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  1. @Tears_Always I am so sorry about your terrible loss..From what you posted, it's very clear that you and Wicket had a deep deep bond. Pets like that are irreplaceable. I had two pugs that I adored...both have passed, and I miss them both every day. I still don't know that I could get another pug...it would be too painful. I am so sorry about your loss 😓
  2. I am in exactly the same boat, JD. I'd like nothing more than to sell all my s.hit (what little of it there is), cut all my ties, and disappear into the Big Bend region of Texas. But I can't leave my son. I really can't see myself going anywhere until he's at least out of h.s., and maybe not even then...
  3. Yeah, I've pretty much resigned myself as well.
  4. @too_broken_to_belong That's wonderful news! A pet we love can do so much for us, when we're struggling. I'm glad your mother was able to help you with the money situation also.. Yes, sometimes when things seem at their bleakest, we see a bit of light.
  5. St Patrick's day actually is a religious feast day celebrating Ireland's patron saint.. While I am an atheist, I respect believers' right to believe what they want, and it is pretty pathetic how St Patrick's day has devolved into what is basically a tacky, alcohol-fueled pseudo holiday, much like Cinco de mayo. In the US, March 17 has essentially become a day where everyone pretends to be Irish.
  6. Sorry you had such a rough day @June322...yeah, MI takes a physical toll too...it can be brutal. I hope you are doing better. Take care..
  7. Sorry you've had a rough evening! Hope tomorrow is better, my friend..
  8. I take comfort knowing that we (homo sapiens) will be gone very soon (in terms of the universe' time schedule), and earth will heal, and all traces of our pathetic, petty, destructive machinations will be erased.
  9. Got up early (as I always do)...made coffee and fried some eggs, made toast, ate breakfast, enjoyed the sunrise from my balcony while getting my NPR fix, watched a movie (Burnt...Bradley Cooper as a disgraced chef trying to get back into the game, it was ok, nothing special), fed the cat, went to work, got home about an hour ago, now having a few b.eers and watching The Hateful Eight (Tarantino).
  10. I'm sorry you're struggling so badly at the moment @too_broken_to_belong..and I'm sorry you had to give up your dog 😞 I wish I had more substantive advice for you.. Depression and anxiety are horrible, I know.. I am happy to lend an ear if you need one... sometimes just being able to vent and let it all out can be helpful. I just wanted you to know that I empathize..
  11. I had a therapist (one of many ineffectual ones) briefly try EMDR, but it was useless. Quack "science," IMO..
  12. Please don't knock on my door at 8am on a Sunday to try to sell me your superstitious nonsense.
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