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  1. I’m sorry that I’m just now seeing your post, but I hope you’re feeling better! It can definitely be tough to see others happily coupled up when you’re feeling lonely yourself.
  2. That is so great to hear that your second meeting with him was better than the first and that you were able to have a genuine conversation with him.
  3. Hey there, I can understand how meeting him and talking to him may have been a bit of a letdown or reality check. I’ve met my CO 5-6 times, and most of those times happened last year. Despite that, I’m pretty sure he has no idea who I am and won’t recognize me the next time we meet. lol On one occasion, I had the opportunity to speak to him without feeling rushed because there weren’t many other fans around and he was friendly, but I did get the feeling that he was maybe a bit tired/bored. He’s also said in interviews that he’s socially awkward and not really into making small talk with people in general. So I didn’t really take it personally and I still love him, but I can understand what you mean when you said that you felt like just another fan to him. Do you still feel that way now that you’ve had more time to reflect on your meeting with him?
  4. My advice would be that if you believe that your fascination with this new person may lead to emotional distress or other negative outcomes, and you’re saying that you’re now at the point where you can stop it before it goes that far….then I would advise you to stop. Not that I’m qualified to give any advice on HOW to stop because I still have COs. I actually had the pleasure of meeting one of my COs recently and it was the highlight of my year! So I can’t stop, won’t stop. But I do wish everyone well whether you’re still posting here or just lurking occasionally. Also to those who have gone away forever and will never read this, I hope you’re ok out there too!
  5. Hey there! I have so many favorite bands that I’m not even sure who you’re talking about at this point, so no harm done. You can just shoot me a message if you would like to get more specific about your CO and which band he may have worked with. I don’t think you’ve missed much since this thread has been pretty quiet. I have CO-related topics to discuss, but don’t want to feel like I’m talking to myself with all the crickets chirping around here.
  6. Yeah, I know the feeling because I've thought that too! My CO met his wife years before I ever knew who he was, so clearly she got there first! They're kind of a cute couple even though I don't like to admit it. He's always talking about how important she is to him.
  7. Not to dismiss your concerns, but s/he would be a VERY inexperienced therapist if this is the craziest thing that they’ve ever heard! Nothing that you wrote sounds weird to me. Insecurity about our bodies is extremely common whether there is a CO involved or not. I don’t even think my CO’s wife is that attractive but she’s a lot skinnier than I am, and I’d trade looks with her in a second if it means that I could get his attention.
  8. The season is already in progress, but you can always catch reruns! I’m trying to narrow down the locations for the fantasy suite dates right now. I think it’s going to be Montana, Las Vegas, and Hawaii. But glad you can relate. I don’t plan to eliminate any of my COs. I like having multiples! But for some reason, my mind still wants to always be able to definitively say which one of them is (currently) in the #1 spot. I don’t know why. I’m just weird! But I can understand wanting to choose just one if you have multiples in the same band. That’s happened to me before quite a few times and they were also brothers.
  9. I’m just checking in to say hi to everyone and that I hope everyone is doing well for the most part. I currently have three COs. More than that really, but at least three. I’ve been entertaining myself by playing “Fantasy Bachelorette” in my head where I imagine that I’m on the show “The Bachelorette” and I have to choose between all of my COs. I run through the whole show in my head from the moment they step out of the limo, the rose ceremonies, the hometown visits...all of it. I haven’t gotten to the end yet to pick the “winner” because I’m not ready for the show to be over, but I think I know who I’m choosing in the end. It’s sad that I’ll have to break my other COs’ hearts though. Anyway, I REALLY hope that I’m not the only one who does this bachelorette fantasy thing...
  10. So you had a dream about a former CO which has now renewed your interest in him a bit? Or you’re just questioning why you had the emotional reaction that you felt in the dream? It’s easy to get caught up in a dream because it feels so real when it’s happening. You could have a dream that you’re in a romantic situation with someone who you never even thought about in that way, but the dream might lead you to see the person in a new light. But yes, it’s been way too quiet here so hopefully that means that everyone is healthy and as happy as can be under the current circumstances. I’ve been well. I’ve had the opportunity to communicate with other fans of my current CO and they seem equally obsessed if not more obsessed with him, so I definitely don’t feel alone. Of course most of them are a lot younger than me, so I’m more understanding of their fangirl behavior than my own. But it is what it is and I have to have SOME kind of entertainment during this pandemic situation!
  11. It’s perfectly ok to gush sometimes! Sadly my CO doesn’t really post anything on social media, so I’ve mostly just been fangirling over his pics on Tumblr. I feel like he’s the cutest thing ever and the greatest thing since sliced bread even though I know I’ve said the same exact thing about my past COs. Oh well... I meant it when I said it!
  12. Glad to see a few new posts here. I hope everyone is doing well (or at least as well as you can be considering all that’s going on). I still have a CO who I’m very much obsessed with, and I’m ok with that. If not for him, I wouldn’t have very many happy thoughts to focus on these days. Since my CO is a musician, of course I long for all of this to be over even more so that touring can start again and I can go see him. Stay safe everyone and try to check in from time to time to let us know how you’re doing.
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