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  1. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" (4)

    overwhelmed no purpose in this world for me......
  2. Has Depression Made You Look Older?

    yes because i have a hard time taking care of myself, and the stress /anxiety does not help either :(
  3. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" (4)

    i'm sick of life....misery day after day never ends..
  4. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" (4)

    So tired, numb, empty, lonely......I hope it ends soon
  5. Antidepressants and Thought of Death/Dying

    its better that you went to a primary in the past was clueless..glad you found a nice pdoc you like. certain medications can make you feel suicidal it has happened to me, i would call the pdoc and let him/her know if I was you .....sometimes it takes a while before you find the right medication...
  6. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" (4)

    i feel the same way
  7. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" (4)

    I don't want to a part of this world anymore either....too cruel and brutal....
  8. almost 2 years will I get better?

    did you try ect or tms? therapy can be beneficial for some, for me it didn't help much so I can relate...hopefully you will feel better soon.
  9. life philosophy for the depressed?

    I wish I could help, but I gave up a long time ago . I've been dealing with it for decades without any relief so my feelings and beliefs are pretty pessimistic. I really don't think there's a reason for me here having dealing with all this. The only thing that really keeps me holding on is my family, that's about it. But perhaps you can find meaning and hopefulness in other things you enjoy in your life that you are passionate about (it used to help me in the past, not anymore). Good luck
  10. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" (4)

    I barely have anyone left too. they go on with their lives, I'm the one who suffers. i will never get any relief from this illness....
  11. I think it varies with each person. I did read that some people were given topamax because it didn't increase their weight, but I really think it varies, because we all react differently. what did you end up doing?
  12. I'm glad it's working for you. You can also try Omega 3 some people benefit from it ..
  13. yeah I feel pretty much the way you feel. my OCD and anxiety are out of control , some days far worse than others. A sedative helps from time to time when I'm having a bad day, but that's about it.
  14. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" (4)

    Why do we even bother to go on in such a painful reality?