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  1. 1. Attended twelve step meeting. 2. Brought up the topic at 12 step meeting--the fourth step. 3. Trimmed Mimi the cat. She was very good.
  2. It is very frustrating especially when they tell you, you are going to hell because you don't believe what that do.
  3. Cakewalker, I feel much the same way you do. I had a recent experience that really amazed me. Someone told me that they had lost their cat. They had their church members pray for the cat's return. In two weeks the cat did return and the church members said their prayers were the cause of this. Now God is going to return a cat and not save children from starving to death in Africa?
  4. 1. Completed application 2. Cooked dinner. 3. Harvested onions.
  5. He doesn't sound like someone dependable to me. I don't know why he would be expected to act differently as he has shown you the very same behavior many times over. I agree with Cassis' words about love. I think we always love everyone we have ever loved in a special place in our hearts but I have also found love in and of itself is not enough. We need much more than just mere love such as trust, faithfulness, consideration, dependability, support, etc., etc. When I look back on some of the loves I could have hooked up with permanently, I thank my guardian angels that I escaped. There may be some other issues at play here such as a fear of abandonment. (Even when we do the abandoning for good reason, it is still abandonment.) There is also the challenge of winning over someone who is unavailable. Another issue might be the excitement of being with a "bad boy." I am not saying these are true in your case but it is something to think about. Best to all especially you. Lillian
  6. Was there someone in your prior experiences who judged you harshly such as your parents, a teacher, a priest, etc.?
  7. I agree with Lindahurt. I think when we judge others it mean we are really judging ourselves. If we can get to the root of why we a judging ourselves so harshly, it will allow us to ease up on others. Best to all, especially you. Lillian
  8. I would find a twelve step group. There is one for everything. Call the local Help Line and they can probably refer you to one. I find them to be very helpful. Best to all especially you. Lillian
  9. If anyway possible, I would recommend you get counseling. After a while, maybe your counselor could add in your boyfriend. I don't think you can "fix" it alone. If you are thinking of marriage, there is always pastoral pre-marriage counseling. It sounds as if you might be co-dependent and there is a twelve step group for this. I have been to some of these meetings and they are very helpful. You could almost call it free counseling. Your family sounds just like mine so I definitely commiserate with you. Good luck. Lillian
  10. I am allergic to insect bites and insects adore me. One time I was with a tour group of about 20 people in the mountains and there were gnats flying all around my head and no one else. It was very embarrassing but I am sure no one noticed. I have tried every insect repellent known to man and absolutely none work. The only thing that helps a little is a night light on top of sticky tape that catches them. I used to get furious when I was bitten but I am more into acceptance now (I hate it but that's the way it is.) I have four cats and only one is allergic to insect bites. She gets a shot every two months that really helps her. I have been threatening to get the vet to give me a shot, too. I certainly sympathize with your dilemma. Good luck in finding some help. You can get the bug catcher at Ace Hardware. Best to all. Lillian
  11. 1. Attended 12 step meeting. 2. Deadheaded roses. 3. Photographed wildflowers.
  12. May you always walk in sunshine, slumber warm when night winds blow. May you always live with laughter, for a smile becomes you so. May good fortune find your doorway, may the bluebird sing your song. May no trouble travel your way, may no worry stay too long. May your heartaches be forgotten, may no tears be spilled. May old acquaintance be remembered, and your cup of kindness filled. And may you always be a dreamer, may your wildest dream come true. May you find someone to love, as much as I love you. May old acquaintance be remembered, and your cup of kindness filled. And may you always be a dreamer, may your wildest dream come true. May you find someone to love, as much as I love you.
  13. I agree with getting some counseling. A good way to do this is to go to vocational rehabilitation. I think every state has one of these. Another good way to get a job is to volunteer with a service organization. Helping others is a good way to get out of oneself and see that there are others with problems like ours. Then when there is a job opening, there is a good chance they will hire you because they already know you. Good luck and welcome to the forums. I have received a lot of help here.
  14. 1. Found pictures of ancestors online. 2. Purchased new suitcase for trip in September. 3. Found out niece is going with me to reunion.
  15. I don't watch much TV but one of my favorite programs is House Hunter's International. It takes my mind off my depression to live vicariously in a beautiful home in a beautiful country. Right now, I just finished dead-heading my roses and pruning my luscious Passion Vine that is taking over the entire flower bed. Unfortunately, I need to get dressed to attend the funeral of a cousin who just died after a 9 year battle with breast cancer. It does make me grateful for being healthy (more or less) and being alive.
  16. Congratulations. Writing it down always makes one feel better.
  17. I like what John Lennon said, " Life is what happens while we are making other plans."
  18. Very interesting article. It is very hopeful for me to know there are clergy who are atheist or agnostic. As far as we have come from early civilizations who questioned what made thunder and lightning, I think religions are going to have to rethink their beliefs to continue to appeal to a modern society exploring outer space.
  19. 1. Made copies of brother's family papers. 2. Watered flowers. 3. Attended 12 step meeting.
  20. 1. Get hearing aids adjusted. 2. Get Xerox copies of over size papers. 3. Attend visitation for cousin who passed away.
  21. 1. Finished scanning pictures. 2. Brought out files for sorting. 3. Took kitties out for a walk.
  22. As far as I am concerned, mental illness is a chemical imbalance, injury or mis-wiring of the brain. If you have diabetes, you take insulin. If you have a mental illness, you treat it accordingly, too.
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