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  1. Thank you. I'm in a bad way today. Something is going to happen. Not to me, but I can feel it in my bones.

  2. Hello...I saw your comment and fell off my chair. You remembered....me

    How is that? Mary You know all of that past stuff. And there are one or two sites up still. I don't go to them. Yes, I must say that you are somewhat right. I was a real mess then. Not thati'm much better.

    Please stay in touch. Boyd..

    I want to tell you more of what happened. okay. 

  3. I did just send her a short note.


  4. You might like this. Have fun.


  5. How R 

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    2. DustyRoad


      I sent you a note last night about your ear. Maybe it didn't send, or whatever. Ear infections hurt. Hope youcan get some meds for that.

    3. RiverLight


      Thanks, Dusty.. I got antibiotics. It's slowly feeling better.

    4. DustyRoad


      Great news. TY for letting me know. I was feeling good today, almost energetic. in comparison


  6. Oh i see even better now. If click your file it come up. It private I think?

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    2. RiverLight


      Yeah, I'm pretty sure status updates and posts on your profile are public.

    3. DustyRoad


      Yes, correct, i see mine and yours. It comes up under the activity button. That is a new feature from what I can remember



    4. RiverLight


      Yeah, I think it is a new feature!

  7. Leaving a msg on your "feed"? Where does that post?

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    2. DustyRoad


      funny thing is I never had a profile feed before. I think it's a new update feature. I understand this feed thang now. I see you can drag ang drop too.

      That pic I don't even remember.


    3. DustyRoad


      Although the jacket was from snowboarding in Utah.


    4. RiverLight


      Nice! lol. Can't see your face, but can definitely see the coat!! =)

  8. dustybody@gmail.com

    That is the one linked to the blog. I should do up a home page url someday, if that doesn't work just let me know. At time it is hard to track all these dots to make a clear picture.

  9. I have a G blog also. I just saw today that they have new designs for them. Now I have to work on adding some pictures to make t look nicer. the blog there is the same one here @ df. Tells my little story from when I first started meds. I am tiring to add to it and organize it more when I bring it here with an addition.

  10. I don't know you but I saw your poems and thought it would be nice to add you as a friend.

  11. You are around here? Wow.. well I never would have thought. Smiles

  12. I have been very good. Now I am getting my life back on track after the final divorce paper have been done.! I have a great GF too.

  13. What happened to your little sheep profile pic?

  14. You are very welcome. You sound interesting, I love poems. I hardly know anyone here it has been a few years since I spent time posting.

    I need to make new friends.

  15. Hello Mary, aka..Cookie. How are you? Just returning here for some activity. Life has so many twists and turns. Now At LAST. I feel the turns are not so bad. Divorce is final, July 28,2010. Really a big boost. I have found out I have Celiac Disease and now on a wheat free diet. Feeling very healthy.

  16. I grew up in Bucks Co. PA. Yardley

  17. Hi! How is everything going?


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