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  1. I am happy to report it is finally a little cooler after months of unbearable heat. I worked in the yard pulling the weeds that hadn't expired in the heat. The hurricane did bring a little rain my way but not like in some states, thank goodness. My poor little flowers are finally perked up a little.
  2. 1. The weather is finally a little cooler so I will work in the yard. Yay 2. Keep doctor's appointment. 3. Clean floors.
  3. I am as well as you can be and be depressed. Thanks for asking. Going out to lunch with a friend so looking forward to that. Have been to England many times and have good friends near Liverpool. Would like to live there if it wasn't so darned expensive. You are very fortunate.
  4. To have a friend, you have to first be a friend. Don't wait for your friends to call you, call them first. Don't wait for your friends to plan an outing, plan one yourself and invite them. If they are busy, don't feel rejected, call someone else. People do get busy. Don't talk about yourself all of the time. Ask them how they are doing. Ask them about their hobbies. Having friends takes a lot of energy, something we don't have. So we have to plan ahead to do something during a less stressful time and save up our energy for that. Good luck.
  5. I guess this is off topic but I am very grateful for Walmart and the people who work there. I know that Walmart gets a lot of criticism for having poor worker benefits, for importing from China and for putting small businesses out of business, but I could not make ends meet if I could not shop there. I am a poor person and it really helps me to stretch my budget along with dollar stores and other discount and outlet stores. Good luck to you and say a thank you for me to your fellow employees.
  6. I am on 40 mg a day of Celexa and have had no problems with heart rate. However, when I was on Elavil (which really helped my depression) I did have problems with heart palpatations. I wonder if all Ads increase heart rate to a degree?
  7. I think it depends on the person. There are both good and bad psychologists and therapists. You just have to find the one right for you.
  8. I thought fear was already excitement.
  9. Does it help obsessive thinking?
  10. We tend to compare our insides to others outsides. Others who appear to have many friends may be just as lonely as you are. There is such a thing as being alone in the crowd. When we are depressed, we have very little energy. Friends take energy. To have a friend, we have to first be a friend. This means calling others to ask how they are doing. It means inviting friends to do things rather than wait to be invited. A good place to learn how to be a good friend is in a twelve step group. There is a twelve step group for everything. Call your local Help Line to ask for a contact person of one that meets yours needs. As has been stated, this forum is a good place to find friends who understand what you are experiencing. In fact, for practice, ask some people on this forum to be your friend. Best to all especially you. Lillian
  11. I think a red flag would be if you already have hypertension. Most meds in my opinion based on what I've researched have the potential to cause something. Lindahurt
  12. Apparently many ADs cause heart problems. Does anyone know one that does not?
  13. Watering my flowers in this terrible drought. Getting cats in out of the heat.
  14. I am addicted to brushing my teach twice a day which I think is a good thing. I don't see how participating on this forum is a bad thing either.
  15. 1. Drove daughter to doctor's appointment. 2. Took daughter out to lunch. 3. Rescued lizard from cat.
  16. Thank you for your comment. I always plant the sweet onions. Don't know the exact variety. We are having hamburgers tonight so will try them out.

  17. When I was eleven years old, my father committed suicide. He was my hero. I have never gotten over it. That is when depression started. However, it probably would have started eventually anyway as it runs in my family. So sorry for your loss. I can certainly understand.
  18. I am way beyond frustration to numb. Today, I just accept that it is apart of depression and do the best I can.
  19. Back pain, neck pain, ankle pain, muscle pain, earaches. Don't know if it is age or depression or both.
  20. It made me sleep all of the time. I do like to sleep but felt I was sleeping my life away. You must remember that different ADs effect different people different ways. A lot of differents there. Good luck. Maybe this will be the one for you.
  21. My parents did the best they could and their best was horrible. I have been able to find forgiveness because I have had opportunities for healing they did not have.
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