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  1. Does anyone on here work while receiving SSDI? If so I'd like to hear some stories, ideas..
  2. my life was robbed from this illness. its very unfair to feel this way, i don't wish it on ANYONE
  3. sadly i feel the same way. im sorry
  4. breathing exercises are good duck! than the flowers 🙂 i hope you feel better
  5. I know I have said this before many many times, and I apologize, but I wonder if the day will come when I will be able to enjoy my favorite meal in this lifetime....
  6. interesting. yeah i guess it depends on the person ...some people enjoy the sun and others feel happy with rain and cold weather..regardless of the illness that we are fighting i guess everyone reacts different to each climate..
  7. i dont even know why i bother sometimes...it gets me nowhere
  8. i hope it helps you...let us know how it was..
  9. I am waiting to hear people's opinion about Ketamine but it's so expensive that many insurance companies will not cover it. Hopefully in a few years. Some people say it helps better than the medications, so lets hope in our lifetime we will find some relief. I hope so
  10. I've been feeling like that for years, and I know many others who feel the same way. I wonder if those who live in warmer climates feel it as much as we do? or it's better
  11. i agree, im no expert either, but the fact that she's working 65 hours a week, i mean that's mentally and physically exhausting. whats the reason behind the 65 hours? i know times are rough with covid and people are struggling, but maybe there's more there too..? i dont think i would have the energy as I did before to hang out with my fiance, friends, etc.... it's best if she wants to talk about it with a professional
  12. Anyone? or are way too far behind for our lifetime to figure out any type of support/relief for us ..?
  13. I wonder if anyone knows of anything new that will come next year in terms or therapy and or medications for depression/anxiety? I haven't tried ketamine yet, it's too expensive and insurance wont pay..
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