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  1. In my personal experience "the medications" i don't think of as magic cure, but they certainly made me feel better when I took them and they worked. . Only a few worked for a few years..the rest never worked, and I've tried a lot..When they worked I was able to live a better life. It was not perfect 100%, but it was way better than it is now. I was happier, less anxious & stressed, I had less physical and mental side effects that this illness brings on, I had friends, I would go out, could go things that I enjoyed....I'd give anything for a medication/therapy to work, but nothing ever works. However, when I took medications that worked, I still had my bad days, but they were NOT as bad as the ones I had when I was not on the medications.. Now I isolate, stay home, gave up pretty much on life. You can try other things that will help you , many people try therapy, religion/beliefs, medical marijuana, vitamins, sun light therapy, exercise, support groups, hobbies/interests whatever helps you get by, and feel better. You can also look into ECT, TMS, , Ketamine, and i know you don't want to try more medications, but if you do , you can ask your doctor, there's a test GeneSight that supposedly tells people which medications will work the best for them. I totally agree with the side effects, they can get very annoying, and that is why many people stop taking the medications or can't even take them to begin with.
  2. And does anyone think 2021 will bring any new medications or anything new to help with depression or anxiety?? I highly doubt it . I did a quick research online but the mainly talk about Ketamine/spravato.. which I think you have to pay out of pocket and it can get very expensive..so we continue to suffer...One day at a time...that's all I can do ..
  3. true, to each his own ..i won't judge anyone if they feel that's their only solution, no one knows how much each person has suffered and tried.....many people end up doing that to prove the case because society is very far behind in these beliefs...even doctors who aren't in the psychology field don't believe this illness is real..that says a lot about how behind we are ...while I wish that more support and help existed for this illness, and people could find the help they need to survive and have a more productive life than they do now (since only 30% of people find relief from medications) I don't wish anyone to end up having to do that to prove how much pain they are in, but like i said, i can't and i won't judge..
  4. we all suffer, ...but yeah but with visible illnesses, people will say things like "oh poor him or her " with mental illness many times people will laugh or think you are weak, etc.. and they still do , even some doctors don't buy depression is real ..
  5. no one forces us to live that lifestyle though .. i dont think it's a cause of my anxiety or depression.....i don't follow social standards or norms..I do whatever I want in terms of survival, I don't care if people look at me differently or think I am weird. I won't change to fit in with the social standards.. To each his own..It's one thing to have a house, and basic survival needs, but after that people must learn "to each his own" mentality, whatever makes you happy, if not , you dont need to follow the path society brainwashes us with
  6. without the medication, i can't lead a normal life...or anything close to it...i only ever felt normal when they worked for a few months.....and i am trying to live without them, but it's very hard, and painful.....science isn't going to find anything for me, i gave up that hope a long time ago ..
  7. Considering this illness is in the top 10 list of disabilities in the USA , what is the medical field doing for us? Nothing. I can't even describe how hurt and betrayed I feel that no one does anything for us to figure out how to help us so we can have a productive life.
  8. im not going to judge anyone because no one has the right to do that. i've been hearing "be patient, you are young, medical field is constantly coming out with new research" for decades, and i've been robbed of my life due to this illness..and no doctor can tell me they understand what i've been through because they haven't. everyone has their limits, and i know at some point i'll reach mine where i will not care about survival any more, i know i will slowly head there someday..some days are worse than others, but there's only so much a person can take of this misery.
  9. yeah the sad thing is that i think you are mostly right. very few care, and yeah some might have experienced certain things but i'm not sure if it has been to the extend of what our life has been like..i wonder why i keep bothering and trying..
  10. sometimes i wonder if CBT (therapy ) is a waste.....how can someone sit and listen to me for 45 minutes and tell me they get me, when they have not experienced any of the stuff that i have? that's such hypocrisy, ...i can understand people on this forum and relate to them because i've struggled with this all my life, but a therapist,? a doctor? unless they lived it , or experienced how can they tell us they get it?? sometimes i wonder why i am hanging on and hoping that something will change when it has not in decades..
  11. this week has not been going that well for me...too much stress.....i am hoping i can do something this weekend, not much to do though ..maybe try to order my favorite food and try to enjoy that..
  12. what else has helped you ?? because meds do nothing for me either...and i try to exercise but it's very hard right now with covid and everything being pretty much isolated at home..
  13. guys no one is weird.....or normal.......that's just dumb social standards that they make us believe......everyone is unique in their own way...no one is perfect...everyone has their good and bad qualities...that's the way i see it..i'm good at certain things and terrible at others..i dont wan't to be normal because i dont think such a thing as normal exists...it's just dumb engraved things that society makes us believe from a young age...and then we feel "weird"... you guys are all fine to me and im lucky to have found this forum and everyone here..
  14. sorry everyone i have not been feeling good lately, but i just wanted to say (even though I'm late a few days..) that I hope 2021 is better than last year, and we can continue to help each other and support each other through this difficult illness..
  15. it's not over for us...none of us..we have each other and we have to stick together..and get through this illness together
  16. Yes anxiety and depression have destroyed my body. I dont have the energy I used to have when I did, when I felt better. There are so many side effects that it can have to your body, it depends on people and their bodies, but some are from anxiety : stomach pain, nausea, or digestive trouble. headache. insomnia or other sleep issues (waking up frequently, for example) weakness or fatigue. rapid breathing or shortness of breath. pounding heart or increased heart rate. sweating. trembling or shaking.
  17. i wish i could go somewhere warm anywhere, i need a break from the mask, and covid it's making me so tired..and annoyed...i hope this ends soon
  18. I hope it gets more and more attention because it's real...and I am so tired of the stigma, and being criticized and looked down upon my whole life.
  19. Exactly, the struggle is real, but they don't see it. No matter how much it hurts me, I never wish it on any of them, even those who have been saying all my life "stop being weak, psychology is a joke," and all that .. you don't want to deal with this illness it's not fun at all..or easy on anyone..
  20. i don't wish it on anyone. ..i've had many doctors in other fields who don't specialize in psychology, think it's a joke.....including people, family members, co-workers, etc...it's so sad how the people think
  21. Does anyone on here work while receiving SSDI? If so I'd like to hear some stories, ideas..
  22. my life was robbed from this illness. its very unfair to feel this way, i don't wish it on ANYONE
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