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  1. there is some good left in this world, it just really hard to find!! look i know our lives aren't what we thought they would be , but im happy i can have you guys who relate to me and give me advice and support. i have my bad and good days, but i can count on people like you guys, so that's good for me..
  2. I am sorry you feel that way. I agree that certain things we post do not help us, but they might help others who are struggling and for me that means something. If even 1 of my posts has managed to help an individual feel better, find hope, see life from another perspective, anything, I am happy and thankful for that. I'm not perfect, and I'm struggling but you guys are the people I turn to because the world out there is not understanding like you guys are
  3. you make a difference for me and many others on here...please dont think like that.
  4. I am sure everything will go well !!!
  5. There's nothing wrong with you , there was nothing wrong with him either. He was always nice to me , at first it was hi and bye, but after a few months as I volunteered there more and I saw things about him, the way he acted , his body language, etc, and the way he spoke and things he would say, I realized that it was very similar to mine. He was good at his job, no one made complaints about that, he just didn't like to socialize with others from the place, we can't all fit in. Personally, I don't see anything wrong with it, because I've always had a pretty small circle of people I trust and very few friends. Even in the past when I worked and went to school, it took me a while to open up to people and trust people, because people have treated me poorly in the past, so I don't trust easily. I had like 2 close friends at work, and the rest I would say Hi, bye, how are you, the typical/general stuff, (talk about weather or stuff like that) Don't be so hard on yourself, maybe the people you work with are not the right ones for you to associate with.
  6. People don't see this illness because it's not as visible as other illnesses, especially physical ones. But if you notice others who struggle with similar issues we do, you can sometimes notice certain things in them. for example, when i used to volunteer years ago.. there was a guy who worked there and he was not much of a talker, and just kept to himself, eventually after a while we used to say hi or bye, and i realized he had similar ways of acting like I do regarding social anxiety. he acted the same exact ways I did as far as anxiety was concerned, but given he was a male and society usually tells guys to be strong and tough, he never really spoke about it, but i could tell from his body language and the way he worked, and talked to me and others, that he had tremendous social anxiety. I would also hear people who worked with him talk about how he is not much of a talker, or outgoing or does anything when they decide to go out, etc..and they thought it was strange, but to me he was always nice , and I could tell from the way he acted , it was like looking at myself in the mirror, regarding social anxiety. I just think he was hiding it, so society does not judge him and he had to provide for his family so it's not as easy for a guy to talk about this stuff as it is for a lady.. I hope that someday soon people will be able to have some type of relief from all this..it's very tiring and annoying.
  7. I meant anything work for this illness..I am so tired of feeling this way..
  8. I wish I could feel happy. Those times lasted a short period.....I wish something would work so I could live a more productive life ..when will everything work for this illness? Are we supposed to live like this forever?
  9. My doctor mentioned this to me the other day as a possible suggestion...I'm just curious if anyone has had any help with it..
  10. im so sorry, your story sounds just like mine..i am pretty much in the same situation as you. i have horrible anxiety and everything has failed..i have terrible anhedonia, and i dont like being at the hospital, i can't deal with it.
  11. I'm sure if you keep searching for a good group you will find a good one or at least people who can understand you.
  12. You are not completely alone because you have us. You can reach out to people in your area in support groups who are in a similar position as you. Many of us dealing with this illness feel alone because doctors are not that helpful to us, but meeting people who go through this on a daily basis might give you support, and strength to continue to live your life and feel better.
  13. I'm sorry for the things you had to go through. Personally I agree that it's each persons decision because it's their life, and if you are suffering and struggling, and no longer wish to stay here, it should be your decision only. But insurance companies and hospitals, doctors, etc.. make tons of money by not allowing this to happen so that's pretty much your answer right there. Also religion and science/medical field should not be mixed in such a decision, yet sadly they are. Like many in ancient Greece, Socrates viewed death as nothing to be afraid of and even a virtue — a blessing. The culture that gave birth to this strange philosopher shared his views more often than not, and ancient Greece had extremely liberal feelings about euthanasia. Assisted suicide and euthanasia were practiced in ancient Greece quite often, and doctors were actually charged with both tasks — to treat and to **** their patients when necessary, which was just seen as a necessary transition into a different sort of wellness for the patient — the wellness of death. The famed physician of ancient Greece, Hippocrates, separated these functions of ******* and healing with the famed Hippocratic Oath, an ethics code which physicians took and swore never to do harm to anyone. The Hippocratic Oath that doctors of old took had them swear to the gods that they wouldn’t give a patient poison, even if the patient asks for the poison. The views about assisted suicide were likewise very liberal in Rome, the mighty empire that was the marvel of the ancient world, at least up until the adoption of Christianity by Emperor Constantine, though euthanasia was outright legal. The Hippocratic Oath had made doctors swear they wouldn’t do any harm to a patient, such as ******* them or helping them **** themselves, though even in ancient Greece, not many people actually abode by the oath, and Rome followed suit, and downright euthanasia was often practiced in secret.
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