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  1. anxiety makes you question those thoughts, those perceptions. even though someone might tell you you are doing great, keep it up. you might think are they lying? are they just saying that? anxiety plays many tricks with us..it's very difficult to convince yourself when you have anxiety, about your self-esteem , etc.
  2. I agree most of it s*cks, but a small part of it ..is nice, very nice...that's hard to explain , describe....that's why i think we are all still here.
  3. Don't be so hard on yourself. You have not failed at every role you have in your life. Your mother was sick, your grandmother is sick, it's part of life. Eventually the people we love around us will get sick, some younger, some older, and there's not much we can do but be there for them, we aren't doctors, scientists, and depending on their health who knows how their story will end... just by being there for your mother and grandmother is a good thing you are doing. Please don't think that you have failed at every role. I respect the fact that you were there for your mother and grandmother and for us here too to support each other.
  4. You can't blame yourself for that sober. Strokes have many causes. Maybe being alone was one of them like you said, but there are other factors such as age, and healthy issues which could have caused this. Please don't blame yourself.
  5. I agree. it's very hard for us to see people we love suffer, but sometimes the best option is to have them go to the nursing home. Don't be hard on yourself. I've had family members go to the nursing home because taking care of a person who is not doing well is very hard, emotionally, physically, etc..especially when it's someone you love. You can go like others said and see her, but don't feel bad like it's your fault..It just happens ..
  6. that is really exciting.. I have been thinking all these months with the pandemic to take one too , not sure what yet,...but something to keep me busy, because we don't have many options to do many things..like we did before..
  7. i'm not sure what you mean ...but im sorry if my posts or opinions bother you rope..i wish i could get rid of peoples pain, i really do..people don't realize how difficult it is to live with health issues and take the small important things in life for granted..i couldn't sleep last night so i cried wishing i could feel somewhat normal again without all my health problems, but i dont think i ever will..
  8. we are all here for each other !! 🙂 i agree with that...you guys are amazing, i've said many times, i'd be lost without you guys. in reali life the people i thought were my "friends" turned out to be people who never cared, made fun of my illness, etc.. sad, but that was my reality. ..
  9. that sounds like fun !! i enjoy animals too, they are so nice and i feel so at ease when i am around them. way better than humans!!
  10. boring weekend for me, not much to do .. and cloudy and rainy...hope everyone is OK! i just went for a walk and now im back home
  11. i don't think anyone has everything. humans are very really satisfied. im not religious so i dont really believe in heaven or hell..
  12. well it is to be honest, at some point we will all go.....i suppose the best thing we can do is live the life to our fullest, one day at a time, etc..whatever that may mean for each of us, according to our abilities, etc..everyone is fighting a different battle..so while we might think our friend from high school that is posting pictures on social media that their life is perfect, deep down they are hurting in their own way too..maybe not illness, but surely something, no one has the perfect life.. Life is not fair, I think we can all agree with that, because I don't know why I've been struggling with this illness for years, and others don't have to , but whatever it is what it is..
  13. some days I really really wonder, why do I even bother??????
  14. That is so true!!! Many people in relationships act all wonderful and happy on social media, you can't even imagine how many tell me off social media, how unhappy they are and they wish they were single and alone..
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