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  1. im not 100% there, there are days when i say no this can't be happening, why me? but for the most part i say it's what life wanted...the more i say it is what it is and it's what life had planned for me..the better i feel. if i go searching wondering why me? and what did I do to deserve this? there's no logic explanation, it just happens, just like any other illness..in order to move on i had to try to accept that mentality..to live more at peace..
  2. i know what you mean. i slept for the last 2 days, i was very tired, i spent most of them in bed... acceptance is hard but the more i fight it the more angry i get, so i slowly began accepting and having a whatever attitude..it's what life wanted.
  3. they don't get menstrual cycles, but they get hormonal changes like we do. i always thought there was a connection between this because it makes no sense that many kids get depressed in their teenage years, and your body changes too,. i have met other women who their menstrual cycle was normal and then suddenly started changing in their late 30s, early 40s and started becoming depressed, anxious and stuff, so how does science explain that?
  4. good luck, what i liked about atypical antidepressants is that many people i've met *including myself* have said that it does not **** their creativity, libido, etc.. thats how i felt when i took them for a while..which is why idont understand the medical field keeps on making SSRI's many complain it kills their libido and makes them feel like a zombie, but oh well. good luck.hope you feel better
  5. you do the best you can with the life you were given. some days i feel ok enough to go for a walk or the mall , or the movies. other days i can go for 3 days lying in bed crying wishing i was never born...its what life wanted for me , i accept it.
  6. in my experience many people take things for granted. many humans are never satisfied it's in our nature, until something happens to us and we realize life's too short. this illness from a young age made me realize that i shouldn't take things for granted. i'd do anything to feel better, to enjoy a walk in the park, to go outside with my bicycle, to enjoy my favorite meal, the beach, etc...things that people take for granted on a daily basis many of us aren't able to do or enjoy anymore. it hurts!! i always tell the people around me enjoy the little things, anything, even a meal, your favorite drink, the sun, whatever anything, go after your goals, don't listen to people's judgement or negativity, and just do whatever makes you happy.... because if you get sick, or if an accident happens (no one can guarantee us tomorrow)... life is not fun running to doctors all the time without any ideas on how to help you. feeling hopeless, and miserable, and not even being able to enjoy life ..
  7. you are not a loser....40 years is a long time to struggle with this ..people might think we are losers/weak, but i'd like to see how those who make fun of us would deal with this life and illness even for just 1 week, and then call me a loser, and weak.. not that i wish any harm or anything on anyone to feel this pain, but it sure would make them think twice about calling us losers and weak.
  8. you aren't all alone......you have us and im sure people at your job care for you
  9. i did a google search but i assume you probably have already tried these right? Natural Remedies for Sleep Chamomile tea. Simple, delicious, and effective. ... St. John's wort. The yellow, weed-like flower is commonly used to ease depression symptoms like anxiety and insomnia, and you can steep it to make a tasty tea. ... Valerian. ... Kava. ... Passion flower. ... Melatonin. ... California poppy.
  10. do you take anything for sleep? or does anything help
  11. i agree with you. i don't trust people easily either. it's better to have a few good friends than many ..if you are lucky enough to find them too
  12. i know it's not easy and sometimes you have no choice but to listen to their non-sense because they don't accept you for who you are. But life taught me that was the only way I could move forward and find some peace within myself. I started ignoring and avoiding people who didn't believe in my illness, and laughed at me. I turned to people who do believe that my illness is real. I lost friends and family members who think this is all a joke, and it hurt, but I don't regret my decisions. Being around people who don't understand, believe, respect you, there's no sense in them being in my life. I don't have many friends because of this illness, now I have a few and the right ones who understand me and some can even relate to my problems. I understand sometimes we have no choice, every situation is different. For example my friend stayed with her abusive boyfriend for a many years (he didn't believe in her depression/anxiety) and then we (members from the support group) helped her move away from him. Now she's much happier. I wouldn't lose hope and there's no need to lock yourself up in your room. The right people will come along. For me staying with the wrong people was a bad choice because it didn't end well, but it made me realize that I don't need them, and the right ones who accept me and my illness are the only ones I want in my life..
  13. a few studies i read in the past said that many women started feeling this way months before their cycle started and once it did, depression and anxiety and all that fun stuff came along..not sure why science has not done more research about it..
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