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  1. There's a lot to consider in your situation, but in short, become disciplined about work and have a process (you know the general steps, so even if you have to, write them down). And be proactive about getting constructive criticism (use email, not chat, as then, you've a record). Don't get sucked into the whole politics, even to the point of acting dumb. It may happen that you will move on from this company, but keep doing what you do well. In that way, you will assure yourself of work. Oh, and request some level of training (at least a course every six months), Be improving, if not in the firm, then outside it. Maybe do something in SEO training thro' a private vendor for yourself or at least, keep up to speed. And hey, for Jaysus sake, congrats - You are doing well.
  2. @Sim66 There is! Trust me, there is! It may never get to the point that you see hope each and every day, but it does happen. Today, I have had both sides ... reminders that our time here is short, but also that there's good things about. Like making a tiny tad of a difference for someone else, even if its small. Help people and that will show you that there is hope. Even if you are hurting, help someone - the appreciation that most people show is worth it (there are always exceptions). I'm having a mixed day, so sorry I can't be of much more help, but do think about helping others thro' volunteering. Also, a friend called over with his bass and we played a bit of Thin Lizzy - ok, we won't make Madison Square, but for a few mins we sounded ok in our own way. That showed me that having people about and doing something creative really lifts you. Try it. Anything.
  3. @Natasha1 - There was no way I was going on that combination ... if I was to have any chance of waking up in the morning and functioning properly. Having a stressful time of it at the mo and I think getting the job (the frustration of searching on top of the fear that would I be able to work at all). It is physical mostly at the moment, with headaches and sore limbs. Every few weeks it's that and it is tiring.
  4. Hey @Tungsten Aromatics - Seemingly it's 450mg over here in Ireland and by f**k, I am going nowhere near that! I'm not going anywhere near Mirtazpine or Seroquel (I could only tolerate 1.25mg of Mirt). It just seems that I am getting a grasp of what needs to be done personally, but the physical side effects of Effexor (headaches, limbs sore, etc) are too much at times. Of course there's the bigger issue of me giving myself a hard time all the time and being a procrastinating perfectionist. I just need to learn to take it easy on myeslf and enjoy a bit of life rather than take it so seriously. Like right now - I need a nap I'm just so frightened of going from one med to another ... as we all are.
  5. Hi all, Went to my pyschiatrist today. The last few weeks have been stressful and I have felt that Effexor is not doing the job it is supposed to be doing (felt that for most of the almost 2 years on it tbh). On top of all that, I am starting a new job next week (teaching, which I love!). My pysch suggested that I titrate from Effexor to Lexapro by taking 10mg of Lexapro while still taking 187.5 of Effexor - I nearly went "What the f**k!". I would imagine that would knock you 10 ways sideways or has anyone done this? We settled that we leave it a week before deciding to either go up to 225 or down to 150. I feel that I need to come off it at least. I feel that there's a tendency to just pump people with drugs from pyschs rather than look at more meaningful answers.
  6. Possibility of a tiny bit of web design work and finally made a vid for my fave band, Neurosis.
  7. Well I'm at the 225 mg mark of Effexor and pretty sure after 18-21 months of it, that it only does ok and I've to face the dreaded withdrawal / uptake battle. I'm not 100% given up hope but it's been nearly a case of 3 weeks good - 1.5 weeks bad. Had a particularly bad morning this morning.
  8. @RichW - Pick upi a cheap guitar and start again. It's so great to just switch off. Well started work but am actually heading out the door right now, so will update later. Thanks y'all.
  9. Thanks @RichW and @LouisRiel - I am going to throw the CV out again today - I am actually going to 4-5 firms and physically throwing them a copy of it, with my portfolio on disk. I'll leave with the line "You can use them to light the fire, but I know your competitor won't!" It's a catch 22 as @RichW pointed out ... too much time to ourselves and we implode. I know I can make a difference - I have made a difference. People have come up to me after term and thanked me. I have made progress this week I'm getting up earlier - ok, still 8.30-9.00 but its a start I've thrown the CV out there I've contacted a few training colleges etc. I've a whole load of leads But as @LouisRiel also pointed out, I need to chill a bit too. Hey, I'm off to a football game (that's soccer to ye lads over the pond) tonight and have learnt "All the Young Dudes" and ironically, "Where is my Mind" on the guitar. Best moment of the week? My friends 5 year old son taking me on a tour of his new pirate ship He is such a gas card.
  10. @Sophy - Thanks for that bit of inspiration. I am actually thinking of becoming self-employed, as I think I have a problem taking orders from gobs***es to be honest as well . One things for certain - I ain't becoming a number in a MNC again. I love teaching and I know it can be stressful but I can cope with the odd eejit so long as there's others in the class who appreciate the effort and make the effort as well.
  11. @Sophy - Brilliant advice. Hope things going ok (relatively) for yourself.
  12. Ah sh!te! Get onto them and ask them for feedback (GOOD and bad). Do not catastrophise - you know you did well (I could tell you the difference between getting the interview and getting accepted but hey, it isn't past the water shed yet). Do it @StandingStill - in fact I am looking at a PFO from a place I was sure I would at least get an interview for and I am going to compose an email right after sending a few CV's out. BTW are you a techie?
  13. @Sophy - Well if we can't laugh in this situation, when can you? Had another bad night last night (well this morning). Again a combination of factors ... ate chocolate and had one pint before hitting the hay. Then there was thunder and lightening and had a few nightmares. I was just zapped this morning. It seems to be every second morning at the mo and I'm not even giving myself the chance to rest for a week or two. @evalynn - Keep in there. We're all here for you.
  14. Brilliant @StillStandinTall - I won't hex ya, but I've a good feeling about it. Bet you thought you'd calve it in the interview, but you didn't. I'll say an Agnostic's Prayer for ya "Dear all of the above, ..."
  15. Thank you all for your words of encouragement - I feel as if this malaise is more physical and I just need to somehow rest for a while in order to get over what was a brutally intense course ( @Tilted - thanks for reminding me that I was scared of starting that, but I loved it, despite the intensity). I think I need to get the ball running slowly and stop the negative voices from wrecking my chances. @StillStandinTall - How did you get on in the interview?
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