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    used to have interests but nothing in interesting anymore.
    im over life and everything it has to offer - which is nothing...

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  1. i come off it cold turkey and ended up getting arrested for jumping in front of cars trying to **** myself apparently.
  2. i started this week ago and first 3 days felt amazing also. now i am suicidal and dont wanna live anymore
  3. still alive. heaps energy and going out to get drunk but yeah ill probs be depressed by end of night when no girls wanna talk to me and wanna take tabs and go to sleep even tho I'm a good looking guy
  4. hey guys dunno where to start. i have been on every medication i can think of from xanax to valium to seroqol. deluxetine, fluxtoine, pristiq, mitzaphine etc. a friend of mine when i was really suicidal gave me 3 tablets of oxycodone and i had energy and felt relaxed calm and good. i have been running out of these and the doctor only prescribes 10 to me a month now after almost fighting the dude for them because they usually are for people with serious pain and back nerve pain etc. (surgery) but hey they work. probably should mix them with alcohol tho but hey it is what it is and its how i feel and what i do because this depression anxiety and all is messing me up badly im suprised im still here. now i have started taking fluxoxetine (prozac - apparently) and first 2-3 days wow energy buzz good happy go out motivation BOOM! YES! then back to again and im still taking them but i started drinking so maybe thats why. today i popped 3 oxycodone and 2 fluxoxetine tablets which is 10mg x 3 - 30mg of oxycodone and 20mg x2 - 40mg of fluxoxetine and I feel strange. I keep dozing off and stop breathing sometimes. wish I didn't do this now. but hey I just wanna feel normal and my self and I'm experimenting. anyways I wrote this incase I die it was documented. ill update this tonight or tomorrow if I'm alive. feedback would be appreciated.
  5. you know its funny on here how people say you shouldnt skip a meal and keep eating you guys know how hard that is when your hungry but your body says no and you cant physically eat or you feel worse or sicker. its like trying to eat when your full even though your not its like a wrong signal in the brain from the reward system saying no dont eat even though im hungry. its wack and im over it
  6. Hey everyone, im new here. its been so long almost 8years + now i have had depression and anxiety and i read this dont give up at the time im about to give up. nothing seems to work. i just started prozac and have my energy back a bit more like a fake energy tho its weird and hard to explain its like buzzy zippy pulsating energy like i feel like i need to run and cant sleep. it hasnt affected my sex drive or anything except i last longer which is good. and my headaches are bad, i also wake up at 4am every morning. im taking them in the morning because taking them at night was worse. i am going to keep taking them for a few more weeks and hope for the best. im slow suicidal at the moment tho.
  7. im so over everything i just want to die somewhere quitely, i dont think anyone would even care, i go down the street say hello to people they dont say hello back, society and humaity is completly changed to the worse, i feel like im tired all the time, got no energy, i keep getting jobs and losing them because im sick ill and depression, i get restless legs all the time and cant sleep even tho im seriously tired.
  8. i couldnt work for 12months because of depression and all i did was overdose on antidepressant and give up on life altogether til i met a nice girl and got a good job, but now my girlfriend is worried about me and im getting sick because of my boss and some sean guy that is working here because all they ever do is compalin and its making me sick. im over my job and no1 gets along and everything

  9. be happier if i was dead

  10. thanks mate, not really im on the edge and cant take it anymore, i would be happier if i was dead, and im not just saying that to get attention either, i am sick to the point where i cant function anymore. i hope your good tho

  11. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

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