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  1. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" Topic (5)

    Sadly most of my life since I was a teenager has been empty because of this illness. It's terrible not to be able to feel or enjoy life.
  2. Adios

    I started drinking too. About a few months ago. Here and there, but I know eventually it will become a habit, but there's not much I can do. I've tried for years to deal with anxiety and depression and nothing helps. At least that stuff knocks me out when I can't sleep. I know it's not the best solution but the doctors can't help me either way, so whatever.
  3. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" Topic (5)

    I feel empty as usual. I wish I could remember what the word "fun" meant....It's been decades since I've felt it...
  4. Adios

    I hope you are OK. we all need you ...
  5. How to be a good enough mom

    I agree with that too.. Don't say you are not a good mother. You are being too hard on yourself.....As much as you love your daughter you have to think about your health too. A lot of times I've seen parents put emphasis on things that do not matter to kids, and I think emotional support and knowing that a parent will be there for them to support them and guide them in life to give them support is far more than any other material things that some parents think giving their kids will make up for it. I'm not doubting that money is important to survive, and I understand its hard because you said your dad supports you, but is there a place you can look out for therapy ? or perhaps slowly try to find a job that is not very stressful for you?
  6. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" Topic (5)

    Hawaii no, but friends have gone they said it was amazing.
  7. Therapy without Insurance

    i never did online therapy, but some people prefer it over real life therapy. i guess you can try it and see which one is better for you. not sure about costs either. I would think it would cost less since you don't need to go to the office of a therapist, but not sure. Not sure where you live.. What country? state? look into those websites of where you live, to see what options are available to you as far as health insurance, how to get it, and what it covers. Perhaps there might be some free health clinics as well. ?
  8. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" Topic (5)

    I just think he meant it's easier when you are young, and don't have much responsibilities like when you are older (kids, mortgage , bills, etc. full-time job, maybe even health problems , etc.) anyway, I hope you decide to go wherever you think it will make you happy and think :) . It's an awesome opportunity that I think many people should take advantage of
  9. I'm not a doctor but SSRi's do that to many people. They did it to me too. Some people are lucky and don't have that effect. But everyone is different. I knew a girl on Prozac for 20 years who never had an issue with her libido. Do you think maybe you can ask your doctor to try something else? It's not embarrassing. I had to talk to mine about it once too and he was a guy doctor....I was nervous, but its normal... Like an SNRI? or TCA ? Those never bothered my libido , but while on SSRI's I did notice myself losing my libido and it was annoying. On the one hand you want to feel better, but on the other if you can't feel any pleasure it's annoying. And it's your sex drive, it's nothing to be ashamed about .. Your doctor knows you better, so I would talk to him/her about it. Everyone reacts different to each meds.. Stopping cold turkey is never a good idea. Again it depends on the person and how they react. Some have severe withdrawal effects and others don't. And be careful with supplements and vitamins, while some people benefit from them (I have nothing against them , they don't help me ) but if you mix them with certain drugs they can have serious medical side effects. Good luck!
  10. How to be a good enough mom

    As hard as it sounds try not to compare yourself to other mothers. I know its hard but it sounds like you care for your daughter and you want her to succeed. I imagine finding another job is hard but are you seeking therapy? It would be worse if you get so stressed and sick over your job. Think about that too. I know you want your daughter to have a good education but if you are suffocating maybe find something less stressful? Or can other family members help?
  11. Will Cymbalta work 2nd time?

    did you ever try remeron ? cymbalta and remeron worked for me only ...but for a few months /years ....and then everything else especially ssris make me worse ..good luck...
  12. I would contact him, but sometimes it does take 2 months to feel better. that happened to me once it took like 2 months for my symptoms to go away. everyone responds different, some people are feeling better within weeks, others they need the full 2 months to see a benefit. i hope you feel better soon :)
  13. I wouldn't say all famous people are immature and stupid... A lot of them have anxiety and depression (especially social anxiety) and they go to therapy and seek out treatments. My old doctor told me that he saw many people in that field who had those type of issues (of course he didn't give me names) but they do exist. A friend of mine plays in a band and has major social anxiety, he is afraid to seek out help. I wouldn't give up if I was you. You never know what tomorrow might bring. you can always see if there is a local agency that offers classes for acting or how to get into the field..
  14. same with me, or people trying to torture me or make fun of me ..not fun :(
  15. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" Topic (5)

    I hope you do. It is really fun to travel, and experience new places. I hope you really have a good time