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  1. Pretty In Pink it`s one of my favorite films from the 80`s and just one of my favorites of all time. I first saw it when I was about 12 years old if I recall . I also remember going to our local record store to buy the soundtrack of the movie (by the way the soundtrack is excellent). It has a song by my fave the Smiths. You can also see a poster of The Smiths in the record store the main character works in. I just love it. My sister`s and I would watch the movie over and over on cable. Anyway they played it the other night on television and I found myself watching it again.
  2. Today I went to a shopping center with my folks. My Mom and I went to the arts and crafts store then we joined my dad who was at Marshall`s. After that we went and had lunch at Denny`s. Now I`m just doing some laundry while listening to music and posting here on the DF. I really should be making myself something for dinner because I`m supposed to take one of my meds after dinner but I just don`t feel very hungry right now.
  3. I had a Beyond veggie burger from Denny`s for lunch.
  4. Depressed and blue and just want to escape into my bed tonight.Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. Here`s hoping I guess.
  5. Today I went to church with my Mom. My older sister also went as well as my aunt and uncle. After church we went to lunch. We got home and a little later my younger sister and her kids came over . We visited for a bit then they went home. I cleaned the kitchen and then went to take a shower and put on some comfy pajamas and I took my bedtime meds early and now I`m just waiting for them to kick in .💊💊
  6. Today I went to see The Rise Of Skywalker again with my folks. After the movie we got some Chinese for lunch and then we walked around the mall for a bit.
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