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  1. I'm grateful for Ep1tectus reply, but bumping for some more light on this.
  2. I hate to do this, but just bumpin' because I'd really like a reply on this.
  3. It's been around a year and a half since my grandmother passed away. Her and my grandfather, around 70 years or so, were living in a small town in the north of Portugal (I live in the center, and therefore the town is somewhat far away, around 5-6 hours from here - Yet, I always go there a bunch of times per year). They didn't live totally alone "up there": Most of my grandfather's family lives in Porto, which is a city a few kilomters away from their town, and also most of my grandmother's family lives in the town itself. Like most elders, sometimes they had some fights, but they still went along well, mostly because my grandfather was extremley dependant of my grandmother. She would always make him dinner, clean the house, etc. Of course, all that changed with her sudden death. Since then, my grandfather has been living alone almost by himself, only with the help of my grandmother's family to get him back on his feet (His family in Porto doesn't seem to give a d***). When I went for a vacation there last year and stayed with my aunt on his house he seemed to be doing fine: Still seriously hit by her wife's death, like all of us, but recovering since the day I saw him on the funeral. But lately, he started to get really depressed. I went to the town yesterday with my parents (Not to stay, just for a visit) and even although he showed to be doing good, I don't think he actually is fine. He is constantly compaining about how lonely he is. On the other hand, he never wants to leave his place. I've spoke with him a few hours ago in Facebook to invite him for a trip to the south with our family, and he said he was going to "think about it" - In other words, most likely "NO". I told him about how we were all worried with his lack of socializing, that we all had a rough time with grandmother's death and that the family should stick together. He said that his problems were somewhat more complicated than that (He didn't bother to explain, though - For what I know, they are also financial) and that he was seriously going to think about the trip, and for me not to get worried about him and that I've always been his best friend, no matter what happens. But I'm still worried. In fact, I'm worried that he might take that depression further and even commit suicide. He doesn't want to socialize and he thinks no one gives a d*** about him. What can I do to prove him wrong?
  4. Thanks for the replies. Even if they were mostly, I think, demotivational, at least they gave me something to think. I sure am infatuated with her. And, using TryingToFindTheAnswer's words, a few weeks ago I decided "to put myself out there" and I tried having a conversation with her, even if by "modern means". And I think it didn't went that bad at first. I tried to speak with her about the fact that a friend who also knew her told me that she was in an arts school and we ended up having a pretty normal conversation about arts and drawing. She also likes anime, so I decided to speak with her about a mangá I recentley watched and... Eh, I think I finally spoke with her like normal persons should :P Of course, if I wanted to get to the point of trying something IRL (Don't get me wrong when I say "trying something IRL", when I speak trying IRL I mean a true friend In Real Life) And since I had at my disposal a modern mean to, at least, have a normal conversation with her, I should use it a bit more, right? Well, I was thinking on speaking to her somewhat more often on Facebook... Maybe one day or another, when I would come up with something we both like. Then, who knows, if we ended up becoming more than just acquaintances I would invite her for a coffe or something. You know, just carry on, whetever with her by my side or not. But then, my optimism was ruined when her Facebook page disapeared. It was my only way of speaking with her (Well, I actually had her MSN, but since I didn't want to annoy her I didn't add her) ... I first thought she had unfriended me, but I asked some of my friends and she was also gone from their friends list, too. Yep, she deleted her Facebook. I was... Well, I'm not gonna lie, kinda mad. I thought that before she was "gone" I was close to something, that I had broke through my fear of speaking to her and now had a chance to be an actual friend. But now my contact with her was finished. A few weeks later, while derping around Facebook, I found out she made a new profile. Plus, on this one she added in quite a few intrests in common, mainly in "first place" Pink Floyd. Yes, as you might have guessed (Or not) by my avatar, I am a huge Pink Floyd fan. Surprised with this like (Even if she had just randomly pressed the "Like" button on Floyd while scrolling trough FB), I sent her a friend request and a message telling her I didn't knew she liked Floyd. That was near the end of the last year, a few days before Christmas. Since then, she didn't accept my friend request or replied anything back - And yes, she's added quite some more friends after I sent her the request. I know, I am strange. I am most likely obsessed with her, she's probally nothing more than a simple fragment out of my many memories from my latter school who just doesn't go away. I know it is wrong for me to think about her everyday; I know I should just forget her. But I can't... And I don't even feel intrested in forgeting her. For what I know about her, I still feel she is important, even if just in my imagination. She is perfect. And it is somewhat of a pain to know I can't express any of my feelings to her, most likely because the more I try, the deeper I sink, and I'm pretty sure she would be quite disturbed to know about a "secret admirer" I am just a 15 year old boy who's nothing more than a little part in the landscape of your life. Yes, you, reader. I am just a badly-written text in your screen who is asking for directions who will influence my life. It is very easy for you to say "forget her", if it isn't you feeling the will of getting closer to her. Do you have any idea of what to do other than forgetting her or ******* myself?
  5. (Reposting what I asked in Yahoo Answers) I've been studying in a school next to my home - Or well, at least I used to live there - Since 2006. Later, in 2009, there was a girl who went to that same school, who according to a friend of mine also lived around there. Well, I never really cared about her until around this year's Easter. Since then, I don't know why... But I just started to "notice" her. It looks like that we started to see each other more often during the breaks between classes, even although he never actually spoke to each other. But sometimes I just happened to look at her... With the result of having her noticing it and looking back at me, resulting in an obviously awkward moment. I'm not sure of my feelings, if I was in love with her (Even although I know she had a boyfriend at the time) or if it was for the fact that I didn't had almost no friends in that school (Or well, at least not that year), but something got my attention in her. Then it came what seemed to be my only chance to at least know her. There was going to be a 70's school "finalists bar" and since I am a total sucker who can't invite any girl, I was put on charge to choose the songs list. I got her contact on Facebook and sent her a message explaining I once saw her with a Rolling Stones t-shirt and asking her if she could help me with choosing the songs list for the ball. Well, that didn't end well and the first thing that came to her mind was that I was stalking her. I didn't made much of an effort to keep convincing her since I didn't want to annoy her even more, so I just pretty much reacted with an "okay.jpg" and pretended to leave the matter alone. ... Yet, there was still something that made me curious about her. Although I started to avoid even passing next to her in school, I was still thinking about her. Do you know how it is when you've got a person stuck on your mind that you just can't forget even when you do every possible effort? Yep, that was what she was to me. The year was ending (Well, not actually the "year" itself, more the "school year", or however you say it in English). She became single and I had to make a work for my final school project. Since I was working on my own, I decided to write a story. The project theme was about "child soliders", so I wrote a 39-page story about two kids, a boy and a girl, who were put into a war scenery. And well, most of my friends (Outside school, of course) liked it. The problem is, while I was writing the story I ended up making a character... Well, pretty much similar to the girl. I honestly think it was only a coincidence, but who knows... Maybe I had subconsciously inspired on her? And since I had a friend who I told about the girl and also read my story, he decided to "make me a surprise"... And when the school year ended, he told her that I had a character extremely similar to what I described about her to him and started to spread the rumors that I was stalking her. Of course she was p***** and when I found out, I was also p***** and I had to explain to her trough Facebook how it was all a coincidence and how that character didn't had anything to do with her. I took advantage out of the situation to explain her how I wasn't stalking her at all and how she probably misinterpreted me. Fortunately, she understood it and apparently things stayed peaceful between us. Now we are in different schools (For what I know, she is studying arts in a school pretty much far away from here, but we still live considerably close), but the worst is... I am still thinking on her constantly, I dunno why, but she became kinda of an inspiration for writing to me. Yes, maybe I'm totally in love with her and I just didn't found it out in myself, but let me just at least ask... Is all this thinking about her stalking her? Is it serious? Should I just leave the matter alone? (BTW, I would like to mention I never actually followed her anywhere or violated her privacy in any moment)
  6. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

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