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  1. I have had this twice. The first time an increase to 60 mg of paxil and recently when I came off of abilify. The first time it was just like what you are having now hearing conversations in the background. I specifically remember one conversation my mom and sister talking about my sister smoking. They were sitting at the kitchen table in our childhood home. My mom wanted her to quit. That time I tapered off the paxil and went on effexor. I started writing things down to discuss with my psychiatrist. Did you recently change the dosage of your meds, add a new drug or stop taking one?
  2. There are alot of different blood pressure meds. If your Dr. prescribes one that causes side effects try another one. I tried 4 before I found one that I could take without side effects.
  3. My kitchen remodeled. New flooring, cabinets, countertops, back splash, island counter.
  4. Yes this is so true. Why are people like this? Why do they have an agenda? I've also found these people to be vampires they just suck the life right out of you.
  5. I'm really feeling down today. I miss someone that was a good friend. I really miss talking to him. He was really easy to talk to and did not judge. He listened and offered advice. We lost touch we both had some problems. I've tried to reconnect with him but he just drifts back away.
  6. I have a reoccuring dream that I'm out in the woods it's dark and someone is chasing me. At first I have all my senses then I start to lose them. My sight goes first then my hearing but I can still sense someone behind me and I keep running.
  7. I use Trazadone for sleep. I started out at 100mg. That was way too much! Finally down to 25mg and that works good for sleep and I'm not groggy. The pills split really good with a pill splitter.
  8. Salad, Tater tot corn beef casserole, Pistachio cake
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