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  1. scared that doctors can't figure out a way to help me...and i dont want to spend all my life feeling this miserable. it's not fair.but who ever said life was fair?
  2. i think it's better to take chances ....because later on you might regret it. i told a guy what i felt for him once and he obviously didn't feel the same ..(after our 3 dates)...At first i was sure him and his friends were laughing at me because i tried to reach out to him like 2-3 times, (called him, wrote him an e-mail) i even cried, but then i gave up. a few years later he tried to reach out to me but i didn't really care because i realized we were different and i didn't feel the same about him anymore.. but what i am trying to say is that if you have a chance with Casey and she knows your medical history , if i was in your place i would reach out to her if i really liked her. otherwise you might always wonder "what if.." dont worry about messing things up, just text her something simple..?? maybe if she wants to meet up and catch up or something?
  3. its just hard for me to have any hope ..I've lost so many things in my life, life stole so much from me, for so many decades, from my childhood, and it continues to do so....and i can't find happiness because there's no relief. doctors don't know what to do in my case that after a while i said it is what it is..nothing will ever change in my story..i accepted it , but i truly hope happiness for everyone suffering from this terrible illness and any illness. i dont wish this type of pain and suffering on anyone.
  4. i hope you find the happiness you deserve it, we all do, but life's weird and unfair....I've accepted my fate years ago..nothing will ever change that...but i hope for the rest of us suffering from mental illness and any type of illness happiness..
  5. not sure what BPD feels like but i gave up on finding someone.... because i don't feel good, nor will i ever. besides people freak out when you tell them you take pills for anxiety or depression. our society is way behind on these matters. i hope you do find someone if you think it will help..some days i like the idea of being alone and not having any responsibility because a relationship isn't easy, and other days i feel jealous when i see others i know in a relationship. but mine ended badly years ago , and i'm a bit terrified to trust a guy again...so being alone forever is something i have come to accept i guess..
  6. yeah some days i eat non-stop but usually i don't a lot..or barely...my doctors always tell me to try to eat, and all, but nothing tastes good.
  7. do you guys eat when you are depressed? i have to literally force myself to eat, because everything tastes horrible, i keep loosing weight, and my doctors/family worry about it.
  8. no don't say that. that's how i feel but i am still here, even though people have told me im so negative and i bring others down. we're all here to help each other..
  9. not that great. i will try to walk for 10 minutes, or i might just go back to bed and lie there .. hope everyone reading this is doing OK
  10. helps a friend who takes it a lot!! hope it helps you ...just stick with it ..it can take up to 8 weeks ...
  11. why does life have to be so cruel? i had the worst nightmares too 😞
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