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  1. 45 min of bike (indoor) and abs.
  2. Sapiens: A brief history of humankind - Yuval Harari
  3. Happy Birthday @Atra! I wish you lots of good things!
  4. Laila


    I feel sad now. He was an amazing person... Rest in peace, Mark! You're already being missed here...
  5. Cowardice? Never, Matk. You are very very brave. A real fighter. And an incredible human being. I've seen you helping people here recently. You're often in my thoughts.
  6. I've been feeling anxious for the last few days, the whole day.
  7. Worried. Trying to convince myself there's nothing to worry about.
  8. I agree with everything @adamrparr and @MargotMontage said about you. You're definitely not a coward! And I'm also glad you're here with us. I keep sending you positive energy.
  9. Bike for 1h while watching TV
  10. Pilates and 1h of bike while watching TV
  11. I've been feeling anxious lately. For a while my anxiety was under control and wasn't bothering me that much. Now I can feel it's there.
  12. You're totally right, we all learn from each other here. Maybe at the stage my life is now, some of the things you've been saying are making me reflect more. And learn. And I hope I can put what I'm learning in practice. You've been in my thoughts today. And you will keep in my thoughts. I'm truly hoping things will get better for you.
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