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  1. Everyone has the right to be truly happy... you don't need to feel guilty that you don't feel as crappy as your friend who has bipolar, and was beaten and raped by their father. The same way that person has a right to recovery and happiness, you do too.
  2. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  3. I am a bipolar man. I just had an episode I'd getting over about 7 months ago. I feel if you are not extensively committed, and you don't have kids, don't do it to yourself, get out of the relationship. It's very difficult. Unless the man has over 4 years since the last episode, takes his meds, and has a proven track record of real recovery with a present good attitude and stability. But if the guy is unstable now? And you have no children together, and this stuff just started coming up. I'd get out. Well let me not tell anyone to get out of a relationship... I'd say, a woman should not get involved in the first place with someone with mental illness unless he has a serious track record of stability, and still knows what could happen. And if he was dishonest or didn't tell her, I would say to just get out. After reading your peice above, I was compeled to reply...I too am going through the same thing.. My partner has Manic Depression and although he was very open in telling me about it, I never really understood until I saw it for myself..Our relationship is only new and we have lived together for only a couple of months, and all of the sudden the whole "honeymoon period" just stopped, the man I deeply love just disappeared and i had no idea in what to do, I started questioning myself whether i had done somethng wrong etc, because he wouldnt speak to me, he wouldnt even look at me, and I felt like I was about to break, I cried and cried and when I finally approached him about it the only respose i got is "I dont know what to say", it was like he didnt care.. And then trying to explain it to the kids, that was difficult cos I didnt know what to expain, cos i was in the dark with it all.. He has meds that he goes on, but when he feels better he will go off them, which i know cant be good for him.. This "downer" has lasted more than two weeks now, and I dont know how much more I can take, i was really close to leaving.. But I cant turn my back on him, I love him far to much, but like you...Im at a loss in how to help when he gets like this!!! thats why i joined this site, maybe someone can give me some insight on what to do...
  4. I saw this video once called "bipolar light"... it described the manic state where a person's front lobes aren't acting... the part that sees from above, or the "conscience." Why would you think you're wrong if you are master of your own world?
  5. They don't tell people with diabetes to "just get over it."
  6. Thank you for your words. I am currently searching to learn all that I can to help myself to heal. Understanding what I am going through seems to be a big part of that healing for me. I did not know about the stress/cortisol hypothesis you spoke of. It does make sense to me. Thank you for what you shared. I grew up in a dysfunctional home also that involved addictions, and experienced various forms of abuse (sexual, physical, emotional). So today I find myself dealing with being an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse, adult child of alcoholics, recovering from abusive relationships, dealing with sexual assault as an adult, and now dealing with severe depression and anxiety. Each day I find evidence that my learning journey and healing journey will be long ones. Thank you for walking with my on my journey. (soft smile) Hugs ~ Angel Angel... I'm impressed with your courage and commitment to healing yourself. May your healing be a source of pride and comfort for yourself, and inspiration and strength to others!
  7. I wasn't abused, but my dad left early on... I was rejected.. I had chronic depression as early as 10 I think.
  8. That sounds really rough. I've been with my therapist for over two years, and I can't imagine the transition right now... I'm sure you can find someone supportive of AA... after all, the 12 steps are the only proven way to deal with addictions. Everyone knows that.
  9. Interesting article. In Talmudic (Hebrew) law, whereas a person is held liable for most things at 12 or 13, they don't get corporal punishment (including death penalty) until 20.
  10. Thank you! You too!

  11. Welcome to DF - hope you have a great day :)

  12. I think it's very grounding to be in touch with the universes cycles. All of the Jewish festivals fall in rhythm with the moon's cycles, and the seasons of the sun. Passover and Sukkot are always on the full moon... And of course the head of the month is always on the newmoon, as is rosh hashanah.
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