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    New Jersey, USA
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    Nothing right now
    Snowboarding, Windsurfing, Photograhy. Poetry, Writing Stories.
    Med: lexapro 20mg. Depression; General Anxiety; Social Aniety

    Celiac Disease: Which means no wheat not even a crumb and no normal alcohol. No cure & no meds available

    And me...very lovable to everyone I meet.Love to talk and write on this internet, It is fun meeting new people around the country and the world. Drop me a line or two anytime ya want to. :-)

    I am a July baby, Cancer, and have all of those good and not so swell traits. Need plenty of love and attention, am honest and fall in love with just about anyone that is nice to me. High maintenance too, needy, love the home and love to be foolish with risks to a fault, I always think I can go for for "it" get away with anything. AND very sesitive, not tuff emotionally. Tend to overreact. Shout and yell if I get upset or feel boxed in. Other than that

    I am EZ going too.

    GOSH is that my profile.

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  1. i hope you are wrong my friend.

    1. DustyRoad


      Thanks for thinking of me. I found myself in a awful sad mood overall. The feeling wouldn't go away. I'm missing my dog so much somedays. That may sound silly but he's gone now and I still miss the joy the two of us had each day. Dusty


      This picture was just after Mack found his home with me. He was 5 months old. He was always so happy and playful with everyone. So full of energy that was beyond what other dogs could muster. 

      1Mack an me.jpg

  2. Thank you. I'm in a bad way today. Something is going to happen. Not to me, but I can feel it in my bones.

  3. Wondering where to find a local support group. Some have said Easter Seals? I live in NJ, USA.
  4. This is my gut feeling, I'm not ill, nor do I have any heaath concerns as far as I know of to worry about, I will post this now. I usually don't post in the forums. I did the other day and got a few great responses, Thank you- evryone. My take on life hasn't been good at alll. Very hopeless. I feel abandoned. I feel I'm going to die. and pray that I do. Make me sad to think that. If I did my wife will have nothing. God Help Me. I have no health care, because I have no job since Oct 12, 2016. I been feeling, no make that...I'm depressed, or feel like down and out with zero hope. I wonder If i'm just very down because of losing my, job. It was my life, my business all my life. I mentioned this in this forum. I can apply for Medicare part B. But that will cost me money. Being I have no job, I don't know if I should bite the bullet and apply for Part B? Right now my wife and I have zero health care. She would still havee no H.C. Living on a wing and a prayer........Dusty
  5. Thank's everyone. I am lost. I am lost.
  6. I've been on Lexapro for many years. I stopped taking it because I didn't feel any better. Of course, I've been diagnosed with depression. I 've been in a bad way for over 2 years. Here's my story. I had my own business. I was a partner. The company was failing. We only had insurance with a high co-pay. I kept getting refills on the Lexapro. Then stopped and have been med free for about 6 months. Since then my company sold, I lost my income and have no heath coverage. I'm 65 years old. I could get by working with by own company. Now I have to find work. Feeling depressed who would hire me? I can get plan B Medicare, I can collect unemployment, but after a year that will run out. I have no retirement money. I'm going to run out of money! I need advise. Where do I go? Please help. Dusty
  7. Good topic. All I do know is that you have a lot to confront. And confronting a narcissist doesn't work. They won't give in nor admit but try this as a first step-- Check Their Willingness to Change: This one might seem obvious, but it’s crucial enough that it bears mentioning. The easiest way to test a partner’s capacity to change is to seek help from a couples therapist — or any therapist for that matter. Even people who aren’t narcissists can be leery of therapy, so this one shouldn’t be considered a litmus test. If your partner’s willing to work with you, though, your odds at improving the relationship have probably jumped by an order of magnitude.
  8. Many Americans and like minded people are now jumping on the band wagon of their choice and that’s okay at this given moment. It does remind me of those old movies where all of the western settlers ride with reckless abandonment to stake a claim for the golden acres out west. Ride 'em high, cowboys, as you trample the land to some perceived higher ground. Was there any higher ground in this one-two punch out election? Is there now? Both candidates were deplorable merchandise. Everyone should have been aware of this going into November 9th’s election, unless blinded by their own ideology to think any differently. Now the insanity has began. Fighting from shallow foxholes as the ground explodes around them. Forming coalitions among like minded riders into the storm of oblivion. People hating one another for having some vague point of view of how the country could have been better if the outcome of the election was different. The election was a beauty contest with two untrainable ugly dogs. Where we go from here will hopefully be up to those left standing with both feet grounded in democracy.
  9. The United States rejected All of those previously elected For corruption and being unfair Yet some ask how could they dare Elect a maverick to a powerful chair Ethical deficiencies entitled Worst case scenarios unbridled The truth was always eschewed Charitable funds were screwed Methods so shrewd Unborn babies, killed at birth How could you live in mirth Life has a new precious song With a radical extremist gone Destructiveness is were it belongs In fear, America did not cower They denied chaos it's claim to power Casting votes in the eleventh hour The tipping point was reached Someones' hopes not breached America decided she had enough It was time to get rid of that old stuff The winning vote was for Trump The swamp's going to the dump I'd like to think we're over the hump Now that Hillary's gone It time to move on
  10. DustyRoad


    Spooky sounds delight my ears, brings me back into my fears Her boos are better than kisses Especially those I get From my misses Has anybody seen her Did she finally run off On a boat load of brooms She's much too fat For less than that Ears so long she's anointed Her nose crocked and pointed Bones old, all disjointed Crawling along so so slow She's got no place to go Spooky sounds delight my ears, brings me back into my fears Her boos are better than kisses Especially those I get From my misses
  11. The End had me at hello yet you lost me at goodbye we were not to be A sad time I had while depressed about loss. Dusty
  12. I wish you the best. You had been using Lex when younger, 16, then stopped, right? Could be a relapse. The lex will take a few weeks to have any effects. I'd think it best to check with the same doctor to let him know what's going on. In the meantime, is there an issue that is now bothering you or a physical condition? Dusty
  13. No she wasn't at all. Yes I'm so happy to meet you again Cookie Crumbles. Chat was different too. Now it a free for all. I would want the ex back. I am married again. I'm head over heals you contacted me.
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