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  1. I have a reoccuring dream that I'm out in the woods it's dark and someone is chasing me. At first I have all my senses then I start to lose them. My sight goes first then my hearing but I can still sense someone behind me and I keep running.
  2. I use Trazadone for sleep. I started out at 100mg. That was way too much! Finally down to 25mg and that works good for sleep and I'm not groggy. The pills split really good with a pill splitter.
  3. Salad, Tater tot corn beef casserole, Pistachio cake
  4. It keeps you grounded. That's what a good friend of mine use to say. Didn't understand what he meant at the time until depression and anxiety really got a hold of me.
  5. Would like to lose 20, but would settle for losing 10. I was able to go off Abilify for 5 months and lost a few pounds. However, with covid and my anxiety had to go back on it so I gained back those pounds. I am taking 2 walks a day now. I just need to not snack after dinner. I crave salty snacks in the evening when watching tv.
  6. Calm after the storm. Beautiful here today sunny and in the 80s.
  7. Hey, you are not alone right now. My anxiety is high as well. Like Evergreenforst4 said music helps. I like to listen to upbeat music that you can dance to. Also I have found getting outside going for a walk helps alot.
  8. Hot 90s, humid, scattered thunderstorms
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