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  1. It's been a long time. I hope you all are doing well and on the path to happiness. - KS
  2. Miserable. I thought I was doing better and yet I'm back here. I really am a horrible person. I'm tired of hurting people, especially the ones who loved me and cared about me. I hope to become a better person...someday. - KS
  3. A lot better. I'm more independent, going to be working a full-time job soon, and no longer have to rely on the support or happiness of others. - KS
  4. I'm glad I have the ability to see through other people's bulls***. - KS
  5. Frustrated. Life isn't worth it, no matter what anyone tells me. - KS
  6. I've had enough. I'm done. I'm throwing everyone out of my life. **** it. Today, it's over. I'm done. - KS
  7. Any dumbass who doesn't know how to drive. - KS
  8. Sometimes people may not know what to say. Don't take offense to it. - KS
  9. People and their tendency to pi** me off. - KS
  10. Too much noise, please shut up!!!! - KS
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