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  1. Hi my sweet lovely friend (((((((((Camellia))))))))))):hugs:

    I need to erase some messages; I got yours fine but couldn't reply to yours -Thank you so much for thinking of me!!!!8TAb4Be9c (2).gif


     Your friend, Berry:rose::rose:

    1. Camellia


      Oh my. That's if very beautiful Berry. Thankyou my dearest friend. 

      I'm glad you received mine. 

      Me too, I still need to delete some of my messages. I cannot PM to those I've never PM. I wanted to ask something to the moderator. Its says my messages is full. But I can PM to existing friends that I've already in conversation with them (you). 

      I always thinking of you. 

      I'm glad to hear from you. I really do. But I'm not good at making conversation. 

      Love you my dearest friend. :icon12::icon12:

    2. mulberrypie


      Camellia, I'm lucky to "know" you. I believe, in addition to your beauty, beauty and love radiate from you, you have a beautiful soul, too.


      Love you, too, my beloved friend!


    3. Camellia


      Thank you Berry. I'm lucky to "know" you too. Thank you for the nice words. You too, have a very beautiful soul. Your simple PM is enough to make me happy. I love you my dearest friend. :icon12::icon12:

      Hugs back to you, my beloved friend. :hugs::hugs:


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