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  1. Jumping in anywhere; People don't like the truth. They want to be told how nice they are to be around. Most people do, unless they to are indifferent. I wouldn't want to hear about Poe, but i'd listen nontheless, because I like interesting subjects. The average person wants to talk about stuff they are interested in today. Football, who got lucky last night, and whatever else. Ratboy has some good points.
  2. In case you want to view only topics that you have contributed to you'd click My Content on the drop down arrow next to your name at the top of the screen.
  3. Just try the best you can, to not be, in anyway, flirty back to him. Under all circumstances think before you say a flirtatious remark. It's fun to flirt, but not if your wishing for more than you'd want in the long run. Of course he's a flirt. But that's all it'll come too. It'd never be a great romantic relationship. It's your job that counts. Get the work done, and be work friendly. I wouldn't answer the emails unless it was work related. He is being very foolish leaving a paper trail, btw. But if push came to shove, you'd lose a job, and might have trouble getting a like position.
  4. I'd say the guy has a flirting personality in general. He is the same way with other woman, so It's not like he's zooming in on just you. Yet then, he is been teasing you more which makes me think he is liking the attention back when you call him a pain. If you don't feel good about this then don't be "cute" with him back in anyway. That makes him think you are playing along and flirting back. In return he is sending you emails as the next step in the flirting game. Don't be too surprised if he wants to meet for a drink or lunch. At that point, think about your answer in advance.
  5. I read a topic yesterday here called Surviving Your Meds. It was very informative, covering lots of ground. Here is a except; First, toss out that bagel and coffee in the morning, then bid a tender farewell to that Cherry Garcia ice cream. Now say hello to more protein, folates, unrefined foods, and omega-3 fats. Each meal of the day is based on roughly one third protein to two thirds carbohydrates (with fruit and vegetables counting as carbohydrates). A typical dinner might be four ounces of chicken or fish with brown rice and vegetables topped off by fruit and cheese. Breakfast might be based around an egg, and lunch tuna fish. Call it homage to the pancreas, if you like, which is typically thrown out of whack by sugars and carbohydrates. Sugar tends to give the body a quick energy rush followed by an inevitable crash, leaving one sluggish and at the mercy of an unrelenting series of compelling sugar cravings. The pancreas is so confused at this stage that it indiscriminately pumps insulin into the system, which brings on a vicious cycle of eating and overeating, with the pounds piling on and the energy dropping off. Here is the link, if interested, right here at DF! http://www.depressionforums.org/forums/topic/5011-surviving-your-antidepressants/ It's not about soft drinks. I might be cutting back on sugar and caffine.
  6. I wonder if those who only respond to "my Content" are N like? I tend to stay within "my Content"! I always blame my wife for things I can't find around the house. Being silly now, Sorry to jump in with nothing to say.
  7. As for my fluids, I drink swallow of OJ, tea in the morning, a can of whatever soda for lunch and Dr Pepper at night. Of course I drink water too. That's it. ARD, 5mg can work for some people. I was very resistant to taking more years ago. Trouble was, I needed more.
  8. I haven't had a completely free day of side effects. My one side of being tired in the morning and getting out of bed hangs with me. Otherwise, I do feel better as the time of day moves forward. AR that's great that you're only on 5mg still to, at least I think you are on 5mg, with no SE. One change that I made over the last week is dropping from 20mg to 15mg. I had been on 20 for a solid month. I have a new month supply of 20mg, so I was curious about 15mg. A week later I hardly notice a change except I feel less tired earlier in the day than before. That is a plus, so I'm going to continue with 15mg. The main objective, not being depressed, is working either way. One day at a time.
  9. I was looking for what to me is or what I consider a cause of my depression, that being brain chemistry, such as a lack of neurotransmitters. Yet that could be like which came first, the Chicken or the egg? As they, whoever they are, as I am still in search of them, say the choices in the list cause the transmitters to be used up faster that we can produce them.
  10. I'm introspective too the point where it's a disorder. :verysad3: Ouch. I might look into that. I never forget being manic, although it was Hypo as it wasn't too over the top. My dad is a true N. (narcissist). Always was I think. He was and is impossible, for me to be around. Anyway, I never thought of psychological terms. He was just impossible.
  11. MMD...Manic Depressive Disorder There are considered to be five classifications of bipolar disorder. Bipolar 1 disorder is when a person experiences defined manic episodes. Bipolar 2 disorder is when a lesser mania, called hypomania, is paired with depressed episodes. Cyclothymia is when a person does not experience severe depressed or manic episodes but still cycle through moods. Rapid cycling is when a bipolar individual experiences at least four episodes through a year. This may be through a day to day difference with ultra-ultra rapid cycling. Normally, bipolar individuals may only shift from depressed to manic once a year. Lastly, bipolar NOS disorder is when a person does not fit in any specific category but still experience impairment from their bipolar symptoms. The above is Bi-Polar. I often wonder if I am BP? Normally, bipolar individuals may only shift from depressed to manic once a year. Once a year? Interesting. This is way off the topic, but thought to clarify just for myself. I know I've been Manic at times. Ok back to Subject.
  12. ;-) right back. I'm not schooled in this except for my own seaches on the web.People talk in letters like MDD and MDD. Major Depressive Disorder and Manic Depressive Disorder?
  13. Yes, I was just thinking the same about having the dreams, and feeling tired because of them being so vivid and long, Ela8ed. I do wake up more than before.
  14. AR, I also have great dreams. They all have me involved with a story line, that I'm stuck in that goes on like a movie script. I'd have to go with the 10mg if the Doc said ok. 5 mg is only a very low starting dose. If you're concerned about increasing to 10, Use a pill cutter to do 7.5mg/day a few times. I've done that to avoid feeling bad right away. Or just go to 10mg if you want. 10mg is the standard effective dose to feel some positive effects. Remember it'll still take a few days to get the increase working, okay? Plus you might feel a few side effects right away. Point is to feel better than a glimpse. 10 might just be your target dose! DR I also need extra bed sleeping time at night .My mornings are still rough.
  15. Narcissism is very complex after reading your first link, what is Narcissim. When ever I read explainations of any disorder, I read it, looking for my own traits. I hope I'm not one of those people. Feeling like I do now, "depressed" and out of sorts mentally. I don't think it'd be possible to be one. On the other side of the coin, being on the high side of manic, it's how I've felt during those times.
  16. iggan, You're a special daughter to help your Mom. When depressed and stressed the serontonin and other neurotransmitters get used up at a faster rate. Plus as we age we don't produce as much. Not everyone, but some of us. It's all very complex. The Docs know what to do, at least we hope so. 5mg is just a start, but an important step to getting better. DR
  17. I know older folks need to stick with lower doses, though, so that's something only she and her doc can decide. I'm on 20 mg. I never heard that age needs a lower dose. Btw, I'm older. I'm on 20 per day.
  18. That is a very fine link, BTW. During depression, remember that your brain goes on a bad-memory hunt, looking for old memories to torture you. Be prepared to relive or re-feel old hurts, old doubts, old guilt, and old sorrows. Be curious about what memory files the brain selects rather than focus on those memories. You can expect your brain to constantly replay the video tape (your "worst hits" tape) of your life. That has been me all the way!
  19. In general I never knew about the internet until, I got a laptop. About 20 years ago, the online experience exploded into some never never world. I never thought of being depressed. Then I had bad anxiety, then depression, after a bit of that I thought to look for information on MI. Found a few sites on Meds. Found DF 10 years ago. My life changes, Now I still remember the happy days, I still want those days, and think I'm feeling better. Remember it takes time!
  20. I feel compelled to add that just last night I rotated the time four to six hours ahead of time. I usually find that with the lexapro I'll have to go about three in the morning anyway. So I took the pill at 3am. I did this because I always feel tired in the morning, always about 2-3 hours afterwards. Don't know but I felt better today at 8am. Now this might just be that after three months the med is having less side effects.
  21. Hello, Glad to read everyone's input. Just to refresh. Been back on the Lexapro for 3 months at mostly 10mg. I've been on 20mg of the Lexapro brand now for about three weeks now and counting. One change I tried was to take the Lex at 3am. I've found the med works on me after three hours, in which I'll feel mushy headed. I got up at 7:30am and didn't feel that way. Feeling a little sleepy right now. I had to get up and moving to let a handyman redo the caulk in the master Bathroom. I was going to try doing it, but didn't know where to start or how to get the job done and looking great. I've got lots of changes coming. End of story is that I believe the increase to 20 is finally being an effective dose. It's a day off, too hot for the outside so time for a nap.
  22. I thought of a new term to describe my mornings, Mushy Head. Yes, Elat8 that is just epic aweful. What did the therapist have to say about what might have made you feel that way?
  23. I felt surprisingly awake when I got out of bed. I'm pretty sure I took the Lexapro today. I counted the days and how many I had left, and it's right. I just forget the act of taking it this morning. Now it's 90 minutes later and I feel my head getting lazy. That must mean I did take it. Anyone else get forgetful? Ugh! Mornings. I have to keep pushing my thoughts to not think about how I feel ATM. Like right now I get these small brain wave like sensations. I also get a chills 90 minutes later. Burr. When all of that fades off, my body and head start to feel better. I also take tums in the morning and before bed, Elated. Last night I felt normal once again! I used to get the night sweats. That's a good sign that the med is working it's way into the body. Now I seldom have that at night.
  24. I think we could all make zillions if we could get a pharma company to invent a drug to make me and us feel great in the morning and zombies at night! How about it? I know that they all must read our posts. My pdoc knows the site. I kid you not! So how about it Doc Pharma?
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