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  1. ladysmurf

    How Do You Feel Right Now #6

    I will never understand why life had to be so cruel, and not give me a break after so many years of feeling this way. That's why I keep saying the whole universe is against me.
  2. ladysmurf

    Sick of feeling like nothing makes me happy

    im really sorry you feel that way. so do I . sometimes certain medications can make you feel that way. did you notice that when you started any of them? maybe a change from one of them can help you feel better? definitely talk to your doctor about it (don't change things on your own)
  3. ladysmurf

    How Do You Feel Right Now #6

    why do I even bother
  4. did you try tricyclic antidepressants ?? they are given too although most doctors nowadays stick with SSRI's and SNRI... i really think it varies for each person, i never had sexual side effects on SNRI's but with SSRI's I did.... or atypical antidepressants (like wellbutrin is known not to have sexual side effects)
  5. ladysmurf

    Childless Not By Choice and Grief

    A friend of mine wanted kids. It was her dream, but she couldn't carry to full term, and kept loosing the babies. It was a very difficult situation because her husband asked for a divorce (it was important to him to have children too) and she ended up falling into deep depression and even alcohol to get over it. Eventually she went to a support group and she told me that helped, but there are times when she cries and can't get over it because it was truly a dream of hers to have a bunch of kids and family. She moved on, is in a new relationship, and is in her late 30s. My neighbor had her son at 42, (50 years ago which was rare for most women back then) so you never know what could happen, especially today medicine is always changing. I know she described the importance of her having a child and caring it to full term as very important to her (which I can't relate to honestly, I don't think it applies to all women) so I was afraid to tell her about adoption or a surrogate because I wouldn't know how she would react, but years later I did. As of yet she does not want to adopt or use a surrogate, I assume because she wants to experience the whole 9 months pregnancy and all that. She is still young considering women have babies in their 40s and medicine changes so I hope she gets to live her dream. I hope it works for the best for all of you dealing with such issues.
  6. I get what you are saying, the very few friends I had in high school all have kids and are married ..and so are the majority of the people around my age..so it's hard for me to relate to talk to my friends who have kids because I have no clue what to say. I don't understand them, and we've even lost touch and aren't as close anymore because of that, which is understandable..but that does not mean that all those adults who have kids and a spouse are happily married. I have met many people in unhappy marriages who remained for years, and still are. I have also met others who got married because their parents wanted them to, so they could pass on family businesses and stuff like that.
  7. ladysmurf

    How Do You Feel Right Now #6

    Like life, the universe.....they all hate me...
  8. ladysmurf

    Mental Health & Work/Career Thread

    Certain people are VERY fast to judge when they hear mental illness. In the past I had a few co-workers who always gossiped about me, but I had a few who stood by me and supported me. (my anxiety was obvious).. The ironic thing is that people we are taught from a young age to trust doctors, teachers, cops, (some religious figures for some) (just a small list) which some have all committed sexual abuse and certain crimes towards adults and kids. If we get judged and possibly turned away from jobs once they hear we are suffering from such things, because we had the courage to get help, why isn't it mandatory for all to get some kind of psychological test before they get the job, and then periodically every 5-7 years or something like that? (determined by specialists) A lot can happen in those 5-7 years. Why are we the only ones who get targeted from the start? In my opinion, this is yet another reason why people who NEED help do not seek out to get help because they don't want to risk people finding out and them not having a chance at their dream career/job.
  9. ladysmurf

    How Do You Feel Right Now #6

    I know. I hear you JD. I know it's dumb what I'm doing, but after so many years of struggling, and no solutions. Once in a while when I have a bad day I drink so I can pass out and sleep. So I don't have to feel or think or anything..
  10. ladysmurf

    How Do You Feel Right Now #6

    Im sorry. that's how I feel. and I think I'm headed down that path...my drinks become more and more frequent....
  11. ladysmurf

    How Do You Feel Right Now #6

    At this point I want to go to bed and never wake up. Even when I sleep I get nightmares so that's not helpful. Therapy seems like a waste. And I don't want to do anything but lie in bed for the rest of my life...I want to quit therapy and everything...Nothing helps and everything is useless. I feel really bad for those who have it as bad as me, and for all of us in general dealing with this. Very cruel and inhumane..
  12. ladysmurf

    Nothing to look forward to

    Same here!! ..I'm sorry for both of you, and all of us who suffer like this. I have nothing to look forward to either. Nothing makes me happy anymore....
  13. ladysmurf

    How Do You Feel Right Now #6

    I woke up with panic and anxiety. Worst feeling ever!!!!!
  14. ladysmurf

    How Do You Feel Right Now #6

    I am so tired of doctors, therapists, and people in this field who keep telling me to hang in there. Lets switch places and see how you like it.
  15. ladysmurf

    anger control

    I dont know how to handle it. I've noticed a few times when I drive I do get p***** off easily ..In the past I've broken stuff...and now sadly I'm resulting into alcohol....