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  1. Like: Silly names of towns, streets, rivers, etc.; Whatever; Whoa; Wow; hmmmmm; Dislike: cool; gross; you know; anyhoo; awesome;
  2. 1. Had lunch with daughter, sister-in-law, niece and great niece. 2. Purchased small rug to spruce up bedroom. 3. Scanned old pictures belonging to brother.
  3. I am an atheist who dislikes all religions because so much harm has done in the world in the name of religion.
  4. 1. When I am anxious, I hyperventilate. So it is important for me to breathe slowly and deeply while telling myself very slowly, "Relax, relax." 2. If my heart is palpitating, I concentrate on slowing it down, too. 3. I tell myself it is just a panic attack and there is nothing wrong with my breathing or my heart. 4. Meditation helps, too, but this takes practice.
  5. 1. Scan brother's pictures. (He is deceased and these are very precious to me.) 2. Rest up from a busy week. 3. Go through more old papers.
  6. 1. Got a massage. 2. Cleaned out old papers. 3. Made lunch date.
  7. If you will go to Alcoholics Anonymous, I assure you that everyone there will have either gone through the same thing you are or is presently going through it. You will get excellent suggestions on how to deal with this. Be sure to get the phone numbers and to share a little about yourself. That is a part of the program: One alcoholic helping another. If you are confused at first (this is normal,) don't give up. Keep going to different meetings and keep an open mind. As I said previously, you didn't get this way overnight and you won't begin to feel better overnight. It takes time but is well worth it. Don't cheat yourself out of the good stuff and AA is the good stuff. Take care, Lillian
  8. 1. Attended 12 Step meeting. 2. Prepared lunch. 3. Cleaned litter box.
  9. Zoloft made me nauseated. Effexor made me sleepy. Celexa doesn't really help me except for pain. The one that helped the most was Elavil but it seems to have the most side effects. I think everyone is different and different medications work for one and maybe not for another. You really have to work closely with a doctor you trust. Best to all. Lillian
  10. I suggest Alcoholics Anonymous. It saved my life. Not only helps me one day at a day with my drinking problem but also helps me with everything you mentioned: Depression, anxiety and PTSD. Attend different meetings until you find some that speak to you. Get phone numbers and call people. Find some you really identify with. Keep an open mind. It takes time. There is a solution and with that comes hope. Good luck. Lillian
  11. Welcome, myother me. I cannot tell you how much this forum has helped with my depression. It keeps me focused on being proactive. Hope it helps you as much as it has helped me. Best to you. Lillian
  12. If you have a Humane Society in your area (not a county animal shelter,) they do not put animals to sleep. They will help you find homes for your animals and then you will have room to help more. Take care. Lillian Hi, I am not sure if I am answering correctly here, but I will tell you what I think my purpose is. I am 41 years old, in depression for the past 4 years. Before this I went in to traning to be a counsellour to help people, but then a series of loses (not deaths) of 7 close people around me showed me who my true friends and family were, and I was alone. Downward spiral after that, what was the point in trying to help people when they didnt care about anyone except themselves. All my life I had put others before myself, in everything, the first time I asked for help, they were all " busy" From being a child I always knew I was meant to look after animals, I was way too shy to be a people person, but somewhere as I grew up I tried to "fit in" It was always clear I could not. Giving myself to others only made them take take take. I always swore that would not change me, that people were better than that deep down, and I could help them see it. 4 years ago proved me so very wrong. And I now see it so clear again that I am only meant to live to take care of aminals. I have saved/rescued/homed many cats. I now have 22, 5 guinea pigs, a ferret and 2 birds. All was unwanted, unloved. abandoned or homeless. They are all I breathe for, They have kept me alive, and give me a reason and the strength to get out of bed, go to a sickening job, because if I give up, they will all be put to sleep. Thats my purpose, thats why I was born, cos animals need me.
  13. 1. Watered flowers. 2. Pulled weeds. 3. Sent reunion information to relatives.
  14. 1. Had my hair cut really short (trying to beat the heat) 2. Attended a visitation for a neighbor who died (Was nervous but it went fairly well.) 3. Ordered hearing aid batteries. (Much cheaper)
  15. Glad you liked my pictures. Can't wait to see your Columbine. Take care.


  16. Apparently, her album sales are up so people are remembering her for her music. Hopefully, there will be unreleased albums that will come out later. Life is precious.
  17. 1. Cooked dinner. 2. Vacuumed floors. 3. Checked on cousin who had surgery. Best to all. Lillian
  18. We do what we have to do. If we were diabetic we would take insulin for life. It doesn't bother me. I just want to be able to function as well as possible. Best to All. Lillian
  19. I have moved this topic to my photo gallery. Please follow it there. Thanks. Lillian
  20. I finally put pictures in my gallery site.

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