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  1. In Edinburgh, I joined TalkTalk. Their Internet is painfully slow. Videos on OnlyFans (which is already very slow) and other sites that are faster, don't play beyond 110p. Jesus... Unfortunately, I cannot get fibre, as it's unavailable in my area. But come on. That speed is chronic. LOL. Can you imagine trying to stream on a PS5? The patches for games would take hours to install as well. You would basically have to do this overnight when you are supposed to be asleep. So, meh.
  2. No issues with DF. More so just because I got riled up by folk posting on gaming forums and YouTube. :)
  3. Yeah. Internet people are often hard to please. Sometimes, all you're really doing is showing pride in your passionate posts, and they can be incredibly shallow, not taking you seriously, or just outright being awkward over nothing of consequence. I reckon they just enjoy acting tough with their stupid aliases, because they're talking smack to strangers online. It's mostly anonymous as well. So a lot of the time, they know they can behave that way and not have to face any real backlash, except maybe getting their accounts banned.
  4. Good riddance, as welI. Although I know I said in the past, I would quit message boards and YouTube at the end of X period. But now I believe that I mean it. This is mostly due to a stalking idiot in Australia that I know, who has been constantly following me around on different sites and even using personal info to attack me, and just due to a lack of enjoyment in general... Basically, forums in 2021 are vastly dead, and I think Facebook and Twitter is partly why that is the reality of it all. But it really also depends on the topic at hand in some cases. If it is a niche thing you wish to discuss, I suppose you may just not find there is even much of an audience for it. But if you get no replies, it is a waste of energy to post at all. However, I know that if you go to, for example, gaming forums that are noticeably busy, there is nothing great that becomes of you making the effort to chime in. When you post a new thread saying how you feel about a franchise or something, the corporate kiss ups will usually be quick to jump at you and claim all this stuff about you being a hater, serving as their brand of obvious troll bait. Plus, the activity just isn't there any more, and there is too much arrogance online. Some responses are kind of vaporware and rather generic too, like they just want to get their post count higher by saying one sentence after you took the time to compose a wall of text. And if you go on Google and look up topics covering how forums are dead, so many people who grew up with forums notice that life online now just isn't as interesting. However, not being online would likely make socially inept people feel more isolated, as I guess it offers a little bit of comfort to those who find talking to people in person harder than typing out comments. But quite often, the ignorance from these faceless pseudonyms just doesn't get you anywhere. And YouTube is nothing but ads, shills being paid to get their channels noticed, and there are so many tight rules about what you can publish today. Now they also make you pay a subscription to get past the annoying spam, when you never had to pay a cent in the old days to enjoy videos. It is no longer about being yourself either. You basically took what was the wild west of the web, Google, and wrecked it for money. So shame on you people!
  5. Man, I feel like I'm talking to a brick wall, as nobody acknowledges me these days.
  6. Basically, I called like a billion legal firms over the last X amount of years or whatever, and ended up getting NOWHERE with them each time. My own prior lawyer is a creep too. I provided him with a USB stick containing important proof, and he claims he misplaced it. OK? Then he made sarcastic remarks. Even breached no contact orders to tell jerks on Facebook what I thought of their unique brand of wrecking my life, and this one dude just posted one emoji, laughing. Seriously. They don't even give a damn about the hassle this has caused me for so very long. I was supposed to take ex support workers to court, over some matters from years ago, due to ongoing legal affairs. Yet civil lawyers expect too much cash upfront. And then it's like, £200 an hour. Now obviously if you only gain benefits because of having the misfortune of suffering from an impediment, there would be no way for anybody like me to afford what they request, but legal aid solicitors are vastly useless, because they really don't say or do much at all. I am also tired of calling up 101 to report this Australian idiot who was bothering me on YouTube. I get told, that 4 years of pestering, is "not a police matter". Like, WTF? Apart from that, you really should never trust anybody from this agency known as Autism Initiatives. It is rather seedy, to be honest. Because years ago, I had a guy emailing me weird emails about a wrestler and my ex, and he talked about music he was aware that I like, making insensitive comments. He eventually left, but whatever, right? He was being out of order, was hereby put in a position of responsibility, and needs to be barred from all future care agencies. And not too long ago, I was seeing a girl, and her mother got mad, all due to her being younger than me... To make matters worse, I was trying to be an extra in these no name films, and had people threatening me a lot and blacklisting me, who I did not know, but they seemingly know an actress who does not like me. Can you believe that nonsense? But after I said things in response to them, they said I was "harassing" them, and got NCOs on a silver platter, while I got grief, yet again. And the pigs are clearly biased, think it's okay to break into your flat for something that happened a year previously, and then not explain what the charge is at the station. Like, holy cow here. It's just one totally ridiculous event after another, for like 10 years by this stage, because people target me. I even hate my own family now. Nobody listens, and I don't even have a social life whatsoever. It is just so annoying being treated like trash by so many fools today...
  7. I finally caught up with The Walking Dead. I am really enjoying it, and Eugene has finally met his love interest. But I'm surprised that Maggie hasn't capped Negan yet. That evil smile just gets to ya!
  8. Just found out recently that the movie reboot now has Wesker (a white villain) as a black guy. Jill (another iconic character) is now Hispanic. Uh... okay. Not to mention, the games are just TERRIBLE now. Not exactly unplayable, I'd say. But the story is something I care about, and it's now basically being rendered as a hot pile of garbage. And the remakes had TONS of cut content, and the mood was not as unique in the RE2 remake, as it was walking around the police station in the original 1998 version. Unfortunately, fanboys on the Internet will always hate on RE3, while constantly praising RE2. So pointing that out to them falls on deaf ears. This is regardless of the version. But yes. The RE3 remake was a disgrace. The series has been an action series with nothing scary, since RE4 came out in 2005. But at least RE4 was a little bit scary, and it's also a long and fun game. However, games in the horror genre should not have merchants and a currency system involved. If you remember the golden heyday of horror games, you had to find stuff and make it all count. There wasn't some creepy random salesman there to trade items with you. And how they can travel around unnoticed baffles me. These days, they make it that enemies you dispatch can drop money and ammo. So I mean, that's just NOT survival horror. Also, most of the games today consist of you just blasting waves of werewolf looking things or villagers, to proceed to the next area, while dealing with the occasional hulking boss. So it's not even atmospheric in the sense that you feel overwhelmed by not knowing what is coming, as you know it's there. Also, with this RE Engine, they scan people's faces. So they got an actor to model Chris Redfield in RE7, which is considered a "soft reboot" of the franchise. Only that guy didn't look like the actor who was in RE5 and 6, so no one liked the change. No one! Although the graphics are great, Capcom makes everything look ugly. Naughty Dog (who created The Last of Us) does their games in a way where day and night is just as beautiful. But people always overlook the second game, because Joel [Miller] died, and they complain that Abby looks like a man. And well, I'm sure you get the picture.
  9. I play mostly survival horror games. Unfortunately, I closed another YouTube account. This guy called Alfred Gimpy keeps on following me around online, doing things to get my attention. He edits the same wiki pages that I do, so he gets subscribed to them. This means if I edit any page that he did too, he gets an email that I made a contribution. Then he closes these accounts he signed up, only to register even more. But besides doing pointless things like that, he posts my address on live streams if I play games on my PS4, or if I use a screen recorder on any of my phones, when I am playing pool on Miniclip. He's just doing all of this because he's a fruitcake.
  10. The stalker actually abuses me on YouTube, and emailed me the other night, after harassing me on Miniclip. I think I better get reporting him soon. The only problem is, I reside in Scotland. He is in New Zealand, I believe.
  11. I am only active on three forums now, and one wiki, about horror films. Yet I'm plagued by a stalker on that wiki, who leaves stupid anonymous comments, and he was bothering me on other forums with multiple profiles. When this crazy Kiwi gets caught out though, he tries to move his profiles to new names, yet he forgets there are still breadcrumbs that lead back to him because of his edits. While I do occasionally post on some other forums, like this one, I'm usually only on three forums about gaming, and I'd say they're all dead, apart from being attended by a few posters who submit pointless three word replies here and there. It's nothing that makes conversing with anybody really worth your while anyway. Once 'the honeymoon phase' is over with some newer games, I don't see a lot of people posting on them much anymore. Now that I don't have broadband, and have to use mobile data to access the Internet, I cannot get videos to play in full HD or even medium or low quality, and downloading games I find now takes me days, as I only have 4G speed. Broadcasting games is also out of the question, as it's not likely I'll be able to achieve a stable enough connection, and be cut off so constantly, making it a chore to bother with. And of course, many gaming forums as I pointed out, are dead now. So you kind of have to reply to video comments on YouTube, and build up a thread that way, weeding through all the ridiculous posts from trolls. All the decent responses get buried, so again, is it worth the hassle to participate in such groups? The more active forums like GameFAQs really, really should be avoided. Trying to have a worthwhile conversation with any users on that site, is akin to trying to get blood from a stone. They're all degenerates, and likely shills, so they won't care about anything you say in any case. I've seen other users engaging with them, as if they need to get the last word in, and I'm thinking, "Why take the bait?" But one of the reasons I gave up on anxiety and autism forums, was due to the sheer amount of people on them who implied I was nuts (or the culprit). I've posted quite a number of threads on them, explaining stuff about my problems, and only about 2 in every 50 users understand where I'm coming from. I'd re-registered on one forum I had not been on for like 4 years after being banned, and somehow after I posted with a new identity, they immediately remembered who I was. Like, I got kind of mad at them again because I felt like they were not interested in what I had to say when I went into this long winded rant about what had been going on. They were being awkward and unhelpful. I'd go into this long tangent about how I got betrayed by my former support workers, and I even described some of the (in my view) heinous things they did to me, such as one guy emailing me with a nickname years ago, and with me getting lied to about two women who didn't want to support me again, and whatnot. Both of which, are pretty bad incidents from the perspective of a client, actually. All they did was say I did this, this, and this, appearing to be fully disinterested in accepting that they did bad things to me first. All the bother with these so-called support workers actually lead to a number of jail terms for me, and all manner of stress, because I felt I needed closure, and I kept contacting them when I wasn't supposed to. Now I don't even have any support, and my mother does everything for me. My older mate just lives up the road, but I seldom ever see him nowadays. To be honest, I started to think he was avoiding me. In recent years, I realised I was 'getting on a bit', age-wise, even though I'm only 34. Well, I decided to try my hand at acting ages ago, since everyone loves movies, and I always felt that if you cannot be a good actor for whatever reason, there's nothing wrong with being in films as an extra. I'd did acting years ago in an amateur class for disabled people at a college, but then I didn't do anything like that for long enough because of having anxiety issues, and I had a hard time after losing my support and being reunited with my ex after nearly 7 years, who from that point onward, kept on scamming me until she just eventually exited my life again. It was hellish, I tell you. But finally, I started getting some small extra roles in movies; I landed minor roles in a few full length movies, and also some short films. In fact, I was meant to get a speaking part in a Christian film, yet my scenes were edited down heavily, to the point where I felt like I'd wasted my time. I've had to suffer with people slandering me online, which has affected my acting ambitions greatly and caused so many setbacks. Like, I know the people who did it before, and they're actually still at it. I've donated money on sites like Indiegogo, hoping I'd get to appear in these low budget films in a small capacity, and then I've been purposefully 'bumped' because someone was spreading stories to other producers, and as a result, I have gotten nowhere. Recently, I compiled some list of what I could have been in, and there's like 40 films I missed out on being a part of. They didn't refund the money either, and I don't know if now is a good time to take the matter up as a small claims case. It's bad right now, as practically all businesses are closed due to the coronavirus commotion. In the past, I called so many legal firms and even recorded me speaking to them so I could prove how annoying the process is. Nobody was able to help, or they asked for way too much money. In general, a lot of people I've met in real life have taking the biscuit with me, like people in general, care personnel, co-workers, escorts, Internet losers, and doctors. At my age, I feel like it's not healthy to be sitting online all day long moping over the past, but it's the only socialising I am able to get. After all of this nonsense with being hurt by people, it has kind of made me just not care anymore. And I think about my mother loads, too. She is 66 now, and I think in a few more years, she will probably not be able to get out much. Even now, she cannot walk long distances. My sister cannot even help me now, as she is housebound due to a disability, and is going through a custody battle with no solicitor to back her up. It's just gotten pretty dull, and 2020 already sucks. And when it comes to acting, I don't have an agent to find me any decent jobs. Extra work is sort of meaningless, because you're just on the screen for a few seconds in the background doing nothing, and nobody is fussy about that type of stuff. I'm not able to travel anywhere, which might have been an option had I been able to go further away. My criminal record means I can't be in mainstream movies, and the local filming crowd are blackballing me on the indie scene, which I cannot always prove outright. So, I reckon it's a lost cause now that the doomsday is nigh. I'm not so sure you can even sue somebody either, unless you have a lot of dough in the bank. Even so. That's not going to stop anybody from doing it again.
  12. I've made three prior parts, but I think this is the best one. The film focuses on two guys who cannot escape a house. We unearth a plot by a demon. In the end, we have to deal with a clown, our evil twins, and the demon, in order to escape. It's a good laugh... https://archive.org/details/thedulveyestatethefinalchapterextendedcut
  13. I'd rather be on a dating site for people with autism or disabilities, than squander my energy on Facebook and similar sites. These people seem to be more mutually respectful and sympathetic than many neurotypical people are. Not that I like using that term much.
  14. Remember the days when you could use custom HTML with Myspace? By the way, avoid Android devices like the plague. They are very sluggish. I'm using a tablet that has Android, and Google operates Android. Google are notorious for spying on your activities online. I'm not able to easily install any apps either. The external keyboard I attached also has very hard, sensitive keys. What takes me seconds on a laptop takes minutes with this piece of trash. There's an issue where it gets stuck at the 'waiting for 'download' part. When I did a search on Google, so many people have been complaining about the same sort of issues, wondering why this is still ongoing. You're meant to be able to rectify this by clearing the Google Play Store cache, but when I tried that, clicking the 'cache' button wouldn't work. I'm not impressed with Android at all. Also, I use mobile data from my phone with USB tethering, yet the speed is pretty decent. Some sites cannot be accessed unless I enable a VPN, though, because O2 blocks adult sites. Don't use free browser based anonymity sites. They can contain viruses and these annoying ads cover the screen.
  15. I liked Bebo. Never really been keen on Facebook much.
  16. Nazis are obviously bad, but I played one in a movie I produced last year, and the film looks like it will be a good laugh. It should be out this summer. And I would have posted a link to the trailer, but I kind of have to watch what I'm doing online now, as my activities can be traced. I appeared in two feature films before that. At least I can say I gave acting a crack. But all the slandering and stress has greatly overshadowed these accomplishments. Unfortunately, I don't think you can stop people from saying things. It's just the way networking goes. Maybe it's time to put acting behind me, even if it doesn't feel right.
  17. While the Internet is vastly unproductive, I guess in this generation, quitting it is hard. I'd be lonely without it too. You get free music as well, and I need music in my life! Yes. Even cheesy tunes.
  18. Thanks. All I did was tell her that another extra had a bad experience working on the film. The next thing I know, after already being outed from the extras group on Facebook, I was blocked for nothing on this person's Twitter profile. Later on, somebody also sent me posts about things these people said. Like, one of the people who said to call her number if there was a problem, complained because I went to the venue and called her a total of once, not knowing they simply postponed the shoot. They sent an email about it. I'd gone to bed early, so I missed it. She made me sound like some unwanted creep. I gave up using survival horror forums at the end of 2019 too - with a few exceptions. Many users on gaming message boards are among the very worst online. People go to their worst place online. Even though I'm 34 and I still like those sort of games, I see no need to chat with airheads online about them any more, as they even made an Encyclopedia Dramatica entry about me, stalked me, slagged me off, and everything. No game is worth all that abuse. The same with being a measly extra in a film few people will ever watch...
  19. Basically, I live in Scotland, and I wanted to be a film extra, or gain some small speaking parts, in local independent productions. I've got a condition like Asperger's, and I'm not in the least bit good looking either, and I'm very thin, with glasses. In fact, I have no social life whatsoever, and I suffer from extreme anxiety. I'm also single. Some actress blocked me on Twitter during 2016 after I felt offended over being blocked, for speaking my mind about something. Personally, I don't care about this woman at all, and I'd have moved on, if she hadn't been speaking about me in secret. But she has since been telling people not to include me in various films, and for some 3 years in a row, this has occurred. And don't ask me how I know this, but I just know she is the perpetrator. This is very upsetting, not to mention, frustrating. Last year, I paid money on a site called Indiegogo for a perk involving an upcoming horror film. One of the people who dislikes me is involved with producing that film, which I did not know about until recently. The director then gave me the cold shoulder on Facebook for ages before spilling the beans, and now the guy directing it isn't giving me a part in the movie, because his producer knows that actress, and numerous other people have slandered me as well. He said he will continue to block me, but I'm supposedly going to receive a refund. I've lost out on being in other feature (and short) films since 2016, all because that actress slandered me back then, and she knows a lot of people in the Scottish acting community, which obviously doesn't sit well for me. I didn't have much in the way of proof before, as it kept on going on behind the scenes, so it was hard to verify it was her doing it. Then last year, three guys who bothered me on YouTube over Resident Evil related nonsense, did a live stream with me, accusing me of things, and then they randomly talked about her. She also got them to air screenshots. Not long after that, I mentioned these people in a video, although it was just very briefly. The next thing I know, I'm appearing in court after a police interview took place (following police bail) and then they tried to get me locked up because one of the people I mentioned (because she admitted that she contacted him, and I was angry) - is actually a former 80's pop singer, who has a non-harassment order in place, and I was jailed in 2018 for breaching that order. Essentially, I made "death threats" and even the pigs said I was just saying that. So I reckon the PF is just picking on me. Furthermore, I kept breaching multiple court orders many times in the past, regarding a few former support workers who worked for an autism agency, and an ex-boyfriend of one of them, even though when I contacted them, it was usually to offer an apology. That was quite the ordeal. The commotion all started because we fell out years ago over something daft, after other people purposefully stitched me up, and they knew I was infatuated with them too. It's a long 7 year story, but the long and short of it, is that the company I depended on to help me, just chewed me up and spat me out. The ladies had asked to be removed as my support workers. The bosses lied and said they were still down to support me. After being remanded in jail for becoming so irate, I was not allowed into the supported accommodation, and many months later, the manager asked me to declare away my tenancy by signing my name on what was a blank sheet of paper. Isn't that technically illegal? Now my criminal record is pretty much overkill, and the non-harassment orders got extended to 10 years in 2018. After reading up about this, it seems this stuff will remain on my record until they reach the expiration period. It ain't fair, because all I did was lash out when people mocked me, or betrayed me. Then all these other people began picking on me too, so my acting ambitions have gone down the chute, and the court has like a year to deal with this matter, according to the rules. You're not able to take up defamation cases on legal aid, though. That's why I'm beat. What else can I really do? My lawyer said it will cost thousands to attempt to sue these people. The thing is... I cannot get a part as an extra in Hollywood type films that get shot in my neck of the woods either, as they request a DBS check. Mine is blootered with charges over similar situations, so there's no point in bothering any longer. Is there? And it appears as if I'll have to keep taking the heat for reacting to being defamed. It's a deplorable situation overall.
  20. You know? It's kind of funny how one of my haters, did a live stream with two other guys in late 2016, talking about toxic fans for Resident Evil... when they themselves are toxic YouTubers, because they made a series of hate videos about this Nemesis fellow, when all he was doing at that point in time, was speaking the truth about a company that has been milking this franchise dry for a number of years. Over a decade, actually. Well, I unfortunately cannot say the same about Nemesis these days, because he went back on his word about Capcom, after they released that God awful Resident Evil 2 "remake" in January. A remake that I may add, is not characteristic of the original at all. He kept talking about how Capcom was lying to their fans, and suggesting that people don't open their wallets to enable them to do this anymore. Yet as the release date neared, he claimed that, and this is Nemesis by the way... Nemesis claimed that he was not going to buy the remake at all, because he was acting so unsure of Capcom's motives, while putting on a brave face for his followers. He went on and on about Capcom being money grabbers in his videos, to the point where in at least one video he has since removed, he was on the verge of crying. He even said last year, that during the E3 event, his live stream rights was cut off because 'Capcom knew what he was doing' and Capcom really, really does not care about this man's opinions whatsoever. He has it embedded in his brain now that he believes they are onto him, but it's not a case of that at all. And it was not long after that, that I sent videos to Dominik and his mate, saying that they were being unprofessional, and all this stuff, and I had the same outcome. But I said a very derogatory thing about America in one of my comments, so Nemesis chose to stick up for them, and suddenly he forgot that they were mocking him, and this all started because these same two guys didn't like his channel. Yep! Partly due to my controversial ways, they got on the same page, and eventually deleted the videos that focused specifically on bashing Nemesis. I was literally saving them to my drive as they removed them, after I saw a tweet by one of them, stating that they were going to be taken down. Whereas, if they had not advertised that they were going to delete them, I would not have been able to archive them in time. I only just missed out on saving a few of these videos, because I literally refreshed the page and some were gone, but I did manage to save the most relevant ones. They say that Nemesis bettered himself as a person, so their beef with him has ended. No. What he actually did, was grow a beard, and act like he is the second coming of Jesus Christ. When I watch his newer videos, I don't see that same old ballsy "Senpai Nemesis" any longer. Now, I see Sell-out Nemesis. All I see is a guy that believes he has bragging rights, because he has amassed almost 4K subs. So I guess it's okay to be a phoney and yell, and curse like a tool, when you have 4K fans supporting you all the way. I don't know if I want to label him as a sell-out, because it may make me look salty if I say that he is, since he did turn on me. But if you're going to rant and rave about stuff for 2 years constantly, at least don't make yourself look like a prat at the end of it all by going back on your oath not to buy something, thus associating yourself with a company you claim to strongly dislike. Not buying a game means exactly that. If you boast of how you ain't going to be a certain way towards a company, and how you think they disespected key personnel that worked on the classic titles that are no longer employees of that place, then you don't decide to be a contradicting little chicken when it comes to the crunch. This is what I mean. As long as that name is slapped on this piece of trash, they will always get these suckers to buy it no matter what. Even the odd few people like this man, who present themselves as a heroic figure on camera, and pretty much demand that you boycott a company, and they will talk the talk, but they cannot ever seem to walk the walk. "Oh, I hate this company so much, and I will not give them my custom, but I see it's out tomorrow, so I better buy this and stream it online because my viewers asked me to" AKA being a liar. It's that attitude that has allowed Capcom to do what they've been doing to so many of their biggest franchises, for way too long. I just hate how gaming companies, and also Hollywood, tries their damndest to **** off our childhoods. I'm not joking either. People think I'm being a rambling lunatic for saying stuff like that, but it's true. I feel as if Capcom deliberately removed a lot of the key elements to the series on purpose, like when they had the main villain (Albert Wesker) dying, and taken away the tank controls, and the outdated camera perspective, because they know that those type of games would never gain the same type of market as the more action oriented entries presented with Resident Evil 4 up to now. It's honestly like painting a masterpiece and having somebody visit your gallery to view your work, just to throw a bucket of their poop at your prized creation. Essentially, this is how Capcom views the true fans of Resident Evil. They really just forgot what made these games so great to begin with. Other people have made criticism videos, sure. But I really felt like Nemesis had hit a home run with his points. I mean, the Resident Evil games put out by Capcom since 2005 haven't quite been anything like the ones from the PlayStation era, despite the improvement with technology as we know it. Of course, if you don't follow these games, you won't know much about the story, who ditched who, or why purists have been harping on about it as much as they have been. But take my word for it: I think the community for these games, is a haven for scum. I honestly could hardly hear what the third guy was speaking about, as he talks in such a disinterested, frog croak like manner with Dominik and Ren, who talks like a New York City gangbanger who has been around the block a few times, doing much of the chit-chat instead, but this was a Q&A type stream where they were asking each other what they thought of the fans hating on other fans, and also going on about what they hope to see for future titles. Also kind of ironic of them to criticize purists for video games, considering they made those videos about me, and are refusing to erase these, because they think it "bothers me" that they did that. In general, however, they don't really add anything of quality to YouTube or the online world at all, unlike myself and Nemesis. These guys can't cut it in the real world, so they have to turn to a digital life, and their anger really shines through on-screen. 2019 will definitely be my last year on forums; I can see it being a long summer too, because I have a social anxiety problem, and don't go out much, which of course indicates that I obsess over stuff that occurs on the Internet. Just irrelevant nonsense that in the grand scheme of things, should be shrugged off. Not having support any more certainly does not help the situation, but I feel like I have to be on forums less and less now. It is like a drug that you have to wane off from, sometimes slowly. You know it is not good for you to keep on going, but you do it anyway. You have to will yourself to a point where you can just learn to take a measure of responsibility, and not further their cause. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVashZ1wbXg
  21. I'll try calling the cops in Illinois, so that hopefully will be the end of this guy's vindictive ways.
  22. Sorry if this is a confusing story, but I will try to explain everything to the best of my ability, so here goes... Quite some time ago, I found this person's YouTube channel. He is called Nemesis. And Nemesis, if you didn't know, is a boss enemy in the Resident Evil franchise. So you can probably tell what his channel focuses on. Mostly, what he covers these days is opinions videos about the Resident Evil series. He used to have a hyphen after his name, because I think at one point, Google required you to have a second name. I'm not sure. But he shortened his name to just simply Nemesis. Anyway, I have been in various online platforms concerning these games since I was a teenager, so I know a lot of the members on the related forums can act venomous over the pettiest of things. This escalated to the point where trolls even created a page about me on a vile website, called Encyclopedia Dramatica, which also has information about incidents from my personal life. And I have been getting stalked by this creep from New Zealand over the past few years. These other YouTubers with more subscribers than this guy, started making videos, essentially bashing the guy for yelling in his videos, and supposedly 'spreading misinformation' through what he was saying. That is nonsense. But anyway, that's what they did, starting in May of last year. Well, since I'm a fan of his channel, I thought they were going way overboard. I then made videos saying it was unprofessional, or at least considered to be unprofessional, to have gaming related YouTube channels, and using accounts to cyber bully somebody else on the Internet, just over their own views. After a while, they made videos about me as well, editing in scenes from movies and insulting me in what they thought was a relevant manner. Because, why not? That's what idiots like this love to do. But in some videos, I was seen on camera touching a mouse in a bath tub, which they assumed was a rat. I mean, I even said it was a mouse. Thinking I was funny, I was pretending that a toothbrush was a microphone, because one of them said something about my teeth, but I actually just looked like a moron by doing that. I thought that kind of attitude of theirs was so vitriolic. But anyway, I went to jail for several months for something totally unrelated to all of this online stupidity, so I was not around from mid-August until early December, but they know I was in jail and they mentioned it in recent videos. The videos about Nemesis however, were still online as recently as a few days ago. They removed them because he seemingly 'improved himself' as a person, and they have ended their conflict with him. But what occurred was, during my backlash against these guys, I had my own channels, and Nemesis turned against me because he found out I said something derogatory about America, where all of these guys I'm referring to, come from. I closed them all, but during the time I was responding, their followers started deliberately leaving comments, voting the videos down, false flagging them, or even archiving my videos elsewhere. I don't get anybody really noticing me on YouTube in general, because I'm not hugely popular. I've got zero talent when it comes to editing videos, and I speak rather fast, so it may be awkward trying to follow what I'm saying anyway. I also tend to get out of breath a lot too. In fact, I had been covering some acting stuff, which they thought was hilarious. Anyway, in a lot of the videos they uploaded to their channels, they are calling me a manchild, which I assume is a derogatory term for an autistic adult. I've been suffering from anxiety for years, and this kind of carry on just makes me feel low. They also know I like transgender people, so they mocked the fact I said I was into them by calling them traps. They also kept calling me a rat, and saying my accommodation is probably infested with them, as well as saying I resemble a rat. But I was also told I look like a rotted grapefruit that was screwed in the face by a chainsaw, and also going on about me having a "failed acting career", because I told them about my IMDb page. Recently, I tried reporting the videos to YouTube. They've been talking to this Nemesis guy in an attempt to get him to side with them, and they say he's my senpai, or mentor, because I was following him in the past. Apparently, they've been talking about me on his Discord, or in private messages. I'm honestly so fed up of this kind of Internet harassment, because it started over a decade ago with other people who, quite frankly, are in the same category. I'm not sure why Google isn't removing the videos. But they try to bypass that hassle, by saying it's videos aimed at critique. I cannot embed every single video, because there's quite a lot in this list of theirs. But in one of their most recent videos, they tried to say that I probably went to jail because I'm a potential paedophile, while falsely accusing me of "beating women in the past", and they want me to go back to prison for a long time so they don't see me around online. Yeah, that's what this one guy was saying in one of his videos, because I told them to lay off bothering people over video game debates, and I got the address of one of their mothers via the fact he uses his real name on PayPal, so I looked him up in case I need to contact the authorities in Illinois. It's quite ridiculous, but I guess it's hard to avoid this type of abuse on YouTube if you have a large channel that constantly keeps attracting trolls like these guys. At the end of the day, you should be able to state how you truly feel about a game or whatever, without fear of being hounded in this fashion. RE: Refuting Peter Anderson One Last Time (End Of The Nemesis Saga) - YouTube [Renegade Operative] https://youtu.be/mENF6Hpi7X8 Triggering Into An Unhealthy Obsession - YouTube [BioDevil_Dom] https://youtu.be/9C4V1WwL-aE RE - Peter Anderson: The Final Nail In The Coffin! Nemesis Responds To The Situation - YouTube [Renegade Operative] https://youtu.be/GGVDG0newaI
  23. I'm still posting on forums, but there are a lot of trolls and members that hardly post. I don't know what happened...
  24. I have anxiety really bad too. I can only get one item from a corner shop and then I hurry out the door. I've noticed I get this 'flushed' feeling and an elevated heart when I go to the counter. It could be due to social anxiety or agoraphobia issues. This means I need the right change so I can leave as soon as is possible, but I'm usually okay if I go somewhere with (example) my mother. In fact, I cannot say I even notice the nervousness when somebody else is with me, but it's not always practical. Is it? I normally go out each day by myself to a local Tesco to buy a cup, or a bottle of cold coffee. But I've noticed lately that my stress levels have been put up quite a bit, and what's making this more annoying than it should be, is that social services don't help me any more, which is frustrating. The funny thing is...the building they work in is situated only like 10 minutes from where I live. My former social worker just wasted my time for over 3 years. People like him often treat mentally ill personnel as an "issue" and not an actual human being. That's wrong, but that's what they're like. I'd also missed out on being in tons of films this year as well, because he said back in 2015 that he could not "justify" funding help for that activity, and yet, they were only able to fund 6 hours of support, so I don't get why he had this attitude. I've got this thing about going by myself to meet people I don't know and because I don't have support now in any capacity, it's rather awkward attempting to do things by myself. Also, I don't think it's a good idea to get too pally with extras and all that through adding them on platforms such as Facebook, as you get quite a lot of backbiters and I think certain people in this industry can be rather immature as well. It's best just to stay strictly professional, as you can get people spreading stories.
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