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  1. Imported Marlan may be available from your pharmacy within a few days. Just awaiting final FDA approval. These are real Marplan - 10mg tablets. Color is different - it's a light pink. The active ingredient is the same.
  2. The Fda dropped any objection to having Validus Pharmaceuticals import Marplan from Denmark on Dec. 21, 2018. They will soon be testing and distributing Danish Marplan in the USA. According to Validus, there needs to be more testing done. The Fda is partially shutdown due to government shutdown. I don't know if this is the current source of the delay, but Validus has not yet started to distribute it. I will.post a link to the FDA'S Research site shortly.
  3. I'm on Marplan for the second time. I took it for four years with great success. Had some low blood pressure, anorgasmia and insomnia with it, but they diminished in a few months. I felt great. Stopped taking it almost two years ago to try other things. That was a mistake. Started taking it again 3 weeks ago. Up to 50mg now. Bad insomnia but no other significant side effects. Feeling much better for over a week now. bests, -rsr-
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