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  1. i just feel lost and confused ....i feel anxious and im trying to explain it to some people and they don't get it at all ..it seems like im always the one who is weak and can't handle this stuff.
  2. true... when i tell some people they get it, and others just look at me like i'm a weirdo, like i am making things up, especially when i was younger and stuff, i used to have people say mean things when mental illness was seeing as a weakness. im sorry to everyone who has felt such bad pain or response from family, friends, etc..
  3. Why dont people believe how painful this illness is??
  4. I wonder if they are making any new SNRI........that's the only thing that worked for me
  5. it was one of the few that didn't bother me when i was on it for a little while... i hope it works for you
  6. i know people can be fake...i've had a bunch of people i met in groups/hospitals who were like "oh call me, here's my number" and i recently tried to call and they ignored me ...so
  7. im hanging in because i am looking into those as well...lets hope for the best for everyone struggling with this..and any other illness..
  8. im sad that everything i've tried and nothing works.
  9. hanging in there...i had no energy and was very sleepy from this illness. hope everyone is OKAY and well!
  10. how is everyone?? i was away because i was really sick ..
  11. look at research studies?? not sure where you live but they do some ...i dont have any experience with it..
  12. I hope so because it's already on the top 5 disabilities in the USA ....and will get to #1 they suspect in the next decade...so I hope they figure something out..
  13. you are not a loser... let them say and think what they want ....F*** them
  14. Does anyone have any hope that someday things will get better? I think after so many decades I've lost it all..
  15. I consider myself pretty confident, not always, because I dont consider myself perfect. however, i have an illness that is chronic, that has destroyed my life. i have a lot of feelings for this person, and i think they deserve the best. with my illness i could never give that to them. my life is just a constant misery...because i can't get relief from this illness, and i would never want to make another person deal with this ..otherwise trust me if i had some relief, i would go tell them
  16. Got to love depression, I slept for like over 12 hours...maybe 13 ? non-stop and now I just want to go back to bed ..nothing exciting in this world.. i hope you guys are doing okay
  17. i never will. they would never consider me , with my illness.
  18. i can't stop thinking about this person and yeah i dont know what to do ?
  19. good one! i wish i could do that, but nothing excites me anymore
  20. i have an appointment with my therapist, and i dont even want to go ..
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