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  1. tired, and i feel alone. there's no sense in this/my life
  2. i don't really care for anything anymore....what a waste of time this life is..
  3. doing ok,...a little more alive since things are slowly opening up ...this isolation had me going very anxious and scared not being able to see my friends or go out ...now that things are slowly opening up it feels weird, but in a nice way....hopefully things get better soon..the very few friends i have i still haven't seen because some are afraid of going out.. i hope everyone is doing well
  4. we are all very proud and happy for you !!!!
  5. i've never been more confused and lost in my lifetime as i am right now... im sorry..
  6. im sorry i feel the same way you do
  7. im starting to think it's way too late for me again .
  8. really feeling very discouraged with all the things going on in the world...why do i even want to bother to go on?
  9. I went for a walk, it was nice .. the smell of nature calms me down ....i hope it helps me sleep better tonight than usual..
  10. I find it so hard sometimes not to compare, but honestly that's the worst thing we can do to ourselves ...I admit I do it too sometimes and it gets me so mad, because others have accomplished far more than I have , and i have not because my illness kept me back, but i have to remember everyone has their struggles. surely, health struggles are the worst in my experience, but no one knows what people go through on a daily basis in their houses..many people pretend to be happy, but they are not ..
  11. yeah this has been a very tough year for many people... it would be nice to see some hope that is for sure !!! i am sorry for that person , i hope they are better..
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