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  1. A few songs Moonshadow by Cat Stevens Vnv Nation Illusion ingrid michaelson wonderful unknown Moonshadow was from my childhood and helps me through bad times Vnv Nation Illusion I find comforting because its deep and meaningful and a beautiful lyrics Wonderful unknown helps me and I find it light hearted and beautiful
  2. We in a a society where beauty and photoshopped images are shoved down our throat but remember this, 90% of photos online these days or even in magazines are photoshopped and Ive seen woman on instagram and it makes me depressed too. I dont think your ugly but I do think your a victim of society where hollywood and magazines make woman look perfect watch videos on youtube of woman before and after makeup or before and after photoshop and you dont do not realise what harm these photographers and magazines do to people so I try to ignore it and think to myself that these woman are just like me but they have been airbrushed to look perfect but theres no thing as perfection because everyone has something they dont like about their body I hate one of two parts of my body and I have several scares I hate one right across the drop of my head from an accident nobodys perfect and I truely believe that if people were perfect the world would be a dull place
  3. I feel like I've had to much coconut milk and coconut oil and chillies, tummy grumbles ..... Nooooooo
  4. I feel pretty much out of it, they told me I needed something for the pain in my infected toe, but it's side effects mean I feel in a dream like state, like clouds
  5. Like my whole world is falling apart and I feel trapped
  6. Astronomy isn't a scam, maybe if he was pushing you pay it could be a scam but I'm not sure
  7. Hi thisgur1 welcome to DF, I hope feel at home here on this wonderful , supportive community. Sarah
  8. I am sorry you are struggling with sleep, it's a good idea talking a doctor or a nurse about your concerns regarding sleep Hope you feel better soon Sarah
  9. I have been there and my mind tells me there is no hope but on the good days things change and I don't want to die anymore I've learnt that there are good days bad days and there are happy times but you just got to get through the bad times I've learnt to do what I need sit out the storm and feel ok again, it does get better and believe me, I've lost my home before, been through many experiences that caused me to become traumatised and some days I have flashbacks but despite that I have good days like today and I appreciate the good times
  10. I lost track of how many times I've deleted mine, Twitter has ruined many of my days so I only go in there once in a blue moon and Facebook I've wanted to walk away from but all my friends are on there. The problem with social media is that take all your personal data and sell it on
  11. I am feeling very very tired and flat as I've been out since 9am and the day won't be finished until about 11 tonight
  12. I wouldn't be happy if my partner called their ex by pet names that they called so I totally understand how you feel I don't think you are being unreasonable being upset at all. I am sorry this is happening to you Sarah x
  13. the best advice that i never listened to in my life was from my therapist and from my parents and I regret not listning to them to this very day. The first peice of advice was that the grass in always greener on the other side and the second peices of advice was from my therapist who said that its better to try and live with your feelings and express yourself without surgical intervention. I didnt listen to either of those and 5 years later I have gained a lot of weight because homones can do that to a person, I have infections that are bacterial and they go on daily and no one can seem to get to the bottom of the cause and the dicrimination ive done through from doctors, to the bank and people in the street I wouldnt wish on anyone. I think they are the main issues and are pretty nasty and the fact that you are more prone to uti and you cant go as long holding pee in as you once used to. I happy enough with my body but socially I struggle because everything seems more high maintance and I eat once a day but still gain weight but i am not as active as i once was. gender and sexuaity are seprate, I often wondered why I was attracted to woman and I wondered if it was because I wanted to be like them but I like them still after surgery in a sexual way but things are different after surgery I dont mean to offend anyone, but as a male sex was quick and it was over in a short period of time but as a woman it takes a lot longer to reach climax and things are more sensitive and aftwarards its not uncommon to get BV or thrush just speaking from experiance but no two bodies are the same, the pain of going through surgery to me not even strong hospital pain killers took the edge off of the pain and I still get random pains years after. if you want anyone to talk to or just to confide in, message me
  14. The only lasting relationship I have is with someone 20 years older than me and I know someday I will end up alone just like my mum said I would my past relationships haven’t lasted because I too needy although I grew out of that but I’ve never really had a relationship that’s sexual in any way so I will probably die a virgin and alone Relationships are complicated and at times I want to be single again so I have more independence It took me 27 years to find someone
  15. Pizza, chocolate, milkshakes but I've become a bit intolerant to dairy so need to find new foods to try
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