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  1. Helped my Mom make lunch for my sister and nieces and nephew
  2. A veggie burger and chips and a Diet Coke.
  3. Today I gave the bathroom a really good cleaning. Currently working on some laundry.
  4. Green beans and mashed potatoes and a veggie burger patty.
  5. Stop Me If You Think You`ve Heard This One Before ~ The Smiths
  6. Not much today it`s just after 7:30 in the morning here but yesterday I ....... Washed the dishes Cleaned my turtles tank Did several loads of laundry Cleaned my Guinea Pigs cage Cleaned the bathroom I don`t know what got into me yesterday. I rarely have enough energy to get that much stuff done.
  7. Made lunch for my family Washed the dishes Cleaned the kitchen Did a load of laundry
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