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  1. sober4life

    Lindsay's "3 Words Of The Moment" Thread, Part 2

    I miss mom
  2. sober4life

    How Do You Feel Right Now #10

    Thank you what worries me more is the crashing blood sugar. I barely made it back here in time to test my blood sugar. I was losing my vision and I couldn't think. It's very scary.
  3. sober4life

    How can I get rid of these fears

    You love your son and mom so it's impossible to stop worrying about them. We will worry about the people we love for the rest of our lives.
  4. sober4life


    Tell her that exactly. You have to stick up for yourself and tell her that.
  5. sober4life

    How Do You Feel Right Now #10

    Thank you. I was starting to be more hopeful. I just tried to go out and my blood sugar crashed so low I couldn't figure out how to get back home. I could have easily wrecked in that condition. My car is in bad shape as well. I'll be surprised if it lasts to the end of the week the way it's acting. I don't know it's always one more thing and one more thing. If I have no car I'm completely screwed in life! It's 13 miles to the nearest town!
  6. sober4life

    How Do You Feel Right Now #10

    I feel more alone every day. My heart has been broken my entire life I think. I try to have more hope but honestly I can't wait until this is over.
  7. sober4life

    How Do You Feel Right Now #10

    That sounds like me. The days I feel really good I'm afraid to go out into the world and give it a chance to destroy my happiness again.
  8. sober4life

    TA's "What's On Your Mind Right Now?" Thread, Part 2

    Definition of love for me so far large amounts of poison but not enough to **** me but it will make me so sick I wish I was dead!
  9. sober4life

    How Do You Feel Right Now #10

    I'm sending positive vibes your way. I hope he recovers and gets well soon. My dad actually got pneumonia this year too. He passed out at work and had to be rushed to the hospital. He drives a semi most of the day so that could have been a disaster but luckily he wasn't driving at the time.
  10. sober4life

    How Do You Feel Right Now #10

    I feel very restless! I feel like an angry bear coming out of hibernation. Everyone better get out of my way because I'm hungry!
  11. sober4life

    Does cutting your wrists work?

    When I was younger I felt compelled to do self harm. I don't do it anymore. The only thing it really does is gives us scars. It's one of those things the brain thinks will help with anxiety but it doesn't really work.
  12. sober4life

    Lose pounds by xmas eve

    You can get there I have faith in you! If I was there I would walk with you.
  13. sober4life


    You don't have to embrace that part of yourself. This is a very hard impossible situation to deal with. The right answer and what you decide to do with your feelings has to be whatever works best for you and makes you happy. It's going to be very hard for others to tell you what you should do about these feelings. It's up to you. I was afraid to talk about any of this stuff at one point until I got blackout drunk when I still drank and accidentally revealed the truth about myself. I was afraid to come back here and post again. It was very hard to come back and explain myself but I did it and everyone here fully accepted me and so did mom.
  14. sober4life

    How Do You Feel Right Now #10

    I'm very restless! It's still February and I'm changing the oil in my lawnmower already. I went from very depressed to now feeling like I can't hold myself back no matter how hard I try! What a fun life! It's almost Forrest Gump running across the country time I can feel it!
  15. sober4life

    How Do You Feel Right Now #10

    A friendship isn't one sided. Those are like my old party "friends". If I had money they were always around. The second I ran out of money they were nowhere to be found.