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  1. does ashwaganda work for you? i dont think i ever tred but i was just curious. how much do you take? i took effexor (Venlafaxine) years ago and it worked for like 2 years, so i might ask the doctor it's been over 10 years maybe if it will help again i dont know.
  2. truthfully, i dont want anything but my health, i don't care for anything else, but there's no buying that. i suppose if i did have extra money i'd like to travel and visit some different areas, it's always nice to explore and see different things..
  3. it depends on your mood I suppose. sometimes i don't mind being alone, but sometimes it's not the easiest thing being alone, you want company, but with this illness its hard to keep friends by your side..
  4. i feel so alone, no one understands this illness unless they've gone through it..people are so judgemental and i want some relief, but there isn't any for me. i don't understand why life had to be so painful
  5. that too it's so annoying at a young age...
  6. what other physical symptoms do you guys get from anxiety?? hair loss is a big one it drives me nuts..
  7. It stinks but the anxiety has slowed down a bit which is nice...sometimes I drink energy drinks (my friend suggested that to me) because it helps a bit.. Has anyone ever taken this medication for anxiety or depression?? I read online that even though it's an anti-psychotic many times doctors give it to people with anxiety and depression and it has helped.. My experience so far is that it kicked in pretty fast..i mean like in 2 weeks I could tell I had less anxiety, but the drowsiness is the side effect that's bothering me, still it has not been over 2 months yet, so I am trying to be optimistic and hopeful because my doctor said to wait......if anyone has any experience with it please feel free to write...i'd really appreciate it..
  8. sad at the way things turned out for me...but learning to accept them..
  9. a bit unhappy with reality...and the way things have turned out for my life...
  10. I know but the drowsiness it can get really annoying, i mean how do you function, does it ever go away?
  11. im sorry people treated you badly. my friend worked at McDonalds and it was tough work, and he said the same, that people don't respect you and treat you like you are nothing. I've done customer service so I can relate. But don't let people define who you are. I know plenty of people who work in customer service and some others who own their own restaurants (some of which are very wealth and never even went to college) so I'm telling you be confident in yourself dont let others define you. The fact that they treated you poorly, shows the type of people they are.. For a while I worked as a janitor too so my parents always told me to respect every job in this planet.., and I'm sure people looked down on me but I didn't care, it paid the bills. If you want to get into the science world, don't allow anxiety to get to you, go after your goals and dreams...
  12. I know a few of them, and they were scared, and stressed. I agree with you every job is important, and those who can't see that, have problems with themselves, and acceptance in my personal opinion..
  13. its an important job, pushing carts., every job is important....don't forget that people who worked at the grocery store during the pandemic how important their roles were...without them we would have no food in our houses... I don't understand why certain people look down on people who work in that job...they obviously have self-esteem issues or something..
  14. man how long does it typically take for side effects to go away? this drug is somewhat helping but the tiredness/drowsiness is annoying..
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