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  1. I have taken Abilify and the only side effect I remember at the beginning was headaches. They only lasted a few days.
  2. Took dog to the groomer, ran errands, washed a load of laundry, walked dog morning and evening, cooked, washed dishes, watched some tv.
  3. I'm on Abilify and have experienced weight gain. I have an increased appetite but have been cutting back and exercising more but unable to lose weight. Does abilify affect metabolism making it harder to lose weight? I know that some antidepressants do this. I was on Paxil and it did this.
  4. I have never taken zoloft but you said you havent taken it in a while sometimes if we go off our meds quickly we can get side effects. Ive had this feeling before and mine was coming from my thyroid. I have thyroid disease and my blood levels were off.
  5. Have a bird feeder in the back yard love to watch the birds. Feed the squirrels too but they always get on the bird feeder and dump the seed.
  6. liver, bleu cheese, mushrooms, olives
  7. My parents. Feeling carefree no stress no worries.
  8. Crafts, coloring, dot to dot, puzzles. Anything that I focus on ànd takd my mind off whatever is making me anxious.
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