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  1. ladysmurf

    Nothing will work?

    you can look into TMS and ketamine as well as ECT ..
  2. ladysmurf

    It maybe time to walk away

    thats awesome!!! i'd do that Akido too if i had the energy!!!
  3. ladysmurf

    It maybe time to walk away

    yes I definitely agree. thats why i decided to live with my boyfriend/fiance before getting married and serious. when you live with someone (even studies say it sometimes its better you do that before you tie the knot..) you see such a different side of them. not that i am perfect (we all have our faults) but he changed and expected me to do everything around the house as the woman of the house, and with work, school, i couldn't deal with it. i started noticing things and i couldn't imagine myself spending the rest of my life with this person so i decided to end it.
  4. ladysmurf

    Cymbalta to Viibryd transition

    my new doctor suggested this to me, and i'm scared to try it because everything fails as usual.. how are you feeling on viibryd?
  5. ladysmurf

    It maybe time to walk away

    maybe life always getting in a way is another sign? i mean i don't want to judge ( i never dreamed of a big wedding, my family isn't that wealthy either..) i would have married my fiancee at the city hall but i realized we didn't match after living together..
  6. ladysmurf

    It maybe time to walk away

    I agree with others... If you feel like its time to move on and its bringing you down. I would move on. Plus the fact that you spent so much time engaged, not getting married, and just being together, maybe that's a sign? I guess if you feel that its time to move on, and she's stuck on children, and won't change her mind. maybe it's time to move on and like Mark said look outside Megan's circle
  7. ladysmurf


    yes it did make me want to eat more when i took it for a while, it helped for a while......but if its helpful and it works, maybe looking into gym or a a better diet or trainer at the gym?
  8. ladysmurf

    How Do You Feel Right Now #10

    sadly, that is how i feel. i'm sorry
  9. ladysmurf

    It maybe time to walk away

    It seems like you really care for Megan, and I admire the fact that you are standing by her side and her mothers side while they are going through such difficult changes. But in my opinion I know you love her, and she's your other half, but you need to be happy too. If there are things you can't and aren't willing to do to make her happy, she needs to realize that and accept it if you want to remain together. Otherwise the relationship will have problems, and a child is a big issue. Can you go to couples therapy ? or talk to someone there? or is that not an option..
  10. ladysmurf

    It maybe time to walk away

    im sorry i can understand the cats because they are animals, but children are a big issue. i don't think its fair that she is pushing you to consider if you know deep down you aren't that that type of person who does not want children. that's something you need to really think before you do, it's life changing.
  11. ladysmurf

    How Do You Feel Right Now #10

    i left my house for 2 hours...i pushed myself to go out....it was OK. i avoided eye contact , even with a guy who said hi to me..and i see him quite frequently... i know people deep down think i'm very b*tchy because of my anxiety. i tend to ignore people and walk fast and not talk ...and people think you are mean or rude, but only if they knew ...... i hate life as well.
  12. ladysmurf


    it knocked me out fast...how long have you been on it? seroquel is used i think for insomnia too..
  13. ladysmurf

    How Do You Feel Right Now #10

    what if there's no hope?