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  1. has anyone tried clinical trails for depression? I have tried all the drugs and therapy. how does this work?


  2. Their website says is's the first satanic memorial statue to be built on public property. They didn't like that there was a Christian statue in this memorial park.
  3. 25KVH

    Hi, thanks for your all your advice in my topic. You mentioned you were a geek but I don't see any information regarding that on your profile. What are you into?

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    2. 25KVH


      Never heard of them. There's gotta be hundreds of thousands of rock and metal bands in the US. Try Lesiëm. I think you'd enjoy their work. Listen to this one and this one.

    3. 25KVH


      Sorry. Can you give me a song you like?

    4. 25KVH


      OK. Sorry I bothered you. Later then. ;) (You could just name one :) )

  4. I got curious about satanism because they are building a memorial here. It turns out they are just atheists, I'm not sure what the point in being called satanist is. I got really bored of learning about it pretty fast, it turns out I think atheism is boring.
  5. Thank you for the reassurance. The pharmacy called and said it was ready so everything's okay now. Things started going wrong at the same time and I got sick so that's why I forgot.
  6. Thank you! I'm scared of getting bad side effects like brain zaps. I feel like I feel weird already but that could be from worrying. Just 6 hours until the pharmacy opens anyway.
  7. I called a different pharmacy, they said it should be fine. I'm still really worried about it though.
  8. I forgot I needed to refill my Citalopram and the pharmacy has been closed for new years. I haven't taken it for almost 2 days. I'm starting to get worried that something bad could happen to me, what do you think?
  9. Hello, 

    you might be interested to read this amazing stiry:


  10. Gonna disable following for a bit. Got some one following that I don't want following me. I'll follow you back when I takecare of this person. :)

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      Twilight Sky

      Hmm never mind. Didn't work.

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      Twilight Sky

      Already done.


  11. Ketamine is a somewhat new treatment for depression, that's why. It sounds hopeful.
  12. I think it stopped now. I haven't started any new meds. ADs make me twitchy but it usually doesn't last very long. It's usually just 2 twitches in a row and I've learned to ignore that.
  13. This muscle in my back has been twitching all day and it's driving me crazy. It woke me up this morning. It feels like someone behind me is taping my back. I can't believe it's been going on for so long.
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