows up I run and hide and hope they go away.
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