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  1. Just read your account of your long journey, Ron. I agree with Robert you were so diligent and thorough posting your experiences. Hope you are doing well and thank you for all the information you have given us.
  2. I'm waiting to hear back from my doctor on that same question. But I think he will just say its the same.. I just got a supply of Paroxetine liquid instead of my usual Paxil liquid. I was nervous changing after so many years. I have about 5 days left of my Paxil bottle. I guess I will try out the Paroxetine for the 5 days and hopefully any difference will raise its head. So, good idea you have!!
  3. It is amazing how much energy it takes to put on a happy face when you are depressed. You feel exhausted after and so relieved to finally let it go when you are alone. Try to be yourself with your therapist. This is the one place you can be totally honest. Otherwise, you are doing yourself a disservice and taking up his time. Even tho, I know you are trying to be a nice guy.
  4. That is interesting. I don't know anything about GABA but it is worth researching it. Glad you are feeling so good!! Keep us posted.
  5. If I can see a reason then it helps if I try to take at least one little step towards fixing it. If I don't see one or I am not motivated to do anything about it, then its usually better to distract myself with physical work or exercise. At least then while I'm miserable I am doing something that might give a positive result.
  6. I probably don't have good advice since I don't take Lexapro. However, when I went off cold turkey for 2 weeks from Paxil, I went in a severe depression. It took many antidepressants before one helped (Paxil woudn't work anymore). Now, I am back on the Paxil but at a higher dose than I was before. For some reason, it can be hard for the anti-depressant to work again after you stop. Talk to your p-doc and see if you and he can find the best thing for you to try. Maybe the Lexapro is not the best for anxiety, I don't know. Sorry I couldn't help more. Let us know what your doc says on Friday. Best to you!
  7. Yes it sounds normal. 10 mg is a low dose for Paxil. It takes awhile to notice a difference. Usually two weeks or so.. Yes, its normal to only have 15 alprazolam too. .25 is a very low dose for that too. She is trying it out to see how things work for you. Paxil helps with social anxiety and depression. You may not need alprazolam once the Paxil kicks in. Good luck and keep posting!
  8. So very sorry to hear this. My ex-brother in law had it too and had quite a bit of his colon taken out. He is actually doing well right now I hear. Keep the hope.
  9. Today I am grateful for peace and quiet.
  10. Yes, it will be the same as one 20 and one 10. No problem.
  11. Sounds good. Nice to have a light-hearted book too! Hope its good!
  12. I am amazed too, Natasha. After I started reading this, I have been feeling much more positive. Like, there is a reason for all our moods and it isn't our fault. Cant wait to see how we can help them along by understanding what is going on.
  13. Wow!! (thats just me expressing myself) lol
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