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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. Me too! Just the sight of black clouds lifts my mood immediately!! If I get up in the morning and see it
  3. Hi Anna and welcome!

  4. Hi and welcome!!

  5. Sheri, well, this is new, I would normally not have been able to either... :-) You see, it started when I quit smoking 2 weeks ago, I was mentally OK at that moment (for me, it changes rapidly), so I started taking long walks to fight cravings. And i found out it helped on my general anxiety too. Now I don
  6. Good to know I´m not alone... I HATE to make calls and receive them. At work I don´t mind at all, it´s my private phone. Only ppl I don´t mind calling or receiving calls from are my husband and grandma, everyone else... just horrible. I often just don´t take the phone, which is giving me some problems... I have considered not having a mobile at all... But I guess that would be hard too... At least now many messages are given through sms, if I wasn´t to have a mobile, people would start calling on my house phone more... :-)
  7. Hi there, Wolverine! Seems from your last post that things are going a little better for you. It
  8. I think I also have Atypical Seasonal Affective Disorder... :-) I love winter, rain and stormy days, sitting inside with a warm cup of tee watching the dark sky... So now starts the worst time of the year for me: heat, sun... I don
  9. Hi! Thanks accepting my friend request! Hope you are having a good day too!!! :-)

  10. I hope you are having a good day!

  11. Hi there! I was just drawn to this blog while browsing, because of the title! I als find chamomile tea very realixing, there are other teas with similar effects also, such as valerian tea. You should try it! Chamomile
  12. Hi there, Thank you so much both of you for commenting, that means a lot!! :-) SMS, it helps me to know that I
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