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  1. no one understands. i can't talk to anyone in my life..i feel so alone ..
  2. Atra, if i didn't love myself and try to heal myself, I wouldn't be here after so many decades of battling with my illness... but after a while this illness gets to you, and there's only so much a person can handle and take in...the system is corrupt and fails many of us...no one cares, aside from yourself, you are right about that. but we all have limits..that's all i'm saying.
  3. im just fed up......all these years, no solution, hardly any good changes....who wants this type of lifestyle.....i dont want this forever.....nor do i wish it on anyone.......
  4. It took me years to figure it out, but it's the truth......i'm a loser and all alone
  5. sorry I have not done TMS, but if you do let us know how it works out for you. you can google success rates of TMS stories...I got this information: TMS therapy sessions range from 30 to 36 treatments over a 6-9 week period, but when do patients start noticing a change? Because every patient is different, reaction to treatment can vary. Some patients may notice small changes after week 2 and others not until week 4 or 5. Best of luck if you decide to do it..
  6. having dealt with hospitals, doctors, and all that all my life. i agree... i think it's very hard to change the system and its far too late..
  7. it's too hard to change the system sober.. ..it's all about the money....i used to think people went into this field to save lives, that they truly loved and cared for what they did maybe 1-2 out of 20 do, the rest are in it for the money, doctors, nurses, etc..it's never going to change..
  8. Will I ever get some relief from this illness? or am I just wasting my life waiting for it.?
  9. im just saying most people get denied when they do it alone...so it would be easier to hire a lawyer to explain the process, etc..
  10. I don't want to live this nightmare forever.
  11. i dont know your situation , as far as finances, but look into it, and hire a lawyer...because it's not easy as they make it out to be...but i hope it works out well for you ..
  12. there's no hope...why do i even bother..year after year..
  13. I wonder if i will ever find any happiness..
  14. BUMP.. my doctor is talking to me about this for anxiety......so if I try it I'll keep you guys posted ...if anyone has any experience with it feel free to share.
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