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  1. thank you all ! =) i dont even know what to say most days..even when some one try's to call me 50% of the time i dont pick it up because i just dont feel like talking.. i just dunno whats wrong with me..well i do but there's nothn i can really do. see when my X left me with my son to go to another stae to live near her mum for support i still loved her very much..i didnt see her in 2 years till she came to visit around 2 months ago with my son for 2 weeks in this time i wasnt depressed really at all!! after they left again everything went down hill again.. i kept talkn to her she says she loves me but doesnt show it.. like she never says i miss you or anything like that just "i love you" and thats it! i have stopped talking to her because of this and i have explaied it to her why i have stopped talkn. we even made plans for me to move there..but i really feel that she doesnt truly love me. i dont want to turn this thread into a realtionship problem but yer thats how things are atm.
  2. Hello my name is Richard thought id start this thread for those wanting to make friends.. being loney sux! it takes part in deprssion as i know and im sure most of you know also.. This might be due to not having friends in genaral , im going to hoenst and i dont have any friends really. yes on my facebook but no one talks to me because i have kept my distance due to depression with my family leavn. i dont choose not to talk to them its just i never felt like it and they just dont understand there to busy doing there own thing and gettn on with there own lives. now its been like that for a long time now which has made me a loner if u would to call it. im 31 years old live in Perth Western Australia , just wondering if anyone was in the same boat? it would be cool to meet some new people , just to have a barby.. sumthing like that i guess the normal stuff people do with friends. i guess i miss it. =/
  3. thanks guy's! well i have some good news.. i get to keep my rabbit see the problem was her destroying stuff but now ive made a big enough space for her in the garage , i just have to open the roller door for her to get sunlight.
  4. hi guys im new here. 2 years ago my partner left the state with my son,,i havnt seen them since, i was a little depressed before that even happened but now ive noticed it getting worse slowly. the only thing i have left from my partner and son is our pet rabbit which now i also have to get rid off because of damage its causing in a new house i had to move in after waiting a year and a half for her to come back but didnt happen. im finding a little hard but i know when the rabbits gone than ill have nothing really and im scared of not having anyone or pet i can cuddle i guess. im not very close to my dad and i see my mum once a week. i dont have many friends at all because i was always used to just hang around my partner for 8 years and was comfortable doing so. im now living in a new place with my mate and his partner , im finding it hard at home i stay in my room alot.. i guess ive come here to maybe get some advise or something..
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