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  1. In high school and college I was that outgoing, funny, living life kinda gal. Now that I've experienced different things like having a child, working too much, having bills, and dealing with major depression and anxiety, I feel I have lost that person. I know she's in there somewhere, but sometimes it feels like I'm a completely different person. Social and general anxiety are VERY difficult to deal with. I would try to start small, stay out of your head (like I think most of us are), and try not to miss this opportunity. Maybe try joining a club to meet people slowly. Wish you the best! You're in for some fun times!
  2. Well, there's going to be some down time switching meds so don't give up yet. I was on Zoloft for years and got pregnant so moved to celexa. It worked for me...just like all the rest, give it time and keep talking to dr
  3. It's been a year since the walls came tumbling down. The year where nothing seemed to go right and I hit my bottom. Even though I'm still carrying on, my battle isn't over but lord I'm hoping to be out of this soon!!!!
  4. We sound exactly alike! I'm 32, been on celexa 40mg for 5 months. Lost all motivation, feeling numb emotionally. I've tried Wellbutrin and the only thing I can say is that I have severe anxiety and had a major panic attack my first dose, but I'm very sensitive to meds. I would love to find something new, but I feel I've tried them all!
  5. I'm taking 40mgs of Celexa. I haven't had any side effects, however I am feeling very numb. I don't enjoy anything, don't get mad, happy, sad. I'm having no reactions to anything. I have tried several medications and I'm not sure what to do next. Anyone found a med combination that's helped with emotional numbness? I just want my motivation back!
  6. I am on 40mg of celexa but I am kind of just hovering above a depression. Anybody recommend adding something too it to help boost my energy?
  7. I taught for 6 years and my depression got worse in the summers. I had to quit my job due to MDD/GAD. I've had trouble since. I think the nausea is probably a combination of both the virus and depression. My anxiety causes many gastro problems. Keep an eye out for it and if it doesn't get better, see your doc. Nausea is a gross feeling
  8. Wow. I must say that I do not have any friends who would say this to me. I think that yes she's frustrated, but that is not the way to deal with it. My mom has said minor things to me about things when I was in a depression, and she has depression, after we talked I understood more that she felt she hopeless and thought anger would get me out of it. I was the same when I was younger with her, but a friend would never speak to someone that way...EVER.
  9. I understand very much. I'm a mother of 1 and find it difficult to do regular things with my daughter. We are moving this weekend and my anxiety has been horrible. I would do anything to send it away. Good wishes to you!
  10. We are moving today and my anxiety has been crippling me. I'm not motivated, happy, and just plain miserable. Need hugs.
  11. Hey! Pets are known to help with alot of things. They are brought into hospitals and nursing homes to cheer people up. We own 3 dogs and a guinea pig, my mom has 2 dogs, my brother has 1...I've always been an animal person and it 100% makes a difference. But you have to think about what kind of animal you get and keep in mind the tough days. If you get a dog, think about the breed and the age of the dog. Good luck!
  12. It sure does!! Come on down to Texas! It's so much easier and we are desperate for science teachers!! (One reason we are so low on every list but size!) I know here in Austin they are scrambling! Go back to school, live off your loans and be a professor, you're almost there anyway! I'd love a teaching job at a community college as well!
  13. Hey. You're doing the best thing...reaching out to these friends you got right here. It's so tough being a mom and having one of these days, but sometimes it's good so we DON'T crawl up in bed. I think you deserve a hot cup of tea, a bubble bath, a good book, and some ice cream. Life can be so overwhelming ( my 4 year-old is screaming at me now to get her a drink!), tonight, just let it all float away and worry about you! Get on here, send me a message, we can swap stories funny and sad, before you know it, it will be tomorrow and a new good day!!!
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