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  1. Waiting for Dancing With the Stars to come on in ten minutes .
  2. 1. Received much anticipated application in the mail. 2. Used new medication to treat psoriasis. 3. Had lunch at very nice restaurant.
  3. Little Siamese cat begging for attention.
  4. Absolutely gorgeous fall day. Had some much needed rain several days ago. Now it has cooled things off and the leaves are beginning to turn.
  5. I believe that we never want to die. It is the depression that wants to die so we have to do everything we can to deal with the depression.
  6. 1. Attended class reunion and did not panic. 2. Found nice clothing combination in back of closet to wear to reunion. 3. Enjoyed being with an old friend who has moved far away.
  7. Trying to entice cats in from their morning outing. Might have to entice with shrimp.
  8. Did not sleep well last night. Had sinus problems/hay fever. It is that time of year. Just take an antihistamine and decongestant and suffer through it.
  9. 1. Electricity went off so called electric company. 2. Electric company removed tree off line. 3. Happy to have electricity again.
  10. I did too much yesterday so I am tired today.
  11. Watching the reports about the death of Steve Jobs. So sad. Such a creative genius.
  12. I have three cats in my lap so things can't be all bad.
  13. I have a sinus headache but am now going to take a Sudafed. Should feel better soon.
  14. Nodding. Going to go take a nap. Bye.
  15. There is absolutely no way you are going to convince a very religious person you are good without god. You have told them this so there is no need to discuss it further. Tell them you do not want to discuss it further. If they keep bringing up the topic, keep repeating that you do not want to discuss it further. Say no more than this. Some people are slow learners.
  16. I wouldn't say ruined. I would prefer not to be depressed but there are worse things. I am learning to accept my depression and to do the best I can regardless.
  17. I used to hate myself until I got into a twelve step program and learned to care for myself. Take care. There is a solution.
  18. 1. Had a great family reunion. 2. Took lots of pictures at reunion. 3. Visited niece and sister-in-law.
  19. 1. Set up reception hall for family reunion. 2. Made tea for reunion. 3. Ate at nice restaurant.
  20. I am not sure there is an emoticon that expresses my mood today. I feel today as I feel most days, sort of in limbo, neither up or down.
  21. Less tired today than I was yesterday. Did get a good night's sleep. A little nervous about some family demands and beginning to procrastinate over these.
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