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  1. very down, and not motivated. i am not a big fan of the winter. i think i probably would be if i had more energy and i could perhaps try to enjoy some of the nice things winter has to offer, but i'm just not motivated.. im just doing some cleaning...and i am going to try and push myself to go for a walk later.. hope everyone is doing OK!
  2. i went for a walk and did some writing...
  3. i didn't do much today, just some brief writing in the journal and going to listen to some music to relax.. hope everyone is ok!
  4. just doing some cleaning....and later going for the walk...hope everyone's weekend is good
  5. kept busy, and now im just relaxing ...and drawing...and just reading into some emails... tomorrow im going for a walk and to the library to get myself out of the house
  6. i had a vivid dream last night, so that scared me, lots of anxiety too.. i am trying to journal and draw, maybe that will help. also i've been struggling with ocd/anxiety lately..so that's really annoying Not really sure how to handle all this ...but doctors keep telling me skills and skills
  7. thanks for the suggestions everyone!!!! i've just been having a real hard time..especially with my anxiety and just isolating
  8. What do you guys do in the winter?? My therapist suggested I take class or get a hobby or something ..because ive been isolating so much
  9. im so anxious guys....im supposed to meet with this new therapist. also my doctor wants me to start being more active, because i've been isolating for a long time now, and that's not easy as they think.
  10. still anxious, but i might go for a walk, and try to journal
  11. just spent a lot of time thinking of the past and future......and that didn't really help...i just felt worse after .. living in the present moment is very hard to do, especially when you suffer from GAD/SAD im supposed to meet up with my doctor in a week and talk about MAOI's , as far as an option and that's giving me a little anxiety too.
  12. had a pretty boring anxious day....
  13. just going to try and write some stuff in my journal , that helps me get some relief... hope everyone is doing ok!!
  14. pushed myself to go for a quick walk, it was like 15 -20 minutes, but better than nothing...came across some people and that gave me some social anxiety, but overall made it through hope you guys are doing ok!!!
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