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  1. Sweet potato, eggplant (except for salad), raw fish, fermented soy. Any different part from animals (like liver, stomach, brain etc), milk with coffee.
  2. I can relate to that. That was one of the thoughts I've been having lately that is getting me so down 😔
  3. A bit better today after feeling awful the whole weekend thinking about my life... And feeling guilty for feeling like that...
  4. It was a very hot day and tomorrow will be the same. This summer has been way too hot 😖
  5. Bird Box. Tense! I can't define yet if I enjoyed it. It is different from what I usually watch.
  6. My anxiety is finally under control now but I can feel it is still around.
  7. I'm really sorry to hear that. Anxiety is so awful!
  8. What a lovely thread! Goodnight everyone!
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