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  1. Haven't seen you for a while...

  2. Sorry you're still struggling Tilted...I am as well.. I work today, as I do most if not all "holidays"...I use " " because holidays don't mean jack to me anymore. Just another day... As for this particular day, and at the risk of sounding anti-American, I'll quote my favorite band: Better the pride that resides in a citizen of the world, Than the pride that divides when a colorful rag is unfurled... - Rush, Territories
  3. Nevada officer pulls over hearse traveling in HOV lane Nevada Highway Patrol says the hearse driver assumed the body in the back counted toward the two or more occupant requirement for the lane. July 3, 2019, 1:25 PM EDT By Associated Press LAS VEGAS — Nevada Highway Patrol says passengers must be alive in order to be counted as occupants in cars using the high occupancy vehicle lane. The reminder was prompted by a traffic stop Monday involving a hearse traveling on the carpool lane on Interstate 15 in Las Vegas. A trooper pulled over the hearse that was transporting a dead body. The agency says the hearse driver assumed the body in the back counted toward the two or more occupant requirement for the lane. The trooper let the driver off with a warning and advised him to move out of the lane. The agency says only living, breathing people can be counted for the HOV lane.
  4. I've never worked at a prison, but someone I 'know' on another mental health forum does. PM me and I can give you the website details..
  5. I empathize...I have an MFA in theatre performance/directing, and it's the same deal...the schools don't care, they just want to graduate as many units as possible..
  6. Saxophone-Playing Dad Serenades Cows By The Roadside All hail this groovy bovine whisperer. By Hilary Hanson 06/29/2019 02:35 PM ET The internet is over the moooooon for an Oregon dad who’s gone viral for serenading a herd of cows with some sweet saxophone jams. “My parents are such goofs they drove out to the backroads so my dad could play the cows the songs he’s been learning on the saxophone,” wrote Erin Herrmann alongside one of two video clips she tweeted on Tuesday. my parents are such goofs they drove out to the backroads so my dad could play the cows the songs he’s been learning on the saxophone pt.1 pic.twitter.com/IHzgxtvo0N — Erin Herrmann (@erinmherrmann) June 26, 2019 pt.2 listen for the neighbor at the end pic.twitter.com/qdMCnZRzqh — Erin Herrmann (@erinmherrmann) June 26, 2019 The two videos show her shorts-clad father, Rick Herrmann, playing a handful of tunes ― including George Michael’s “Careless Whisper” ― as a large group of cows scattered throughout a field walk over and gather near him. Rick Herrmann told Portland-based news station KGW 8 that he’s been playing sax for about seven months, but so far has only really practiced in front of his relatives and dog. After he saw a video of people playing music for animals, his wife suggested they take his act to the cow-adjacent road. He said he didn’t expect such a dramatic reaction from the bovines. “I thought they might be curious,” he said. “I guess I didn’t expect them to crowd the fence so much.” Erin Herrmann told The Daily Dot that the cows seemed to respond better than the family dog does. “When he practices saxophone my dog hates it so much, she even chewed up his reeds,” she said. “My dad thought that maybe the cows would appreciate his music even if our dog doesn’t.” The videos won her father numerous fans on Twitter, including legendary saxophonist Kenny G. This is awesome! We all have to start somewhere!! https://t.co/waH6JSjDKy — Kenny G (@kennyg) June 28, 2019 Playing music for seemingly intrigued cows is not that uncommon an activity, as a YouTube search indicates. In 2015, animal welfare scientist Rebecca Doyle told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. that cows may be drawn to music because of their natural curiosity. But she warned that under the wrong circumstances, a musical performance could be frightening for the sensitive animals. “When it’s in their control, a novel situation can be a really enjoyable and a really positive experience,” Doyle said. “But conversely, when they’re in a situation where it’s being forced upon them and it’s new and novel it can be really fearful and stressful for them too. It’s really about how much control they have over the situation.” Additionally, a 2001 study suggested that slow, relaxing music could help alleviate stress in cows, though NPR noted in a 2014 article that the study’s results had not been replicated, meaning the research was still inconclusive.
  7. I wish I still enjoyed can-a-bliss...I had a bad experience with Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds years ago, and that ruined the other thing for me...I get too paranoid. Not that I could afford the greenery these days in any case...
  8. Alabama man denies pet is 'methed-out' attack squirrel June 19, 2019, 3:29 PM EDT By Elisha Fieldstadt An Alabama man wanted on drug and gun charges, who authorities said kept an "attack squirrel" in his apartment, denied allegations that he fed his squirrel meth to "keep it aggressive." "Narcotics investigators arrested one man and are looking for another after they executed a search warrant Monday that yielded meth, drug paraphernalia, body armor, and a squirrel," said a statement from the Limestone County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday. Investigators searched an Athens, Alabama, apartment Monday after getting a tip that Mickey Paulk, 35, was keeping a methamphetamine-fueled "attack squirrel" at the residence, the statement said. Ronnie Reynolds and Mickey PaulkLimestone County Sheriff's Office Ronnie Reynolds, 37, was found in the apartment and charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and loitering at a known drug house. He was released on $4,000 bond, according to the sheriff's office. The deputies also found a squirrel in a cage, and after confirming with Alabama Game and Fish that Alabama residents cannot legally keep a pet squirrel, they released it. As to the tip the squirrel was fed drugs, police could not confirm. "There was no safe way to test the squirrel for meth," the sheriff's department statement said. Paulk — although still wanted for possession of an illegal firearm, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia — appeared in a video on Facebook with a squirrel Tuesday night. In the video he says he no longer lived at the residence that was raided, but went there after the search, whistled, and the squirrel settled on his shoulder. Stephen Young, a spokesman for the Limestone County Sheriff's Office, told NBC News Wednesday that the man in the video was the man investigators were still looking for. Young said Paulk had a criminal record. In the video, Paulk acknowledge that the squirrel is aggressive and had bitten people, but denied that the rodent was trained to attack. "The public isn’t in danger from the methed-out squirrel in the neighborhood," Paulk said, with a chuckle. "He’s not on meth, I’m pretty sure. Better not find out he’s on meth anyway. I don’t think he likes that sh--." He wrote on Facebook that he had been bottle-feeding the animal since it was hours old and raising it "like it was my own." "He does not know how to live in the wild. So all they really did was try to **** him," Paulk said. "He's a little shook up by the whole incident."
  9. Miami Officer Accidentally Tased By Partner During Takedown June 13, 2019 at 12:05 pm Filed Under:Lisa Cilli, Local TV, Miami News, Miami Police, Officer Tased MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A City of Miami Police officer was accidentally tased by his partner while taking a drug suspect into custody and now there is cell phone video of the incident. The incident took place at SW 10th Avenue and 4th Street in Little Havana on January 4. In the video, you can hear a woman yell, “Oh my God, he shot himself,” but that’s not exactly what happened. According to the police report, two officers witnessed an apparent drug transaction between two homeless men identified as 56-year-old Lazaro Perez, and 28-year-old Rigoberto Castillo. As Officers Casiano and Castillo (no relation to the subject), began to detain Rigoberto Castillo, he “began to actively resist.” Perez left the scene. During the struggle with Castillo, the police report states, “Several loud commands to stop resisting were given but he refused.” In the video, you can hear Officer Casiano yelling, “Stop resisting. Put your hands behind your back. However, Castillo does not listen and the officers force him to the ground. Once on the ground, the report states, Officer Casiano “struck the defendant with his fist twice to the side of his body and at which point, officer made an effort to gain compliance by advising the defendant to stop resisting or he would Tase him.” Castillo still refused and he was Tased. However, the report states while one prong made contact with Castillo’s lower back and the other prong struck Officer Casiano’s left forearm. In the video, you can see Casino falling down in pain from the shock. “The Taser was immediately shut off and the prong removed,” states the report. Officer Casiano gets right back up to help his partner with Castillo who is still resisting. They warn him again to stop or he would be Tased. “He refused and he was Tased again with both prongs striking his abdomen. The defendant removed one of the prongs and continued to resist by kicking and tensing his arms,” states the report. The report states Officer Casiano “struck the defendant in the head multiple times with his left fist in efforts to gain compliance.” Once assisting officers arrived, he was placed into custody. Meantime, the second man, Lazaro Perez was taken into custody the next day carrying a concealed knife. Police say he is a six-time convicted felon. Castillo was charged with Cocaine Possession, Resisting an Officer with Violence and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Perez was charged with Possession of Crack Cocaine, Carrying a Concealed Weapon, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and an Unlawful Possession of Weapon by a Felon.
  10. I am sorry you're having such a tough go of things @Torsti Life can be unrelentingly cruel, and it's usually the really good people in this world who get shat on the most. I hope you find some peace and relief, friend
  11. Passenger opens plane emergency exit, mistaking it for the toilet Jack Guy and Sophia Saifi, CNN • Updated 10th June 2019 (CNN) — A passenger on a UK-Pakistan flight at Manchester Airport caused severe delays after opening the emergency exit door in an attempt to reach the bathroom while the plane was still on the ground. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight 702 was due to fly from Manchester, UK, to Islamabad, Pakistan, on Friday but suffered a delay of seven hours, according to the airline. Forty passengers were offloaded following the incident, during which "the exit slide deployed automatically," PIA said in a statement. A spokesman for the airline told CNN the passenger had opened the door thinking it was the bathroom, but all passengers were safe. Manchester Airport declined to comment on Friday night's incident. © 2019 Cable News Network.
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