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  1. I wish everyone the very best for 2018.
  2. I love me some CoolCat7!

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      Are you alright?  :hugs:

    2. rhyl


      Missing you.  Hope you are ok.

  3. Just posting so people know this is a possible side effect of this med. I lost about a third of my hair (luckily I had very thick hair), and my hairdresser remarked how much hair I was losing. My pdoc didn't want to believe it and said it was probably hormonal, from menopause. But a few weeks after I stopped taking it the hair loss slowed dramatically. I am now certain it was the prozac. I had taken many SSRIs before (including paxil, escitalopram, cymbalta, and pristiq) without a problem.
  4. Yeah it's weird because I was on several SSRI meds before and never had that issue. Oh well.
  5. It looks like it was indeed the prozac that caused my hair loss, because I've been off it for three weeks now and the hair loss is slowing down. It started approx six months ago when I started on Prozac. Luckily I had very thick hair to begin with so it's still not too noticeable. Am now on Pristiq, which I've been on in the past and know it doesn't make me lose hair.
  6. Yes, it's cramps and constant small bm's all day every day! I tried peppermint caps (Heather's) didn't do much. My intestines are 270 degrees counter rotated. 2 surgeries, no relief. Ted

  7. Are you a Cat Lover I love cats this is my cat CupCake.


  8. PM'ed you Lauryn, but the post is not in my sent-box. I will try once more! :smile:

  9. Just wondering if anyone finds this med gives them increased need for sleep. I seem to need 14 hours a night to feel rested, which is unlike me. I'm also on lamotrigine and prozac, though, so perhaps it's one of those. But Latuda definitely makes me sleepy about an hour after I take it, so I'm wondering if it's contributing to my need for more sleep. If so, I'd like to come off it because my life pretty much will allow 9-10 hours of sleep, maximum.
  10. No you unlike that now that's not a meal, I am still hungry I can't find anything good to eat.

    1. zdude954


      I all kinds of stuff but none of it sounds good

  11. My pdoc is putting me on this med for the first time. I've tried many other meds with little success including escitalopram, paroxetine, desvenlafaxine, Cymbalta. Currently I'm taking a "cocktail" including lamotrigine, desvenlafaxine (Pristiq), lithium, and Latuda. My pdoc is having me replace the Pristiq with fluoxetine. Fingers crossed that this combo works.
  12. I basically dealt with my religion by realizing that I don't believe in the kind of God portrayed in a literal reading of the Bible. Nor do I believe that God only gives you what you can handle. I think people tell themselves that so they feel better, but if that were true nobody would be living on the street or in mental institutions, or committing suicide. And my time on DF has shown me that just as many believers as nonbelievers suffer from depression and anxiety.
  13. Just wondering if anyone has tried both the reversible MAOI Moclobemide, and also Parnate or Nardil or other irreversible MAOIs. I tried Moclobemide and it didn't work for me, but was told Parnate or one of the irreversible ones still might. Any comment?
  14. If you're talking about a certain herb, my husband has a medical card for it (gets it legally) and finds it helpful. I haven't tried it because I don't want to mix it with my other medications.
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