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  1. He likes the flower buds especially. It's funny I looked on google for what chipmunks eat and it says people also ask are chipmunks dangerous. Who would wonder that?🙄
  2. I would absolutely talk to the people that work at the church you are going to for help. I'm not religious but churches have helped me tons of times. If I am ever homeless again the first place I would go to would be the Salvation Army. They are unbelievable and will do anything they can to help people. I stayed at their shelter for 3 months. They got me an apartment, a job and even gave me a month of groceries. They gave people bus tickets to anywhere they could prove they had family. They set up situations where people with no income got free rent and they furnished their apartments. Absolutely talk to the church. Talk to every church in town.
  3. I know how my story is going it's obvious. I feel like I'm in that part of your life right before your mind goes away for good. I can have an hour long conversation with someone and not be able to tell you anything we talked about.
  4. I know how you feel. This is the first week I know I have somewhere to stay. Since mom got sick it's been a year and a half fighting to get this house. Other people involved said they planned on kicking me out in the street. I really needed that every day stress on top of everything else.
  5. The chipmunk is eating all my flowers again.
  6. Survival isn't enough for me anymore. Just being here means nothing to me anymore. If this is it God **** me now.
  7. I used to wish for a good life but I'm not that naive anymore. Death can't come soon enough as far as I'm concerned.
  8. It's more surviving this dark cold life alone. On the show Dexter when he told the kids sorry for your loss in a monotone voice with no feeling at all wearing the Mickey Mouse ears talking about the loss of their mother that's actually better than everyone has been in real life so far after losing mom. You don't get anything from anyone. You're on your own. People don't care if you sink or swim live or die. Just make sure I don't have to clean up the mess is their attitude.
  9. I don't have any friends either. I wish I had friends or a significant other here but I don't even want to be here so I can't expect anyone else to want to be here. I also wish for a light at the end of the tunnel and usually get my wish in the form of a train.
  10. Sometimes when I react with a sad face here it shows up white instead of yellow like a ghost face.
  11. Thanks I'm going to blow it off for now. I don't really know what I'm doing either. My help is youtube videos that I watch for about 5 seconds and then I say I can do that. I do that with everything.
  12. Today has been a disaster. You know I think I'm a plumber now and I've made a mess of things as usual. I don't have that thing in me to ask for help though. I keep trying and trying and making things worse and worse. I'm so stupid I can't fix a toilet though. There are 3 houses hooked to this well that I'm on and my broken toilet ran the well dry so now I have to try to fix it. I know how to shut off the water but fixing it I'm making a total fool of myself so far. I have 2 toilets so I'm tempted to just say who cares and let it go.
  13. For some people that is the case. Like me I can't take anxiety meds as prescribed. For me it's like drinking one beer or eating one chip. My mind loves it once it begins and wants as much as it can get. That's what it does. It lowers the anxiety for a very short time and then raises it probably higher than before because the brain wants more right now.
  14. Days of Our Lives If I was an actor on the show after the part with Kristen I'd walk out and say I've had enough. I'm done. It's the most pathetic thing I've ever seen on tv.
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