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  1. @sober4life Happy Birthday Sober. Im glad u had a good day on yr birthday.
  2. @AloneGuy Im so sorry to hear this 😟.
  3. @cherryapplez2020 Im sorry to hear that. We are here with you.
  4. @sober4life Yes. And that makes me scared of people in real life. I feel unsafe.
  5. @cherryapplez2020 I feel the same thing everyday. When I go to bed, I wish I would never wake up.
  6. @surfcaster Tyvm for still being here with us. Yes, we need you here, as well as other members of DF. But I understand if members wants to leave this place. I will slowly go to the new place, and stay in both, just in case DF gets really bad due to the spam.
  7. @sober4life I can relate. Im sorry you are having a painful life experience like many of us here. Im afraid of people in real life. Me too, Im not sure if I hv friend in real life. For now, I only have one friend in real life. Many of your posts reminds me of my life. Im the blacksheep of the family. Thats why you and everyone here is like a family to me. You and everyone here make me stronger.
  8. @sober4life I cried when I read yr post saying that that is your last post. It breaks my heart. You are like a family to me, just like all the members here in DF. Your posts in DF always touches my heart. Many of yr posts touches me deeply. Im stronger knowing that Im not alone with this life.
  9. @Nightjar Tyvm Nightjar. This is very helpful. I dont know how to go to other threads in Depression Central. I also will feel lost if DF is worsening due to the problem it's having now. I dont post a lot, but having a place for me to call home, make me feel stronger. I will be there as soon as I can.
  10. @sober4life This is very sad. Pls dont go 😥. I will miss u badly.
  11. Me too, if we do move, please include me. DF is my second home. Reading members posts in here make me stronger because I know Im not alone with this life.
  12. @runninghope The spammers has entered the forum 😔
  13. @iWantRope I agree with you. @gandolfiication is very good in expressing himself (his postings). I dont know how to express myself except a few words.
  14. @surfcaster Me too. This place has become my home and everybody in here is like a family to me. This place and all of you here has given me strength to keep going.
  15. Thats why Im scared of people. I dont know to whom j can talk to in real life.
  16. @UserNotFound Im sorry you hv anger issues. Im sorry I dont hv anything to help you. But i can relate with that uncomfortable feeling. I dont trust people in real life. I always feel unsafe whenever Im out there. I dont know how to overcome this either. Whenever I go to sleep, I hope I never wake up, so that I dont hv to face the world again. You are not alone. We are here with you.
  17. Im glad u hv a potential new female friend. I hope everything goes well with her.
  18. Thank you Evergreen for the advise. I feel exactly the same, I feel I can never win. I dont know what to achieve either. And the voice is always there whispering. If Im not working, I hv the music or tv ON non stop. It helps to divert. Any silence moment, the whisper will get stronger.
  19. For me, when I sleep at night, and tomorrow morning I find out that Im still alive. Every night when I sleep, I want to die in my sleep.
  20. I dont know how it feels to like ourselves. I really dont know. I confused a lot. I dont know how to describe it here.
  21. Im sorry you are having this problem. I have exactly or almost the same problem like you do with my mum and my siblings. I can relate to you. Im outcasted and the blacksheep of the family too. Im sorry you are not able to move out from there. I rented a room because that was the only thing I can afford to do at that time. I was desperate to leave my family's house. That was the first step that I do to survive. I hope you are able to find ways to get away from there.
  22. I can relate to you. I have the same problem. I am alone in the family. We are here with you.
  23. @Charlee I can relate to almost everything you've said. When we are at this stage, dont know what to do anymore and not much hope left, its so easy to do it (to end it). Stay with us. I may not be able to help a lot, but Im here to share your feelings. Hopefully it can help to enlighten you with that feelings. That feeling is painfull indeed.
  24. @Charlee Im sorry u are feeling down. I hv no advise. But i just want you to know that i hear you and i understand how difficult it is to feel this way. You are not alone. We are here with you.
  25. @DragonBallZ1995 Im sorry u hv this problem. Is it possible for you to find another job and move out from there. I hv family problem too. Im the black sheep of the family. Im not close to my mum either. To make the story short, i got a job in another city. I rented a room in the city. A family (not my family) in the city had advertised to rent out one of their rooms. Thats how i got away from family. Like you, i hv nobody with me.
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