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  1. I hope I can avoid the weight gain, I just started on Mirtazapine 2 weeks ago. Part of the reason for my depression is weight gain. I've become disabled in the last 17 months and can no longer walk. So it's very hard for me to lose weight because i just can't be all that active. So because my knee won't let me walk and has impacted my life in so many negative ways, I got depression, now I hope I just won't gain any more weight because it's not like I can just go for a walk or a run to get rid of it!
  2. Yeah I did self up it to the 30mg to see if that helps, but no luck so far. I see my doctor on Tuesday.. so hopefully he can give me an idea as to if/when this might help. I've had this insomnia for a good 8 months now and I'm so tired... just so physically tired. I'd be thrilled if I could sleep for a week straight! I was kind of hoping the Remeron would help with that... so far no luck :( The bit of sleep I am getting though, is filled with the weirdest, more vivid dreams ever. The kind where you lay in bed for a while after going "What the **** was that about!" I was put on amytriptyline (probably spelled it wrong) before Remeron to help me sleep.. with no luck. I know I've got a high drug tolerance, but this is crazy! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who's feeling like this with this med. I know that if I could just get some sleep that it will help the depression a lot.
  3. I started on Remeron 2 weeks ago, partially for depression and partially for insomnia. My doc put me on 15mg once a day and I'll allowed to self up it to 30mg. I'm not finding I'm sleeping any better. I understand the anti depressant qualities take a few weeks to take effect, but I understand the sleeping is supposed to be fairly quick. I had one day where I slept well, but since then I'm still getting my usual 2 hours a night. Does the increase in sleep happen gradually too? I was expecting it to be a fairly quick response.. I don't get drowsy, I don't stay asleep, I don't even get dopey. It's like I'm taking a placebo? Is anybody else like this?? It's honestly like I don't take a darn thing... I'm so frustrated! I need sleep badly!
  4. I just started on Remeron on Tuesday so I've only had 2 doses. I took the first one at bed time and found i was dopey the rest of the day. So I took the second one about 14 hours before I normally get up in the morning. Wowzers. By 9pm I was a zombie, by 10 it almost felt like a life or death choice to go to bed. Like if I stayed up, I'd die. So I went to bed at 10. Here I am now, 3pm and I'm still doped like I was at 9pm yesterday. Total zombie. I could easily crawl back into bed and sleep for many more hours. It's brutal. I'm almost kind of glad that I'm unemployed because man I couldn't imagine trying to work while taking these. I got prescribed Remeron because I have depression and insomnia. The doc was saying it should help with the insomnia. He wasn't kidding.. I'm sleeping but now I just can't wake up!
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