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  1. Good for you! I know this whole business of the "Boss Lady" is a stress fest. Keep on tweaking, you'll be working again soon. In the meantime I have to feel better than this stupid morning sleepiness. I just can't overcome feeling awful about an hour after I wake up. I'm going to post a topic on this at some point. :-)
  2. Be as calm as you can, I can feel your stress from here in NJ. Well there is nothing to do with the firm, at this point. She should have known that, and moved forward to help you now. When will you be able to get other advise?
  3. I've been on Lexapro for 10 months. I had a relapse of depression after stopping the Lex. I restarted it some 9months later as soon as I felt the relapse. Right at the start, on the second time, I felt more depressed. This is common. there is a reason for this SE. I see you've used the word sad instead of depressed. After all these months I too have a prevailing feeling of sadness or being unhappy. There are many sides IMO to how I feel during the day that are my depression talking to me. I call this mild, but it's still the aspects of depression. I don't feel well at all. I feel tired out all the time, without the driving motivation I had before I restarted the Lex. Even off balance, as you've said.
  4. Hello, He is some handsome boy. I just assumed Snoop was a dog. I seldom heard of many dogs living twenty years. Great eyes that look right into your soul. All of the Rat Terriers in the special book have intelligent eyes. My Mac and all of them love to play. I feel I could have done something to help my boy, I know he'd be missing a playful life. One time he chased one back into the water, bit the tail of this long fat black water snake, then he swallowed it in a few bites. I was so mad at him as he was already having tummy trouble, but as you can see that was my Mac Boy.
  5. Well, they ask the employer many many questions. One of the Q's is if the injury occurred at work or was related to a previous claim or condition. I remember you said your doc wasn't helpful. :-( Oh well, can't change. Since you can't contact your company there must be reasons that you can ask a basic question. They can't leave you in limbo. :-) At least your Doc could call or write a letter asking them for notice or like you said a lawyer. Lawyers cost though, retainer fee's etc. That's the word, they need to give you notice, of something! For the heck of it you could call and say I'd like to know when I can start again. That would be hard to do, but at least you'd have an answer either way. May not be the best idea? But someone could call for you.
  6. I'm following perhaps, just thinking that here at my job, when someone needs medical help from a job related injury, I send them to a medical clinic. I then have to submit the claim to our W.C. ins. carrier by phone. They ask lots of questions as to the nature of the claim. They then give me a claim number. The person is then treated and has follow up care if need be. Did you get claim #? I've never had a person just go to get help without going to me first. Although they could, and then it would be on their insurance. From what you've said, you went through them to get a claim or you went on your own. Either way the company recorded that you left on a claim. It was denied from the resulting interview with the HR and/or your own POV. I'd still claim for unemployment benefits. Fill the form out and go from there. :-)
  7. Worker's Comp would be a job related injury. Now being depressed could be from many parts of life. And being streesed over one's boss is common. I guess that is why your Worker Comp case was denied. DId the the State have an explanation? Regardless going out on W. C. and having the case denied is better if looking for another job, IMHO, opposed to being fired or just walking out. The company would only say you left because of some sort of job injury a position the HR decided was best for them, or were advised to do so by a contracted outside HR firm. Your next step would be to check with the company, tell them of the denial, and ask for your official status.
  8. Hello River, I didn't know your boss is also the owner of the firm. A non-corporate firm doesn't have usually have all the rules and policies of a larger privately owned or corporate company. Do you have a handbook from them? How long can a LOA last? I would guess there is a limitation of the length of time. In which case it would be up to you to return to work or not to return. I know you don't want to return to that job, but do want to continue working within that field. I hope you can find out the legal status of LOA.
  9. Thanks, your a true friend to take the walk often to think of Snoop. Nice story you've shared. He's been gone for two months. I dreamt of the two of us getting ready for a car ride this morning. That was the first dream I had of him. He was happy and waiting to get into the car.
  10. Very true and I thank you for the thoughts. He had a defective esophagus from birth. Hardly missed a frisbee toss. I was only apparent that something was wrong the last few months. Then he fought it off until the end. Loved to fetch and play with the soccer ball. He did have the best 4 years with me. I seldom did anything without him except going to work. I even took hm to work several times.
  11. I love the poem. TY TY TY again and again. Hugs.
  12. It would be about a 1% or less chance that you may be allergic to wheat and have Celiac Disease. I had the same trouble. Wheat made me go everytime I ate any wheat. I hope that's not what you have, but many doctors overlooked or just didn't know. I figured it out myself, and eventually tested positive.
  13. Thank you. Mac, (not Dusty), was the best in every way.
  14. My advice, if they do try to blame you, who has been a victim, would be to plainly ask them why they would think that you are in anyway at fault in this no win situation.
  15. Hello, I was just reading your commnents on my loved dog and Mac's passing, and read your post here. I feel isolated without having him anymore. I never thought I'd miss him so much, until now that he has been gone for two months. I can relate to not feeling like the same person. I don't even know what to do with the timeI have in my life. I used to enjoy going outside playing ball, and games of tug with his many tug toys. I took him in the car everywhere. He loved to take walks with me as much as I did with him. When his esophagus did get infected he still wanted to play, but used to gag and cough and look at me for help. I took him to the vet, and with a few meds he'd be fine again. Time was catching up with his issues. I just didn't want to believe. Like said, he was so full of life. I keep thinking he's better off now that he doesn't have to suffer, and well he did get worse right at the end. Thinking that doesn't make it any better for me. Here, I added a very cute, and recent picture of him. This is how I remember him. His eyes looked right into my heart. I know he loved me. He was just tearing up an old towel and got the results caught in his teeth. I have so many pictures and videos. I like to see them all, but at the same time I get sad looking at my little boy's knowing face. He was fast and very witty, always curious about everything. I'd like to write, and make friends. keep in touch. Dusty
  16. It's the morning, not the bet time of days for me. I've been keeping my memories of my dog Mac as fresh as if he was still alive. I have this empty feeling inside my soul since he passed away. All I can think of to ease my hurting feelings is that my best buddy, Mac, had a serious health issue, whose time had come. It's really hard to understand as he was so energetic right to the end. I miss him so so much.
  17. I've thought more on this. Every symptom is the worst because they won't just end. Trying not to think of them might work. I have a sick feeling in my brain regardless of what I think of or don't think of during the day. I'm sure other feel the brain itself. It's constant. I feel dizziness of somekind. It's not dizzy like feeling drugged, but it's a vacant waveiness of sorts. If I could mix all the different depressed feelings together, it's how they all make my brain feel all day. :-( HELP!
  18. DustyRoad

    Side Effects

    Hi Gisele, Sorry I never stayed after that entry for too long. But I'm back because I had a relapse in May 2015.
  19. There are many worst feelings. I said feeling unmotivated but all of the feelings are bad. All of the posts here are equally true.
  20. I find her suggestions shallow. By that I mean I doubt that the lady, boss, whatever, would have fallen for taking credit for your own ideas on self improvement. She wanted a fight. Why, I don't know, but you didn't give her one. I really feel bad that you had to go to the hospital. Gosh, that must have been terrible. I'd say you might have had a panic attack. Either way it is never right for a boss to get anyone that upset. I'd say you might have a harassment case. Lawyer's love those and will do them for a percentage. Could be a big settlement a hand!
  21. Are you still working the phone for the same company, and the same lady?
  22. How are you today? Hoping for a bit better for you. You will survive the jagged rocks.
  23. How R 

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      I sent you a note last night about your ear. Maybe it didn't send, or whatever. Ear infections hurt. Hope youcan get some meds for that.

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      Thanks, Dusty.. I got antibiotics. It's slowly feeling better.

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      Great news. TY for letting me know. I was feeling good today, almost energetic. in comparison


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