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  1. I`m going to make a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner.
  2. Some Freddie Mercury Funko pop figures. My older sister gave me the whole set of Queen Funko pops for Christmas but these are some different Freddie Mercury ones.
  3. I have a veggie pot pie in the oven.
  4. Today I cleaned my Guinea pigs cage . Then went a took a shower and watched tv and took it easy today as I am not feeling to great. It`s probably due to the Rexulti withdrawals.
  5. Today we picked up some supplies for my pet turtle . I got the filters for his tank and some turtle treats and my Mom bought him a new basking platform for Christmas. Then we picked up a few things at the 99 cents store then we went home.
  6. Today I just went to the post office and I`ll probably wrap some gifts later.
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