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  1. Veggie loaf with mashed potatoes and corn and peas. It was a frozen vegan meal for lunch.
  2. I cleaned my turtle`s habitat and then I made my bed. Took a shower ,made something for lunch then cleaned the kitchen. Now I`m working on some laundry.
  3. Today my sister and my two nieces came over and I made them and my parents lunch. Since it was Veteran`s Day today my sis and Mom got some pie and ice cream to celebrate . My dad is a veteran and they wanted to do something nice for him. Then as we were watching television tonight we had a small earthquake. It scared me a little even though I've been through them before.
  4. A few Morrissey t shirts. A Nirvana shirt and a Beetlejuice shirt .And some new boots and black tights.
  5. Today I went to my nephew`s football game. I am very happy to say they won! After the game we picked up lunch/dinner. Now I`m just listening to music.
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