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  1. Birch, Are you now taking 30mg? For two weeks, or so, I'm up to 20mg/day. Brother Zoot, How are you feeling before noon? My update is that my mornings are medicated and full of repetitive worry. Not much different, but the afternoons are better and more normal.
  2. AD, I think you can try the morning or night without much worry overall, and see if it's better. Just don't go back and forth too much. I still wonder about the time. All in all, one just has to get past the side effects. That take time for some of us. Good Luck.
  3. "As far as dosing: My pdoc put me on 20mg almost immediately. During my last check-in with him he said if I was feeling good at 20 I'd feel even better at 30. I balked at that but what do I know? I feel good now so I don't want to jinx it by changing doses. The thought of going through side effects again also turns my stomach (lterally). I wonder, though, if the higher dose isn't the reason I'm doing better. I'm not a big person so it isn't my size. I'm 5'6" and average weight." That is an answer, more would tend to make you feel better, Birch's Doc think's so. Dr Zoot and Dr Dusty have been down similar roads. Plus we both have stress that doesn't go away. The drugs don't eliminate trouble, but I think we both handle it better on the med. We both feel tired. Speaking for myself, these drugs must have some calming effects IMHO. I sleep too much, and want to close my eyes right now. Good Night.
  4. Hello, Birch, do we have any veterans? I feel just like Brother Z most of the day, then about 4pm on the weekends after sleeping and doing a few light weight work around the house, I'm completely normal. Now on a work day,today's Monday, my head feels unattached from my body, although both want to lay down and rest. Does anyone still feel badly depressed still? Brother Zoot, I think I'd feel depressed all day without the med. I would think that taking 20mg a day would feel better than 10 or 15 a day? Does anyone know? I thought to change the time to the evening. That depression has passed for the most part, but this isn't living.
  5. Good idea. Memorable Names. Seems I can't remember the generic names. They're meaningless to me. Seems the trade names like Zoloft are much easier to recall. I don't like when the generic is referred to as the brand name. Nope, not at all do I like that, especially when we writing about both, and using the brand name. I'd like to update my day five on the Lexapro B. I'm not feeling good in the morning. I was sleeping until the afternoon. I got up when I felt like it, rather than getting up and feeling all kinds of sleepy. Took my time. I did get up to feed and walk the dog then went back to sleep. Now I'm all rested up and it's nine pm. I'm thankful it was a non work day! My title for this thread is Back to Lexapro..Day two, that was way back at the end of May. I only remember feeling much worse back then. Now at least i'm back after the short generic ride. I'm still praying to feel normal everyday like I did for a few days when I ran out of my secret stash of brand.
  6. Holy Lexapro, I did spell it wrong, the second time. That post was confusing. This is a sleeping pill, Eszopiclone. I think she said this one. She had a patient that was given that instead.
  7. Hello, Last I posted was on the 17th. That day I was able to talk to my new Doc. The blood tests she took showed nothing bad, except for low vitimin D. That same day I had 10mg of the brand left so I took that before I called her. That was the last pill, otherwise I had been on the generic for about one week, straight. I was feeling dead on my feet the whole week on the generic. Actually worse each day. I was felt like falling asleep all day. Then, she had me check if they gave me a sleeping pill by mistake. There is another pill that's close to the spelling of Escitalopram, which is a sleeping pill. When we checked the pill, it was the Escitaloram. Once that was confirmed she called in the Lexapro brand and I started that once again on Wednesday.morning. Today, that brings me up to only the start of day three on the Lexapro B (brand). I'm not feeling as good as of a whole week on the brand, before the Escitalopram week yet. It's confusing to read this, but I hope you get the picture. I was at the point where even the morning was normal after a week of 20mg Lexapro B. I'm back on the lexapro B. Now I'm waiting to get back to that normal. ( I hope) There has been extreme stress in my life these past days. After work I went home, just laid down on the bed to relax, and I feel sound asleep for three hours. I don't know what to think now, except that once again I have to give myself a few solid days for the LexB to settle in. Thanks for asking!
  8. they didn't warn would be anything like this! Reckon if it wasn't for this forum I would definitely have stopped taking the pills. That is the ****. I had been on Lexapro for 8 years. I only saw them, GP, every 90 days, sometimes they just skipped the 90 day check. Now this time I took the med I had left over from a year ago, had all the side effects, and they told me to wait for a Phycologist to monitor the med. I was so fubar. . Then, now I found the right med and dose, on my own, after 12 weeks, and the new dr said to wait a few days for the new blood work results. She was excellent to me so I didn't complain. TG for DF.
  9. Good question. Both Zoloft and Lexapro are SSRI. Must be about the same. Don't worry.
  10. Yes. I know I feel a difference. I often wonder about everyone that is now taking the generic, like me right now, and are feeling tired if the brand would help them feel less tired and better. Anyway this is an endless 12 weeks for me. At least I do feel better no matter which one I take. I have no options until I get a call from my doc next week. The doc just said that it all depends on the individual. For some it doesn't matter. I think the word on the street is that the Brand Lexapro works for everyone, whereas the generic doesn't.
  11. I found something interesting. I switched from brand Lexapro to generic Escitapram. The brand was good in the morning, and now the generic might be better at night. ?
  12. Hello, Then ask us. You have! I just know Lexapro. they are both SSRI. It might be popping out on you. Or you need it and you trying to stop. First question is why have you been taking the SSRI? DR
  13. The name is great, BTW. Yes that is correct. The issue is the the generic is way less in cost, so the ins. companies only cover the generic. They claim it's the same, but Nope. I might be adjusting to the generic. One good is that there isn't a start from the very beginning again.
  14. I think it's bad in case there was a fire or other emergency. I'd also hate to miss an important appointment. It's feels rather good to sleep like a log but not like this. I must be tossing and turning in my sleep. I'd always think it's a bad sign to sleep through the alarm. For Birch's reasons. I just associate over sleeping with stuff like paying the dues for the night before. Now we are paying the dues for the medications we take, depression and tossing and turning from anxiety. It does feel good to sleep. It feels good to nap. My concern is that's all I seem to think about. Napping and sleeping is all I want to do these days. Only, no matter how much I rest, sleep, and nap I still feel like sleeping more. It was so nice those few days I felt good on the 20mg of Brand Lexapro. I think the generic could be a big problem for all of those who feel sleepy.
  15. I just looked up shnznit. Funny stuff. Never knew that word. Thanks for asking. I posted somewhere that I increased the brand Lexapro to 20mg. With that change I was the best. It was three days of normal after I got used to going from 15 to 20. I only had enough left of the brand name made by Forest Labs(I think) for a 8 day of 20 brand to test. Result was perfect. I then had to take the generic for about one week. I was anticipating seeing a new Dr for med Managment. I had read that there was a big difference for the people on the generic, both here and elasewhere. I saw her yesterday. She asked about how I was doing with the generic. I told her what I just said to you. Her experience with patients was that there is a difference. I wasn't tired on the 20mg of brand lexapro. Now I'm waiting for blood work results, and will most likely pay the extra for the brand. It's lots of bucks extra. $12 compared to $117. I'm still hoping the generic will kick in, so far not after eight days. Might still be getting adjusted? To answer your Q, right now it's the same feeling of dread in the morning, feeling better at noon, and sleeping 11 hours a day.
  16. I almost didn't get out of bed. My wife is a heavy sleeper, but I have her set her alarm five mintutes after mine to make sure I don't fall asleep, and miss, being on time for work. At least I'm getting up on time everyday for work! I saw a new Doc yesterday. She took blood to check on my b12, plus a few other levels, as to why I'm tired. One disscussion was on how some feel bad effects with generic lexapro. I feel tired the generic compared to 10 days of the brand at 20mg. She wants to see the results before I get a new Rx for the brand. It'll cost $117 per month if I go that way.
  17. It's very easy to look back. As an example, I'll use myself, but it's the same for anyone you may want to look back to older posts. Point to my name or picture on the right, click either. Then on my profile, on the right, click "Find Content". Then all of my content will be displayed. View whatever you may want with a click.
  18. Alcohol...is .? not worth it. Although it's a cheap EZ buzz. One just has to know to stop a two drinks.
  19. My story line has changed with the generic. I woke up late again today, and feel bad right now. The Brand name is very expensive. I wanted to try the generic again. Now I have to stick with it. I'm seeing my new Doc Thursday. Hoping it's just another adjustment period.
  20. The fact remains that there is no way to calibrate the side effects of lexapro, or other head meds. I've only been with Lexapro, and a few other straight up SSRI. The fact that Lexapro is the newest SSRI must mean something. I always think new is better? Science must get better with time. Whenever I've gotten the side effects with too much sleepiness, tiredness, head fog, more depression than I started with, and not being able to think clearly, I always come up with the question of why no doctor can push some magic pill and move my brain to feel normal. Yes, make the most of the good days. Always believe that the drug is working. Slowly yet having a good day is a SIGN. The sign reads, "More will be coming"! Even though the next three days may not be the ones we want, or look forward to having come along. Brains are extra extremely complex, with having to control so many functions. Amazing. Then it's not too amazing that no one knows how these crazy meds will do to help anxiety and depression and how each of us will respond to treatment. 2-3, 4-6, 6-8 weeks? Even Ten weeks for me. I must say that I missed two whole months, of normal. lol. HUGS AND KISSES to Normal! Today I ate shushi, how normal! :-)
  21. Seven weeks, it took me ten, and I'm still not completey refreshed, wide away,and bushy tailed. It can be a long process, and a big commitment to wait for feeling normal for some of us.
  22. I agree with everyone. It'll take two weeks. Two is the barebones minimum. Then finding the therapeutic dose is time consuming. The side effects can be all or none of the listings. It all depends on the individual.
  23. Dnos, I want to say..GREAT, to your gains. I had to change from Lexapro to the Escitlalopram yesterday. The change to 20mg has made me feel the same way as you do, after a few days. Getting up all week wasn't like rising out of being chained to the pillow palace. Still some bleariness at first. S76, take a look at some previous posts by Dnos. He has a good journal. Do you know how to look at someone's content? He has stayed with 10mg. I just went to 20. Hope you are doing good! Dusty
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