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  1. Do not cut your pills in half unless you have your pdocs permission. Take your second dose no later than 2:30pm if you don't want it to interfere with your sleep.
  2. Go to an urgent care center. Much cheaper than the ER for the same help. Try alternating heat and cold packs on your back and cold packs for 10 minutes an hour for your knees. Did your Dr not have you on pain management for your long term injuries?
  3. If you are not working or have a very low income, you might qualify for Medicaid. Call your local office for an application. If approved_ you will have access to treatment. You may not have a lot of choices as far as therapists go as very few accept Medicaid. You may have to wait for an appointment. If you have a county mental health office, you can call them, too. The other option is to get into a peer group therapy. call your local psyched hospital or a regular hospital. A last option. Is to contact a local nonprofit agency.
  4. You will recoup that lost energy you had in college. Now that it's over, a lot of people take some time out. Do you have your own business that you can do from home? I got that impression from your post. Do you have any interaction with people? It's not good for your mental health to isolate yourself. At least, go our for a walk to get your blood flowing three your brain.
  5. You will recoup that lost energy you had in college. Now that it's over, a lot of people take some time out. Do you have your own business that you can do from home? I got that impression from your post. Do you have any interaction with people? It's not good for your mental health to isolate yourself. At least, go our for a walk to get your blood flowing three your brain.
  6. Go to SS or call them for a disability claim application. Read it over thoroughly before you start to fill it out. If you don't think you can fill it out by yourself, maybe your partner can help you. I had help with mine via an SS advocate at a local nonprofit. You can always hire a SS attorney to work with you to the completion of the claim process. They will do most of the legwork but will rely on you to gather pertinent records to support your claim. They will charge you a set fee when your claim is approved. The initial wait can take up to 6 months before by find out if your claim is approved or denied. If denied, that's when an attorney is needed to file an appeal. I worked 40 years and get about a third of my previous income. It's not really enough to live on after bills. You definitely won't get rich. The plus is that you will qualify for Medicare,
  7. I've been on lamictal about 8 years. It is the best mood stabilizer I've ever taken. I really swear by it. Of course, in my infinite wisdom, I thought I could live without it and stopped cold turkey. I didn't have any withdrawal but I went immediately into a severe manic episode. If you do get the very rare rash, you will have to stop taking it at once. You will not be able to taper off. If at some time in the future you have to come off of it, your pdoc will put you on a tapering off schedule.
  8. Isopropyl alcohol is rubbing alcohol. It is probably the liquid used to blend the other ingredients. It evaporates quickly and most likely used in the smallest amounts possible. I doubt that you have anything to worry about. You should see some of the stuff they package in food and soups.
  9. I recapture those days every spring when the trees start blossoming and sprouting leaves. The migration back of birds. The longer days and warmer weather with lots of sun. I start preparing my garden to plant veggies. I don't go anywhere during the summer. I haven't had a real vacation away from home since I retired. I do take day trips with my friends to the vineyards north of my home and maybe go fishing.
  10. Welcome to df, eden, You've come to a great place for support. We all have varying degrees of depression and anxiety, so we understand how you feel. You will not be judged here. Ramble away as most of us do. You didn't say if you were being treated for your depression and anxiety. If you aren't, you should see a mental health provider to help you. I find meds a blessing as they have taken away the depression for the most part and I can function better.. Take a look around and you'll find you're not alone.
  11. In my 60+ Bipol years, I saw nothing in your description of your gf that would indicate a possibility. However, there's 4 types now and each have their own definition. Your therapist can make a guess, but only a pdoc can accurately diagnose. bipolar. Into was also in a long term relationship that broke down. We had to let each other go in silence. There were no answers to unasked questions. My sis found my ex on classmates. After 50 years of silence, what day you say?
  12. Lithium is the first successful med developed to treat mental illness. It works well as an AD or as a bipolar regulating med. I was on it over 14 years. Latuda is advertised for Bipolar depression. Personally, I am think it would work for depression_why restrict it to only Bipolar? My pdoc won't prescribe me. latuda because I am too old and the med can have lethal effects in senior citizens. If you do want to try lithium, you will have to have blood draws everytime there is a dose change. The pdoc looks at the blood level for the therapeutic level. If the level is too high, your pdoc will have my stop it for a day and then restart at a lower dose. Because of all the blood tests, it may take more than 6 weeks before full effects will be realized. You must stay well hydrated while taking lithium.
  13. I take 2009mg at night for sleep and to control hypermania. I now get unbroken sleep (8+ hours). Prior to Seroquel, I was taking 3 meds for sleep (usually broken and 6 or less hours.) My pdoc believes a lot about it's quality to improve sleep which is healing when it's adequate. If I don't get enough restful sleep, it develops on top complete sleeplessness. When that happens, it triggers a manic episode with no sleep for mean days/nights.
  14. You mentioned that there's a lot of stress in your life at the moment. You staying in being is a way to avoid dealing with the cause of your stress. From my own experience with stress and meds, when stress levels get high enough, it feels like your meds are not working when they actually are. Resolve what is causing your stress. If you need help, talk to a therapist who can give you some feedback so you can figure out what to do to resolve the problem.
  15. Sometimes when we revisit a med that worked in the past it won't work as well or not at all. Talk to your pdoc about trying WB again and see what happens. Be sure to give it 3 or more weeks.
  16. Talk to your pdoc about how you're doing on 150mg and whether it's time to up the dose. A lot of people do really well on 150mg.
  17. Remeron is supposed to be good for sleep and anxiety for most people. Are you seeing a pdoc or your gp? Since most of the meds you've tried haven't worked well, consider seeking another pdoc for a second opinion. If you do become actively suicidal, call a hotline, 911, your doc or g to the ER.
  18. Definitely see your. Pdoc to find a new med that will work for you. If you don't have quarterly visits with your pdoc for med monitoring, you should. If Lex stopped working 6 months ago, a 3 month review would have caught it and prevented you from feeling the way you are now. Call and make that appointment soon.
  19. Don't give money to a homeless person. Most will buy alcohol or drugs with it. Buy them a cup of coffee or something in the way of food. Doing that will let you know you've contributed to helping someone. Here's there are many shelters available to the homeless. The main criteria is no drugs or alcohol. It doesn't consider sexual persuasion. There are a lot of homeless GLBT people in San Francisco who utilize shelters on a regular basis. No discrimination at any of them. If you wait to help more, volunteer as a server or cook at a soup kitchen. You can also donate food and clothing t nonprofit organizations that help the homeless.
  20. Welcome to df, Ana, Glad to have you as a member of our support community. Browse around and make yourself at home.
  21. I'm sorry that your therapy will be ending soon. Your insurance may have limited him to so many sessions. Usually less than 20. Have you thought about getting a regular therapist? You may also have limited sessions but you and your therapist can contact your insurance and request additional sessions. Check with your insurance for a list of psychogists in your area and ask how many times you can go. I know it will be difficult to start over with someone new. You might want to it a printout of your post. It explains a lot about your inner feelings and would show what you need help with.
  22. If you had been seen by your gp about your alcohol problems. Prior to your admission to the Reba facility, Cigna would have a history of your condition prior to admission. Have your gp help you with your appeal. I had Cigna for many years. I only had a problem once with them. They stopped paying in the middle of treatment for a serious accident I'd had. My job at the time was dealing with all health insurance plans in the US. I was able to get things resolved without going to hr. Check your Explanation of Beneficits to be sure alcohol/drug rehab is covered.
  23. I don't think the disability claim form requires much of a work history, they are more concerned with the health matters that have prompted you to file a claim. They will want all records fro your treating docs in regards to the type of disability you have. I know SS never contacted my former employer (they had already let me go as my doc wouldn't let me going back in the same department after being out sick for o year.)
  24. Your counselor or family doc can refer you to a psychiatrist for evaluation, diagnosis and treatment plan. I don't know why your parents are against getting mental health help for you. My parents were in that group as well. If they had gotten me treatment when I was a teen, my life would have been so much better.
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