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  1. I played the game of fixing teeth for a long time. It's a racket. Like @watalifesaid they start with a small hole and drill the tooth out and make it hollow and fill it up with who knows what in this world probably cement. Of course the tooth doesn't last long. Now I have dentures.
  2. Charlie's Angels from 2000 My rating maybe 1/16 of a star or maybe negative stars if that's possible.
  3. Sure they have had all of our DNA for a long time. They want to have all of our DNA for law enforcement purposes so they need to be able to say they asked us for it in one way or another so it will hold up in court.
  4. I know what would make me happy a crochet acorn hat.
  5. Captain Phillips It's actually pretty good. Usually I pull garbage out of the bargain bin but not this time. If that's true why do you keep buying? I'm addicted to tv that's why. It's my "medicine" for the moment.
  6. I think the envy is always there even for the bully in school. The star football player picking on the smart kids knows the day school ends his life most likely ends as well. 9 times out of 10 he'll become an Al Bundy and he knows it so he picks on the ones that he knows will go on to have great lives after school. That's usually the case.
  7. Houses in rural Ohio are very cheap. Most of the local houses that have been for sale have been for years. When you get to the point where you want to move you are very worried about not being able to sell your place. Why? Yes it's peaceful but there is absolutely nothing to do here. If living here in this area is your dream it is very possible!
  8. I can't imagine what I would do if someone told me to use the doggy door. I would probably kick in the door. Don't ever let anyone treat you that way. Who the hell do they think they are?😡
  9. It's been a terrible year but if they told me I always had to smile I would say I'm out I'm done.
  10. I think they talk about the asymptomatic thing because of all the false positives but yes for years now they have been coming up with every reason they can think of to get our DNA on file.
  11. I know how you feel. It's time for you to move away from the city and find a quiet place in the woods like I did.❤️
  12. I took my walk today. I saw a walking stick and I think @watalifesent me the turkey vibes because I saw 2 turkeys.
  13. I live in Ohio. The animals if you look on the list on wikipedia I've seen them all except the wild boar and the porcupine. I don't believe we have them here not for a second!
  14. I just saw one of the red coyotes in the backyard. You would think it would run when I open the door nope. He layed down and took a nap.😊
  15. With the holidays coming I need to get some flying squirrels and crows in here.🤭
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