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  1. It's the other way around - depression and anxiety often lead to poor choices (as I can personally attest), which of course fuels the depression and anxiety. It's a vicious f.ucking circle...😣
  2. The world is water..I am oil.. That about sums it up 😕
  3. Good night and pleasant dreams, @Nightjar 🤗
  4. 90 and humid (and sunny)here in Richmond ... Total suckage 😡
  5. Yes, it is ironic, and a bit sad...I have made some good friends here and at another similar forum, and a number of them live in Canada, Europe, the UK and Australia. I feel closer to them (and you) than I do to most of my family and friends here in the states..
  6. ((((((HUGS))))) I wish I could give you a good answer to this @Nightjar...A divorce is very much like a death, and the timeline for grieving a death is different for everyone. I still have brief moments where the loss stings, though they have become much less frequent...it is usually some random, unexpected reminder of something we shared. I've heard some people say it takes roughly one year for every year you were in the relationship, which sounds neat and tidy, but I suspect is rarely the case. I think it is truly an individual process. I am coming up on eight years since the split, and I am doing better, but it is very much still a two steps forward, one step back kind of thing. And of course having a child complicates things further. In some ways it's good, because co-parenting has helped me get past the bitterness of the breakup...but it also means a lot more contact with her and her family, which some weeks I could do without. I am sorry you are still so lonely, @Nightjar ...if I lived in the UK, I'd take you to the pub for a pint and we could commiserate in real time!
  7. One of the worst things about toxic/narcissistic parents is the sheer, far-reaching extent of the damage they do, even beyond the grave. My mother has been dead for twelve years, and still I get triggered in certain situations because of the things she did and said. If I have no other goal or purpose in this life it will be to do all the right things for my son and support him fully in helping him make his own way in this world - i.e., the OPPOSITE of what my mother did for me..
  8. There's a great George Carlin routine about 'Saving ' the Planet that touches on our (people's) extinction. The planet is fine...the PEOPLE are f.ucked! The planet's not goin' anywhere...... WE are!! Pack your s.hit, folks! We're goin' away.. 😁
  9. I'm sorry that you have health concerns...I have dealt with the same...and I'm always torn...on the one hand, certain death is appealing ( not implying that's your situation)...but on the other hand, I have a young son who needs his dad ... So health is ultimately a concern, an being 51, I know the odds of problems are only going to increase from here on out
  10. Going to hang out with a friend I haven't seen in a while this afternoon... cookout and beers...I am torn, though ..I like this person, a former coworker, but in the last few months, I have become very comfortable in my solitude, and going to social events has in some respect, become more of a nuisance than anything fun .. I don't know if this is a good or bad thing. Even now, part of me is looking for an excuse to call him and cancel.... Yeah, screwed up, I know.. I guess I just prefer people in very short bursts these days (with the exception of my sweet boy).
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