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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. Well I wasn't diagnosed until I was 48. Sure wish I'd known at your age!
  3. Interesting ... I have very slow mood swings, tho, over months. Thanks for the info. (Changed my avatar btw.)
  4. I don't know much about the meds. However, I can say with confidence: Trust Yourself! Listen to your body and trust yourself. You know you best.
  5. That is the best news! I am soooo happy for you!! How encouraging for the rest of us. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Many welcomes to Df's as well Doggonecrazy!

    Found a real special place here, great group of people to share thoughts, problems whatever it maybe, welcomes :)

  7. That is all sooo good! I especially liked the two lines above. I never thought of negative self-talk as speaking to my inner child ... duh! Thanks so much!
  8. Thanks Fighting 4 Survival! And it is particularly difficult with subliminal thoughts. Like those beliefs that aren't even words in your head yet. For example, I realized that I have not been gentle with myself lately. I saw it just this morning. Today, I gave myself permission to not function as well during a slump, and to build back slowly. I didn't even know I was beating myself up! On those days where my body feels like a giant water balloon with no bones, I just need to be gentle with myself instead of pushing, pushing, pushing.
  9. Love that one, especially, but all GREAT tips! Thanks for sharing!
  10. Thank you for your reply, do you think he will definitely get worse? I dont know much about depression. How can he be nice and happy to everyone else? x What you are dealing with may be aggravated by depression but not all depressed people are hostile. He sounds like an emotionally abusive person. That is what gets worse over time. Depression can get better. The reason he doesn't wear that mask around you is because he feels like he can be himself with you. We are always at our worst with significant others. I have been in abusive relationships. Get out while you still have your self esteem. You deserve much, much better. You can't save him, and he could destroy you. Hugs.
  11. Yes, please, please let him go. Depressed or not, he is treating you terribly. That will only get worse with time.
  12. Don't have many answers, as I am new, too. However CBT is not a waste of time; however, your current therapist may be.
  13. Baby steps. If it seems overwhelming, I break it down into smaller tasks. If those are overwhelming, I break it down again until I have something I can accomplish.Downsize goals and tasks. Then I may actually achieve some and boost my mood! I have elbow room to do the things needed to get better, just not as much. Often, I have to force myself to do even those small choices and baby steps, if at all possible, just do it. Suspend judgment. Try not to look at most things as good or bad, especially depression.Immerse myself in beauty: nature, music, whatever is beautiful to me.Do something I would do if I weren't depressedHowever, I still have a LOT of trouble functioning when I'm depressed, even small daily tasks are just too much. I would love to hear your suggestions, hope, and tips! Thanks for being here!
  14. This is kind of amazing, really. Maybe it's just me, but I think there are a high proportion of INs here. I wonder what it is? Too much thinking often gets me. I do better when I can think outside myself. Anybody else have any thoughts?
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