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  1. ladysmurf

    How Do You Feel Right Now #9

    MISERABLE! Days go by, and nothing changes. I feel useless and wish this nightmare would end. I never had a lot of friends due to my illness but the very few I had even the last one recently told me he and his wife are expecting twins. I admit I was happy for him and his wife, but I was also a bit jealous that my life stinks. This illness has not allowed me to live or do anything. For people like myself who can't get a break, or any type of relief from anything that the medical world has suggested/offered, you lose hope and you don't want to go on.
  2. don't be so hard on yourself. it has only been 2.5 months. it takes time to get used to a new city, never mind a new country!! you shouldn't be disappointed in yourself. you should be proud that you did something, that many people don't have the courage to do. A lot of people dream and have goals, and don't follow up on them.. only to regret it years later. I give you a lot of credit for following your dreams.. I would give yourself more time to adjust to the UK. Are there any groups online for other people expats living/moving in the UK? Perhaps that would be a way to meet friends and that will give you some hope..?? Some people adjust quicker than others, and others take more time. There's nothing wrong with that!!! if I was in your place I would try to give it a little more time. if you still feel that after a certain period of time you don't like the city, or can't afford to live there, can't you always return to Australia?
  3. ladysmurf

    How Do You Feel Right Now #9

    i don't eat that well because nothing tastes good... so my doctor told me i was anemic when i went for my physical. yay! other than that. i slept for like 10 hours or something but i still feel tired...i'm heading back to bed..
  4. ladysmurf

    How Do You Feel Right Now #9

    I feel more alone every day as well .. every day more and more and more....... :(
  5. ladysmurf

    How Do You Feel Right Now #8

    sundays are the worst for my anxiety !!
  6. ladysmurf

    How Do You Feel Right Now #8

    well a friend from my support group convinced me to try GABA. i've tried supplements before but they were not helpful. it was cheap like $12 so i said whatever. that's the only good thing thats happened so far today. i'm not expecting any miracles or anything . nothing seems to help, but i posted a topic if anyone has any experience feel free to share please!
  7. ladysmurf

    How Do You Feel Right Now #8

    now thats cool!
  8. Does anyone have any experience with it? as far as anxiety goes? I don't respond to medications and my co-worker suggested it , but in the past the vitamins I took did nothing. Just curious if anyone had any luck with it. I've read reviews online that it can help with OCD and anxiety. I'm just curious if anyone had any luck ..
  9. ladysmurf

    How Do You Feel Right Now #8

    very low
  10. ladysmurf

    Nightmares and more

    there are certain medications for nightmares, but talk to your doctor first. maybe he will switch the medication or give you other options. i get them all the time. they aren't fun
  11. Only education will help, or if one of those people who make fun of us, or don't believe in this illness have to deal with it some day or someone they love does, and they see the reality of it!! Decades ago when I was younger I went a priest for advice, and he didn't believe in depression & anxiety. He made fun of psychology, psychiatrists, and just said I needed God in my life. I never returned and walked away from religion, for that reason and others. I was not very fond of religion, I was just a lost child at the time, and the only place I thought I could turn to because the darkness of the depression had taken over my life and I was scared.
  12. ladysmurf

    Why do I need to accomplish my dreams?

    I think all of us know how you feel!! Mental illness can destroy and rob your life in MANY WAYS!! many of the things i wanted to do in life, and others that i speak to wont ever become reality because of the tremendous anxiety and depression that i have. It took me years to realize that it was unfair but that's life. I used to speak to a lady who had her MA in accounting and with her anxiety and depression, she decided it was too much (so did her doctor and husband) she couldn't deal with it, and quit decades ago and stayed home with her kids. She got a part-time job, she took care of her kids, and told me "It's not how I imagined my life but it could be worse" so I definitely understand you. It robbed me of many of my dreams, and it hurts just to think of it. But she also told me it could be worse. She told me she's thankful for working part-time, a chance that not all of us have, I and many others can't work at all. She tried to give me hope that someday things will change for me, but I highly doubt it. I'm sure it hurts her too that she can't work at the field she loved, but I also realized from her that it could be worse. She was right. She could have ended up like me, not being able to work at all. But I also think you are young, and you have tons of time ahead of you to truly think about what you want with your fiance.
  13. did it help? another person had posted a few months ago that it lasted for 4-6 weeks for her so it was worth, but others post it works for a few days so its not worth the money. she said she eventually found a medicine that worked for her so her doctor told her to stop it. i wish i knew what it felt like too . i have been trying to save up money, it's very expensive and i need thousands to afford it. insurance won't cover it at all as far as i know and you need initial trials from what people told me to do it so like they might do 3 a week or something? and then see how you progress. if anyone has any experience feel free to let us know..it's pretty much all i have left to try but money is the issue.
  14. ladysmurf

    How Do You Feel Right Now #8

    tell me about it. i feel so useless i cant work
  15. i don't think they do it every day. from what another person posted a few months ago they do it every 2-3 weeks or 4-5 weeks (that's how much it lasted for her) but for some people it lasts only for a few days and since insurance does not cover it yet..many people can't afford it..it varies for every person