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  1. Today I went to see one of nieces in a Christmas parade. She was playing in her school band. Then we got home picked up some lunch and I`m doing laundry and listening to music at the moment .
  2. Went to the post office and visited a few stores with my Mom. Then we picked up lunch. After lunch we put the new Christmas tablecloth and placemats on the table. Now I`m just listening to my Christmas playlist and doing some laundry.
  3. I`m about to have some leftover vegetarian stuffing and some veggies.
  4. Today I spent the day with my nieces and nephews and sisters. Later we went to the supermarket and picked up some things we needed for tomorrow and I bumped into an old friend from high school. Now I`m just making the pasta salad for tomorrow. My nephew helped me chop the veggies which made the work go faster.
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