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  1. no the good ones are the reason why I'm still here (alive)... and was able to change my life from isolating years from reality and people to getting out of the house slowly..and getting a little better by volunteering and meeting up with old friends for lunch/dinner....but now with the limitations because of the virus i am trying to be patient as we all are..so i can go eventually return slowly to my somewhat normal life that does not involve isolating and living in my house. i even thought about going back to work/school.. everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I certainly met doctors and nurses in the field who were rude, ignorant and scared me, but I met good ones as well. Like I said good and bad exist in all careers...but i don't want this to turn into a fight between any of us on here, so i won't reply about this matter again.
  2. anxious, my nightmares had stopped for a while, now they are back, and i'm terrified waking up ..i dont even want to sleep these past few nights...oh well.. hope everyone is hanging in there..
  3. i didn't say you are a pessimist.. i am sure from the way you speak of your mother that she was a great nurse. I've met some good nurses, and some who i was terrified of when i was in the hospital. and i've also met therapists and doctors who gave me hope and tried to help me when others just wanted money, and wasted my time.. the people you are talking about ...at least they were proud and loved their job even if it cost them certain things like losing their minds or retiring early, ..you still talk about them with lots of passion, respect, (they are heroes and examples to us) so i am sure if they had to do it over again they would have done the same, and not choose a different lifestyle.. because they showed people like you and me, that good people do exist, as well as bad ones in every field..
  4. i won't argue with you..your entitled to your opinion, so i respect that...but there's good and bad in every occupation , don't forget that....
  5. don't label them all as bad sober. I've met some good ones , and I've met some really bad ones who only care for money....
  6. guys i can't post the URL, but the organization NAMI has ways to deal with the whole coronavirus and ways to escape and deal with anxiety etc...you can check out their website. it might be helpful .. Find Things to Do/Distractions Activities that distract you from current events can be helpful. Here are a few ideas: Household chores, such as spring cleaning, will give you a sense of purpose and accomplishment when completed. Free online university courses and courses through cousera, such as Yale University’s most popular class ever: The Science of Well-Being. They offer a great learning opportunity. Movies are moving from theaters to online. Netflix is also a good option. TV programming has expanded during the crisis, particularly through streaming services like Netflix. You can also currently stream the Met Opera for free. The NFL and NBA are also offering complementary access to online streaming platforms. Virtual parishes, which the Pope and other faith leaders are offering, can help maintain religious connections.
  7. i don't think i can post a link , so ..try to google "exercises at home" and YouTube and other websites will show up. also not sure if you are into reading books online or magazines, many things on amazon and some libraries have free books you can download to meditate, relax, and help with anxiety, and exercise books if you need. is there anything you have been interesting in doing? but never had the time? (as far as a hobby or exercise?) you can probably try Udemy too they have very cheap courses , i have been thinking of taking one now so I keep myself busy at home. I've been listening to music, doing some basic exercises that i found on those websites, and reading books.
  8. my BP, my nightmares, all my anxiety is high .....
  9. i know but when you have anxiety and OCD, ..all this is causing so much anxiety, and my BP is so high , I can't calm down sometimes..
  10. VERY ANXIOUS!! my friend was crying she has anxiety like me and is very anxious. i was trying to be supportive, i hope i was. I am having panic attacks because i'm anxious too about what in the world is going on , and i can't leave the house to go anywhere anymore. i hope everyone stays safe !
  11. i'm sure it has some type of meaning for you ...
  12. I'm not sure how things work in every country. Every country has different rules, and I have extreme anxiety that I usually have my family/friends handle my medical and everything because I can't find any relief from stress..
  13. I didn't buy any masks or gloves. I don't think they would make a different honestly. I am just trying to keep myself calm by reading and listening to music. The places I used to visit and hang out are pretty much closed, so I can't really go out , except for a walk. I admit my anxiety is a bit higher than usual, because I am stuck at home, thinking the worse case scenarios (which is why I limit my time listening to the radio and TV about this stuff, they are making people very anxious, and some websites are fake, be careful of those guys, and will post anything)...... I am not afraid about me, honestly, all my life has been a disaster thanks to this illness. I am more terrified/anxious about the people I love my family and friends who are in the age group and have chronic immune problems that might catch this virus and not make it. I already know my future, and judging from the past it's not the best...but I wouldn't want anything to happen to my the people I care about or anyone out there for that matter, but things happens...we don't have much control over it.(all they told us is to wash/sanitize , and pretty much stay home and not have large gatherings).. the more we stress, the more it makes it worse. I just wash and sanitize like I normally do I haven't changed my lifestyle over this , aside for the fact that we can't go anywhere in public, nothing is open. I will say that many people I have talked to are stressed about their finances and jobs, which worries them a lot, ..all the bills/rent/mortgage/etc.. Lets hope for the best..
  14. the stuff going on isn't helping me at all. i was on a routine doing better, and now im back to nightmares and stuck at home.....i dont even know how to remain calm.
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