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  1. Hi, I was just reading some of what is going on in your life. I am trying to understand what exactly your comment means about me being fair to my loved one.

    One does have to give to receive love. I have been through so so much all because of the affect depression has ultimately had on my entire life. At first I didn't know I was depressed, then I thought it would just go away with meds. It doesn't just go away. I mean yes, you will feel better, more "up" and "down" but eventually more up than down. Hope that makes sense. It is good you are seeing a therapist to help you out with recovery. That is when I felt so much better that I became this new "Dusty" guy and my will became very strong. My EX didn't know the new me, she did not adjust to a braver person.

    But I had already moved on. Just wondering where to go now with my next entry. I think I did leave a gap that needs some filling in.

  2. I seem to open myself up more online. People can't see you and that makes things less awkward.

    I always wonder what other people are like though. I often make judgements on people by how they interact with others and online you can't see that, so although I am more open I don't know if they are. You can never truly trust someone that you meet online either, you just don't know what they aren't telling you. And aren't good relationships built on trust?

    Yes yes. Online is less awkward and very much more thoughtful. The internet in general has done wonders for written

    words between people. Writing is just better for discussions.

    Trust happens after time, then you should be able to trust the other person's motivations, and can be very nice too.


  3. We never really know anyone online; we only see not just what people want us to see, but what they themselves see. So much is missing, body language, etc.

    I always wonder about people and their online friends; online friendship is something I have a hard time fathoming, because I've never really made friends online (apart from a member or two here).

    I wonder if that means I'm a sociopath ha ha.

    Well A few friends is still some and so there you go. I tend to know a few online buddies very very well. After a while I have faith in my preceptions of the members here and grow to understand thier feelings.

  4. Well It has been a long time since I have seen your lovely thoughts grace the blogs of DF. SOOOOO nice to see you back

    where you belong, here at such a beautiful web site with so many kind and kindered people. Must be some kenetic energy

    moving the stars in a grand fashion sweeping your emotional tides back to your rightful home.

    Good to hear that you got somewhere and she listened. You know what? I heard you say.."what?" LOL.so funny. I bet you smiled. I do like smaller doctors... they are usually smarter and easier to speak to. Maybe it is the size, I feel more comfortable sitting there saying all the stupid things that I do and see them raise their eyebrows in a OH my GOD fashion.


    Well yes I did but..............I freaked..........

    Later Dusty

  5. Hi Dusty!

    I wish I could make my clouds disappear like that!

    Clouds can be really beautiful too though. Went for a hike yesterday up in the mountains and saw a huge thunderstorm over some high peaks in the distance. We watched as thick black clouds enveloped those peaks and made them disappear completely. Even saw some lightning. Then the storm moved on. The peaks came into view again and the sky was so bright around them. An amazing sight!

    Now if I could just get my own personal thunderclouds to move on through!!

    Take care.


    Thanks for saying hello! I really needed that helping hand, I felt lost on the path here. Joanna.

    I find that I get way too wrapped up with online events. It's hard not to. I express more here than in real life. My inner feelings get tossed about by what ppl say, and it's hard to focus that most of this doesn't matter, BUT it does! To me it does. I remember one big on going online event that was just way out there and one person said at the time that it was like an accident........ they just had to keep coming back to see what developed.

    Does that make any sense to you? All drama but very real drama at times. And yes I feel good knowing ppl here.


  6. Hi Dustyroad,

    It sounds like things are going well for you right now and that's great. Congratulations for working so hard to complete the remodel of your business. That sounds like a really big acheivement. I bet it feels good!!

    I like the comparison you make between remodelling your business and remodelling ourselves. We are definitely all works in progress.

    Take care.


    Thanks Joanna,

    Very nice of you to say so, commenting on my Blog.

    I am slumping now. Feeling not wanted. You have been the only one here that I speak to lately.

    I posted to your topic but seems a mod must review my posts now. This tends to lose some feed back fun after writing to you or anyone for that matter. Sorry Cali gal, Joanna. Stay in touch anyway on my blog or yours if you have one.

    Email is cool too, boyd@lincolnsup.com.

    Later me.

  7. hi, dusty

    my brain is just wakko :)

    Hi....Glad to see you here. Very unexpected, good shock value for sure. I was saying that Baying at the moon has a blog and has a chat site incorporated into her very own web site.

    Just in case you like chating. Wait I know you do. LOL chum.

    It's very easy to go there and the crowd is very friendly and talkative.



    Just go to the bottom and click it OK.

  8. :mf_laughbounce: :blush21: thanks for sharing. You are a great mom.

    Focus on your life and look ahead. That must have been some japanese take out. lol. No shushi? mmhmmm. (dusty shakes head at the thought of

    goin without a deli. california roll, which is cooked too. ) yummmy.

    I do like the cookrd stuff too, the japanese noodles are great too with the battered shrimp.

    yummy. time to eat some breakfast.


  9. Hi sweetie,

    I know how it is. Sounds like depression to me, I always keep the symptoms as only the side effects of depression. I say depression as a general term. Could be GAD breakthroughs, PTSD from my childhood, Personality Disorder from being a kept from normal activities and socializing in those 6-13 years og age, leading to a real fear of everyboby then on, commonly known as social anxiety.

    To me it all boils down to feeling isolated and being happy my myself.

    I grew up alone, few friends I had then and I was always just never a best friend, never.

    OK I lie, I did have one great buddy, Chuck. We were best friends. But that was it and we became friends at like 14 years old until I went to college. Friends, you and I are buddies, great ones too, I think. I share in your feeling everyday, I want that, maybe we can smile more, think about that other person more often than ourselves. That is a worthy goal, gal. Loving one another is like a universal

    religous truth. It is the core belief and a goal that God wants us to live by.

    I am the same way too. I feel the pain of others here. The real pain for me comes from being unable to do much else than chat some or say what I think the person needs to understand to move past the anxiety, or away from a bad mental outlook.

    All I have for you after reading your blog from a few days ago is....hey

    bring me home a smile or a tear it matters not, you are always welcome at Dusty's place.


  10. just think how great some stuff is while at the same time every possible is going wrong.

    SOunds like my real life. Some fantastic smile is on my face while there is a busload of trouble that wants to take me for a ride.

    SO we perserve..from one day to the next...

    Let that glass of alcohol be half full always. think positive stuff even when the cell phone(half full) minutes are slim...at least at that moment you can smile. :coopcray: ..I hope ya know what I mean jelly bean. DB

  11. ha..funny lady..justme.. :hearts: :hearts: I'd of shared some of the pizza. My world has the BEST ...The italians...big around here this being the home of HBO the sapranos, if you are lucky enough to get it. GET IT OR sleep wit da fishes Justme.

    tomatoe pie.....very thin doe cookedwell done so when ya hold the crust the rest of the slice doesn't droop.

    I never thought of where that saying came from..

    But back dusty...it is the best pizza ever... :coopcray:

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