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  1. Wow I was thinking along the same lines. I thought when I go for my walks I'll take my mask with me and put it on if I hear anyone coming. It's not mandated here in my county but if it is I'll be the same way you are. Why? We've been through enough. People that are in charge of the country have no empathy though so they don't care what they put us through. If it was to keep us safe I would be fine with it but the truth is it's to make up for lost revenue during this time. The nerve it takes to hand out tickets when some of us are still out of work!
  2. I wouldn't do it. I believe something like this will be possible one day but chances are it won't be technology the general public will be allowed to use. I wouldn't do it because of who I would be helping to make rich now people that probably don't believe it will work at all. They probably laugh every time they're getting paid. I've paid out enought money for people to take advantage of me in this lifetime already.
  3. I don't enjoy anything either. I've been doing this for 41 years. Most of life is the same things over and over. It's repetition day after day year after year. Who would truly enjoy any of this still? I don't think anyone really enjoys this life or understands this life. I think most people are lost and bored most of the time making the most of what they have.
  4. Today I had to cash a check at the bank. I always ask for a copy of the check to keep for my records. When she gave me back the copy she actually cut out the check with scissors instead of giving me back the full sheet of paper and she gave it back to me soaking wet. Something tells me she's tired of giving me free copies.😲
  5. We can't give up though. No I have to have the attitude like the king from The Lord of the Rings. Those are the hardest moments in life fighting with everything you have even if you fully believe all hope is lost. You fight anyway. When this is over I need the people to believe I gave it everything I had.
  6. All animals and nature walks. There is a person as well that smiled and waved at me yesterday.
  7. That seems to be true of everyone. They want us to be happy and be ourselves but they want us to be who they need us to be for them more.
  8. South Park I should have never gone ziplining. That episode pretty much sums up how every day of my life has felt.
  9. The way we all get through the pandemic is by making sure we get through it and the people we care about get through it. Nobody can mentally survive endlessly focusing on the virus itself.
  10. Watching the young cows grow up makes me smile. I wonder what happens to cows as they get older. If you watch the young ones they just act normal. The older ones all do that chewing thing all day. Most people would say they are just eating all day but that's not true. They spend most of the day under a shade tree not moving just chewing on nothing.
  11. How do I feel about it? There hasn't been one day where all I worry about is catching the virus. There has been so much happening because of the virus. I focus on how scared of the people I am more than anything. I see wearing a mask or not becoming a political thing. I see them using the kids as pawns in their politics. I see mayors and governors acting like the worst teams in the NBA where they say why don't we throw the season so we get the best lottery picks next year. Mayors and governors are saying the hell with it we should make our towns and states as bad as possible hoping to get bailed out by the government.
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