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  1. Just be yourself, you need to have a right friend to be your side or alternatively dropped by at here and share with us. If you are into confusion, frustration and wondering on something just cannot make sensed at all just tell about yourself more. Whatever you have done, i am truly recommended you doing something good or benefit yourself. Try your best and do your best. Something cannot changed by yourself its you are just not fully trusted in your will. nobodies were birthed in perfect but they are trying hard to get something whats they want and claim back what they have been missing.
  2. sorry to hear that you have to dropped out with your school. If you are still have heart to study again...i am trully suggest you to continues with your studies and happy learning as well. If you can manage yourself by lived an independently, this option is better for you. If cant, do not force yourself. I know a person need at least a tiny supportive especially a family member, since you are ought to have their attentions yet still lacking, please do not give up..in here there are plenty of diligent users willing to give you a full adviced as well as good listeners too. if you feel lost and need help..please do not hesitate to dropped by and shared with us in here. Whatever it is..be proud of yourself and try your hardest as much as you have and lived earnestly. This case is related to me as well thats how a parent intendedly abuse you in mostly "feeling state".
  3. Hi there! thanks for sharing, i am speechless after reading this. I am truly appreciate with your courage!
  4. new year is coming soon

  5. Yes!! You have to moved on..like it or not..you have to struggling with your mind and feeling - maturity & attitude. This is vital, i also having major problems with my parent and my sibling in terms of mutual respect and conversations and not even once and i am not speak with them at all why? Bullying. When comes to bully there no choice and chance for you to explain why when what a reason of you gonna get hurts or even worse just put all the blames onto or into you. Once you are decided to fight back you couldnt won on them is just not a relationship or stupidity. This is bullying..good luck n i am still facing now n i am try my best..my advice for you that anger hate and discontent can harness appropriately and well managed is very good if cant, just find something can make yourself happy~adios
  6. its all about knowledge and experienced. At last to deal with is an attitude of person. i am obliged myself to explain to you is all about our feeling..disliked or liked so comes with lies or mockery and even worse poison and bad mouthed until leads into fights causing a psychologically and physically injured vice versa. So how you are gonna be forgive them? do not be scared and be strong.
  7. when comes to a bully there no meaningful toward to ages or genders..whether physical or intelligent attractions or status barriers...as long as being targeted there no ways to escape. Whether horrible or nice person still intend to hurts you or detached you to or related with others..i'd witnessed myself and learned from it. In order to move on is to stand up and fight for it and put as an example of me even though i am extremely anti social and i am dont have a friend can be accounted with.. and how i am gonna stand on until now? as i said before, acceptance who are you and be proud of yourself and dont think about get a sympathy on surrounded of people..once they are begin to disrespect you and will continued until you have to give up...and my advice is not to give up is very importance. You must fortitude on your mind which is related to maturity levels.
  8. there no endings whether end up in bitter or sweet..you can learns to give yourself a compassion first..honestly..just do something what makes you happy rather than you made them happy or they made you happy. if anything that you cant solving the problem and end up you got hurts...as i told you there never endings to forgive them...you'll be feeling better just forgive yourself because why? you only the one who can understand who are you and what you are...if still continues until cannot bear with it anymore? just cry and again just whisper yourself i am sorry that i cant be useful to others and made other doesn't liked you please forgive me ^^.. please dropping by at here if have any you want to share.. thank you very much
  9. hi there just be strong and lived up by yourself.. i know you are trying so hard to forgave them who is against you and you are just do not wishes to have hurts feeling when your thought is rewind of your past and even now..please ensure that you must forgive yourself instead of them because they are not come at you to apologized after they had done to you, am i right? please accept yourself and embrace it and feel your pain internally and externally with grasp of your both hands and used your mind to empower and deal with it..please do not give up..whatever obstacles you may facing just feel inside of you and whisper yourself - please forgive me that i am have to enduring the pain....i am used to do all the times whenever or any situations i am just to forgive myself that i am placed on a wrong time and situation. please do your best!!!!
  10. Just be yourself and dont ever give up your self...do your best and fortitude your own strength to deal and be proud of yourself. Please have a nice day! and good luck in everything.
  11. i do hope awareness are the primarily for everyones especially for those victims who fall under predators liked to be harassing and threatening..i am totally feeled sorry for amanda todd. still i am can sensed is not logically and consciously unfair for her to leave on this world. This is too inhumane!
  12. Be Strong! awhile i am here, i'll trying to support you all to be strong and do not worry whether they are intended to falsing you internally or externally either knows you personally but back stabbing all the times in front of you publicly.... Wish you have a nice christmas day and new year are coming soon too. Smiled often and lived contently.. :)
  13. happiness is the key to pluck out clouds and turbulences minds

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