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  1. I remember when I worked at fast food and I would have to work all week. I'd wash the uniform once a week. I would show up wearing a dirty uniform and hurry up and figure out a way I could get dirty that day so I could blame it on that. A lot of the time I would have ketchup and mustard all over me all week.
  2. I had a dream about mom. I was on a long trip and I was trying to get home to her but I couldn't find her or reach her on the phone. My mind is tired of fighting and suffering and being miserable. It wants me to give up and go home to mom.
  3. Spell Wow it was so bad. I guess what really scares me is the thought that that movie might scare someone. How much of a wimp would you have to be if you got scared watching that?
  4. I walked to the lake and back again today. I got hugs from my favorite dog. She's a lot like me always very friendly but fearful and shy at the same time.
  5. sober4life

    feeling ok is not enough

    I've always felt like a piece is missing from the puzzle that is me. At this point I feel like there is about one piece left and even that has been gnawed on and chewed up by a mouse.
  6. Well we're not supposed to shake hands anymore. I think my new greeting needs to be here comes gummy bears like the South Park episode.
  7. I pruned the rest of my trees and trimmed the bad parts off of one of my hanging plants. I hope I can save it but it's going to be a miracle. I've had 7 hanging plants and I've only lost one so far. It's a lot better than I expected.
  8. I prefer being alone too. I live in the woods away from people but unfortunately I know people around here. It's a nightmare. I mostly sit here worrying people will show up.
  9. The neighbors bought a bunch of goats and sheep so now I have goats and sheep close by!
  10. I suggest you get yourself in the best physical shape you can if you're worried about the virus. I'm 42 in pretty good shape and it almost knocked me flat so get yourself as healthy as you possibly can.
  11. I walked to the lake and back today. I saw a huge huge buck deer. I'm never afraid of deer but I felt it for a second with him. He stood there for a little bit and he thought about it but he ran away. A deer that big could fight off any other animal in Ohio if he just realized how big and tough he could be.
  12. Yeah I never really fit in the party world and I don't fit in this life of sobriety and a normal life either. I'm an outsider even in groups that have the same interests I have.
  13. I saw a picture of an elf owl. There is actually an owl you can hold in your hand.
  14. I like number 4. I have always wanted my own island with some of every type of animal on the island. Well every animal except for people.
  15. I use a reward system to get through everything hard. If you do this you can have this I say. It can be different things but pushing myself until the end to get the reward makes me feel a lot better. It makes me feel like I accomplished something.
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