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  1. 1. Labeled reunion pictures. 2. Sent copies of pictures to cousins. 3. Unpacked suitcases and sorted clothes.
  2. Thanks. I did have a great trip. Went to a family reunion. Met lots of cousins and toured family historic homes. Niece went with me to introduce her to her heritage. Little tired today but have all week to rest up. Oooh, boarding passes! I love to fly commercially, it feels like such a travel treat haha. I hope you have a great trip : )
  3. 1. Washed clothes for trip. 2. Ironed things for trip. 3. Printed out boarding passes.
  4. Teaching is very rewarding and also very stressful. If you are a wife and mother on top of that, then that is added stress. No wonder you are tired when you get home which is further complicated by the depression. Make a list of the must do's. Do the most important one first to get it out of the way. Break it up into integrals. Do the parts first that you dislike the least. This will jump start you. Leave the nice to do's but not essentials for the weekend. Space them out over this large period of time. Take breaks between chores to take a nap or have some tea or do something you enjoy. But most important, do not beat up on yourself. This only makes things worse and you have enough stress without adding this undeserved action. Take care and continue to share your concerns on this forum. I always feel less stressed when I do this.
  5. I love Madea, too. She/he always makes me laugh.
  6. 1. Attended a 12 step meeting. 2. Gave my phone number to a newbie at the meeting. 3. Shared at the meeting. Also, I like tea, too. It gives me a lift.
  7. Breathing exercise are certainly good. I also like quiet walks in beautiful nature, listening to beautiful music, reading beautiful literature, watching positive movies, getting all involved in a favorite hobby, quiet talks with a positive friend, writing positive thoughts, interacting with favorite pets, etc.
  8. These comments really emphasize how therapeutic animals are. They are even allowing them in nursing homes.
  9. I never thought about it this way but you are right on.
  10. I am retired and do not leave the house everyday. If I am not going somewhere, I don't shower. My dermatologist told me I don't need to shower everyday because I have very thin, dry, sensitive skin. I don't think this would be true for everyone. Also, I perspire very little which is not a blessing. Perspiration cools our bodies and I overheat very easily. Talk to your doctor especially now that you are pregnant.
  11. I believe all religions to be a totally human construct.
  12. My little Siamese cat racing to the door and sliding on the tile.
  13. 1. Tried a new restaurant in town and liked it. 2. Copied some reports for a friend. 3. Sent a sympathy note to a friend who lost her dog.
  14. I really liked it but my doctor was concerned about my side effects. It is the only AD I was ever on that had me walking around singing. I am thinking of going back on it.
  15. Thank you so much, Trace, for all of your dream interpretations. They were very helpful and right on. I certainly understand your personal responsibilities are taking up most of your time and you also are involved in so much else on DF.

  16. 1. Prepared salad for dinner. 2. Cleaned up after dinner. 3. Lost 5 pounds.
  17. I recently dreamed I was in my grandparents' house, an early 20Th century farmhouse. My grandfather had died earlier and my grand mother had lived four years longer. I was spending the night with my grandmother and was sleeping across the hall from her in my grandfather's bed. In the middle of the night a large rat was running around the room. I discovered there was a large hole under the window. I caught the rat by the tail and put it outside. Then two weasels came through the large hole. I was not afraid of the animals but did not know what to do about the hole. (My grandmother died 30 years ago.)
  18. 1. Found a toilet brush I like. I know. I know. A little silly. 2. Bought some stain remover for carpets. 3. Ran the vacuum.
  19. It is unusually cool for early September and we had an unusually hot summer. Wonder if global warming means hot, hot summers AND cold, cold winters? Interesting.
  20. Congratulations. That is quite an accomplishment. Wish I could learn to speak other languages like that but I don't think I could.
  21. 1. Prepared dinner. 2. Suggested method to clean straw off roof. 3. Weeded garden
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